Koler Electrical Plant

Courtesy of G. H. Walkinshaw, 1249 Butler Avenue, Lincoln, Nebraska 68521

G. H. Walkinshaw

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The energy crisis poses a challenge to American ingenuity, and I think the readers of Gas Engine Magazine can help meet it!

This country reached its present industrial might because men were smart enough, and worked hard enough, to invent the machines and find the fuels needed to do the job.

America is full of innovators -- persons who can find new ways to solve old problems, and who find answers to new problems that appear insoluable.

As I read the letters that come in to us, and go over the articles that we publish, I am deeply impressed with the vast reservoir of talent that our readership represents.

We have engineers of all kinds, people who can put together working engines from old parts and new parts they make themselves, plumbers, garage operators, industrial executives, truckers, salesmen for farm machinery, college professors and students-- all sorts of persons who are full of brains and ability.

Why can't each and all of us work to find ways to beat the energy shortage -- ways to make old equipment run more efficiently, and create new equipment that will outdo anything now on the market? Are there any potential new fuels? Can some of the old machines, which were phased out of use, be brought back and modernized and utilized to make better use of energy?

Our Congressman, Rep. Edwin D. Eshleman, feels that corporations should search their cupboards, files and dead storage rooms to see if they might have tucked away some invention or idea which could be brought out to help beat the crisis.

He said he was going to check with the U.S. Department of Commerce to see how feasible an inventory - taking such as this might be.

If you have an idea, or know of something which should be considered for this purpose, send a letter to us. At this writing, we don't know to whom in the government the letter should be forwarded, but we aim to find out.

The I's have it - Invent - Innovate Introduce - Improvise -Incorporate Ideas In Insuperable Improvements!

I need help in finding information on the above pictured Koler Electrical Plant which I picked up about two months ago. It is frozen up now, but I would like to get it running and operating for some shows next year.

The Model Number is #1A22, Serial Number 129579, 110 Vac - 1.5 KVA. It is also equipped to burn natural gas as well as gasoline.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A photo from the Elwood Historical Show, Tipton, Indians, August 10, 1973. The driver is Miss Linda Nunn, R.D. 2, Cochranville, Pennsylvania. The passenger is Miss Martha Harris, R.R. 6, Frankfort, Indiana. The tractor is a John Deere Model AR, Serial No. 263248.

I gave $90.00 for the tractor at Conowingo, Maryland around 1960. I put new rings in it myself a couple years later. Last year I had the fenders repaired and had it repainted. I had used it for corn shelling and baling, both power take-off. I used it a lot on the disc. There were only 10,000 of this particular model of AR, serial numbers 26200 to 271999, less those which were built as AO.