C. O. D. Tractor

Courtesy of Rolland E. Maxwell, Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750.

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Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

I mentioned in one of my articles that I had been working on a list of the names of all the tractors that had been made, or were advertised as having been made, and were for sale at one time or other. I realize that this list is not entirely complete and subject to error. Also that some were companies that were not in production for any length of time due to a lack of finance, material or know how in proper engineering and lack of company organization. Also some of these tractors may have been made by one company one year and by another, by merger or sale, to another company in following years. Also some companies were mere stock promotion schemes, and not in business long. Ruben Mickelson of Anamoose, N. D. had made a partial list of companies, and he very kindly turned them over to me, as he is mainly interested in gasoline engines. I want to pubicly thank him, and give credit for his help.

C. O. D. tractor shown in Rollag, Minnesota and owned by Elmer Larson, Moorhead, Minnesota.

The list may never be entirely complete, and names may be added over the years, but as many have asked for this information, it will start as follows. First the year of beginning. The company name, models, sizes, etc.

1909  Abenaque Mach. Works. West minister Sta. Vt. 6/25 H. P. 1 cyl.

1910  Advance Thresher Co. Battle Creek, Mich. 'Jankins Advance' to Rumely.

1910 Adams Husker Co. Marysville, Ohio. 'Little Tractor Gear'. 1 cyl. engine.

1910 Adams Farnham Tr. Co. Minneapolis. 15 H. P.

1916 Acme Harv. Co. Peoria, Ill. 'Acme'.

Adjax/Pierson Co. San Francisco, Calif.

1914 Allis Chalmers Co. Racine, Wis. 10/18 three-wheeled.

1920 Allan Burbank Co. Los Angeles, Calif. 'Thorobred'. Allen Breed Tr. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio. 'Allied' 'Breed' 30 H. P.

1920 Allen Tr. Mfg. Co. Los Angeles, Calif. 'Allen 10/20' Allied Truck & Tr. Co. Minneapolis, 'Allied 10/20'.

1917 Allen Water Ballast Co.

1912  Ajax Auto Traction Co. Portland, Ore. 'Ajax 25/45'. Albert Lea Tr. & Mfg. Co. Albert Lea, Minn. 'Albert Lea '15/30'.

1903 Alamo Eng. Co. Hillsdale, Mich. Made Tractors using Morton chassis, own eng.

1917 Agrimotor Tr. Co. Wichati, Kan. 'Mid West '9/18'.

1916  Altgelt Tr. Co. 'Walking Tractor'

1917  Albaugh Dover Co. Chicago. 'Square Turn 15/30 & 18/30 36. Later became the Square Turn Co. of Chicago.

1910 American Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'American'. American Tr. & Harv. Co. Pitts-burg, Pa. 'American'.

1920 American Eng. & Tr. Co. Charles City, Ia. 'American 15/30 30' American Tr. Corp. Peoria, Ill. 'Yankee 12/25'.

1913  American Gas Eng. Co., Kansas City, Kan. 'Weber 35 H. P.

1919 Lyone-Atlas Eng. Works, Indianapolis, Ind. 'Atlas 16/26'. American Tr. & Harv. Co. Stuttgard, Ark.

1917 American 3 Way Prism Co. Laporte, Ind.   American Tr. Corp. Churubusco, Ind. 'Terratrac Crawler'. Taken over by Case. American Tr. Co. Peoria, Ill. 'Kinross'.

1914  Andrews Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. '25 H. P.'

1919 Appleton Co. Batavia, Ill. 'Appleton'. 12/20 A. P. Armington Co. Euclid, Ohio. 'Armington 10/20'.

1919 Antigo Tr. Corp. Antigo, Wis. 'Quad Pull 15/25.' Athey Tr. Co. Chicago, Ill. Crawler in rear and two wheels in front.

1910 Aultman Taylor Co. Mansfield, Ohio. Aulson Tr. Co. Waukegan, Ill. 'Aulson 12/25'.

Auto Track Tr. Co. Syndicate, San Francisco, Calif. 'Auto Track 30/50'. Automotive Corp. Toledo, Ohio.

