''I've Got One I'll Give You If You'll Come and Get It''

John Deere Tractors

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RR 4, Box 1043 Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432-9402

The story of my first John Deere tractor appeared in the January '96 issue of GEM. This Model B tractor was taken to one show in 1995, the Enid Antique Power Show in Oklahoma.

At that show Mr. Dave Ray saw what had been done with the B. Dave was finishing a career in the Air Force a traffic controller at Vance Air Base, Enid, Oklahomaand was not at all interested in his dad's old farm, nor anything pertaining to the farm.

When I saw Dave later at a church gathering he asked me to go get his dad's old tractor.

I thought about it a long time. I wondered, can I handle another tractor? Gee whiz! Another free tractor! I've got all the tractor I need to take my boat to the water in the spring, and take it out again in the fall.

After a long time of thinking about it I finally was taken to see the tractor. THAT THING WAS HUGE! Another John Deere, a Model 'A' Serial #692795. Truly, the size of it scared me!

Well, I thought about it another long time! Finally, one day I asked my neighbor, Frank Rhodes, if he would go with me to pick up a tractor. Frank is the owner of two JD tractors, and has the same use for them as I do, put the boat in the water, and take it out again.

He said, 'Yes, I'll help you.' With all of our tools, a pressure tank full of air, we went to get the tractor. Both of us knew the first thing to do is to remove those rear brakes. That will let the drive wheels roll. Then we had to turn one rear wheel inside out to make it narrow enough to fit my trailer. Whew!! That two and one-half ton tractor was all the trailer and half ton pickup could handle!

But it has been fun working on these tractors. When you get them finished, and hear that good strong exhaust, you have a sense of pride in accomplishment after a tractor has been sitting for untold years.