'Automotive '15/30'. Automotive Motor Plow Co. Carthage, Mo. Auto Tr. Co. Niles, Mich. Automotive Corp. Fort Wayne, Ind. 'Line Drive 12/22 & 15/25'.

1917 F. C. Austin Drainage Excavator Co. Chicago, Ill. 'Austin 15/30.

1919  F. C. Austin Co. Inc. Chicago, Ill. '15/30 both 4 wheel and Crawler.'

1917 B. F. Avery Co. Louisville, Ky. Small tricycle type.

1909 Avery Tr. Co. Peoria, Ill. General line.

1912 Backer Tr. Co. Royal Oak, Mich. 'Line Drive Quide'.

1920  Backus Tr. Co. Alton, Ill. 'Baby Savage 8/16' 4 cyl. Baker Mfg. Co. Springfield, Ill. 'Straits'.

Banting Co. Toledo, Ohio. 'Greyhound'. Made by Lauson, New Holstein, Wis.

Bates Mfg. Co. Joliet, Ill. 'Bates Steel Mule'.

Liberty tractor shown at Rollag, Minnesota and owned by Elmer Larson, Moorhead, Minnesota.

1911 Bates Tr. Co. Lansing, Mich. 'Bates 17/30' Sold to Foote Gear & Mach. 1928.

1918 Bailor Cult. Co. Atchison, Kan. 'Bailor Motor Culti.'

1921 A. D. Baker Co. Swanton, Ohio. '16/30 Steam Tractor. 1926 25/50 gas.' Bean Spray Pump Co. San Jose, Calif. 'Bean Track Pull'.

1924 Bear Tr. Co. New York City. 'Bear 25/35 Crawler'.

 1920 Beaver Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, Wis. Four wheel, Beaver eng. Beaver 12/24 made by Gould, Shapley & Muir, Brantford, Ont. Can.

1933 Beeman Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Light One Plow Tr.' Beltrail Tr. Co. St Paul, Minn. Belt Rail Model B 12/20'.

1918 Bethlahem Motor Corp. Allen-town, Pa. 'Bethlahem 18/36, 4 cyl. verti.'

1920 C. L. Best Tr. Co. San Leander, Calif. Crawler.

This finely restored Huber, one of my tractors, was shown at Pontiac, Illinois.

1917  Besser Mfg. Co. Alpena, Mich. Might have been made by Parrett for them. Big Farmer Tr. Co. Fort Madison, Ia.

1910 Birrell Motor Plow Co. Auburn, N. Y. '22/45 4 cyl. verti.' Blumberg Motor Mfg. Co. San Antonio, Tex. 'Steady Pull. 9/18 & 12/24'. Bolte Tr. Co. Des Moines, la. 'Bolte 20/40'.

1918  Boring Tr. Co. Rockford, Ill. 'Boring built like a Moline Universal.'

1913 Boyette Brannon Tr. Co. Atlanta, Ga. 30 H. P. Brockway Tr. Co. Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Three Models.Brillion Iron Works, Brillion, Wis. 'Brillion'.

1910 Brennan Motor Mfg. Co. Syracuse, N. Y. 'Brennan' Four cyl.

1920 Bryan Harv. Co. Peru, Ind. 'Bryan Steam Tractor 15/30'.

1916 Buckeye Mfg. Co. Anderson, Ind.

1910 Buffalo Pitts Co. Buffalo, N. Y. '40/70'. Three-wheeled.

 1913 Bull Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Little Bull & Big Bull'. Bullock Tr. Co. Chicago, Ill. '12/20 Creeping Grip Crawler'.

1889 Burger Co. Madison, S. D. 'Burger'.

1920 Burn Oil Tr. Co. Peoria, Ill. '15/30 two cyl.' Burnt Oil Tr. Co. Warren Ind. 'Burnt Oil'.

1920 Blewet Tr. Co. Tacoma, Wash. 'Webfoot 28/53'.

3-H. P. Fairbanks Morse used to pump water to Toy ah, Texas.

1920  Canadian Tr. Co. Medicine Hat Alberta, Can. 'Canadian 14/28'.

1925 Caterpillar Tr. Co. Peoria, Ill. & Stockton, Cal. Merger of Holt & Best.

1911  J. I. Case Co. Racine, Wis. '30/ 60'. Later Gen. Line.

1893 Charter Eng. Co. Sterling, Ill. 'Sterling' Built six in 1889 using Rumely Chassis.

1919 Chase Co. Syracuse, N. Y. 'Chase 12/25'. Two rear wheels and one front. Chief Tr. Co. Detroit, Mich. 'Chief'.

1921  Cleveland Tr. Co. Cleveland, Ohio. Crawler. Became Cletrac later. Cleveland Motor Plow Co. Cleveland, Ohio.

C. O. D. Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'C. O. D. 13/25'. Coleman Tr. Co. Kansas City, Mo. 'Coleman 16/30'. Coleman Wilborn Corp. Kan. City, Mo. 'Coleman 16/30'. Columbus Tr. Co. Columbus, Ohio. 'Tru Pull 10/20'.

1919 Comet Auto Co. Decatur, Ill. 'Comet 20/30'.

1914 Common Sense Gas Tr. Co. Minneapolis. 'Common Sense 20/40' 8 cyl. V eng. Com Belt Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Corn Belt'.

1920 Craig Tr. Co. Cleveland, Ohio. 'Craig 15/25'. Consolidated Imp. Mfg. Co. Ogden, Utah. 'Cimco Model P 31'.

1918 Cushman Motor Works. 'Mac Donald 12/25'.

1948 Custom Mfg. Co. Shelbyville, Ind. 'Custom'.

1913 Dayton Dick Mfg. Co. Quincy, Ill. 'Dayton & Leader'.

1895 Davis Gas. Tr. Co. Waterloo, Ia.

1918 Dart TK & Tr. Co. Waterloo, Ia. 'Dart Blue J 15/30'.

1911  The Dauch Mfg. Co. Sandusky, O. 'Sandusky 15/35'.

1912  Demorest Bro's, Waldo, O. Twelve were built in Ashley, Ohio.

1913 Or 1916 The Denning Tr. Co. Cedar Rapids, Ia. 'Denning 10/18.

1913  Detroit Eng. Works, Detroit, Mich. 'Wadsworth 6/18'. Detroit Tr. Co. Lafayette, Ind. 'Detroit'. Detroit Tr. Co. Detroit, Mich. 'Four Wheel Drive'.

1914  G. J. Dell Tr. Co. Harrisburg, Ark. Depue Bros. Mfg. Co. Clinton, Ia. 'Depue 20/30'.

1906 Diamond Iron Works, Minneapolis, 'American' became Transit 1907 then Gas Traction. Dice Eng. Co. Anderson, Ind. 12 & 25 H.P. Dill Tr. Co. Little Rock, Ark. 26 H. P.

1892 C. H. Dissinger & Bros. Wrightsville, Pa. 'Capitol'.

1920 Dixieland Motor Tr. Co. Texana, Tex. 'Dixieland 12/25'.

1919 P. J. Downs Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Liberty 15/30'.

1916 Eagle Tr. Co. Appleton, Wis. 'Eagle'. Earth master Farm Equipment. Holly dale, Cal.

1905 Easton Wysong Co. Topeka, Kan. 'Auto tractor'.

1918 Ebert Tr. Co. Chicago, Ill. 'Ebert 12/20'.

1915  Ebert Duryea Farm Tr. Co. Chicago. 'Gearless Roller Rim Drive'.

1904 Electric Wheel Co. Quincy, Ill. 'Allwork' Quit in 1929.

1918 Elgin Tr. Co. Piqua, Ohio. 'Elgin 17/27'. Ellwood Tr. Co. Madison, Wis. 'Ellwood Patrolman 10/20'. G. W. Elliott & Co. De Smet, S. D. 'Dokato'.

1912 Emerson Brantingham Co. Rock-ford, Ill. Purchased Gas Traction of Mpls. Enterprise Mach. Minneapolis, Minn. 'West man'.

1916  A. O. Espe Foundry. Crookston, Minn. 'C.O. D. 13/25'.

1912 Evans Mfg. Co. Hudson, Ohio. 'Evans 18/13 & Hudson 20/35'.