1954 Farmall Super MTA

Farmall Super MTA Tractor

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Box 7583, Newark, Delaware 19711

This Farmall Super MTA was restored by Vic Murray. Restoration started June 19, 1994. The tractor was purchased on June 18, 1994, from Reuben Eberly, Chambersburg, PA.

Under painting was done from February to June 1995, by Wayne Futty, Le-wisville, Pennsylvania. Serial number of this Farmall is 7327OS. What follows is a schedule of the restoration:

1994 JUNE: Radiator cleaned.

JULY: Farmall Hitch Bracket, 3 6 Volt Lights.

JULY: SMTA Steering Wheel, Push-Pull Switch, Swing Drawbar, SMTA Belt Pulley, 2 Fenders.

AUGUST: Clips, Bolts, Miscellaneous.

AUGUST: Bolts, Washers, Keys, Spring Bolt, Washers.

AUGUST: Wheel, Cable, Spring, Gasket.

SEPTEMBER: Springs, Rod, Switch, Harness.

OCTOBER: Heavy Duty Clutch, Pressure Plate.

NOVEMBER: Seal Ring, Caps, Rotor Cap, Bearings.

DECEMBER: Shaft, Bushing, Bolts, Locknuts, Shock & Spring (Coil), Hydraulic Hose, Seal, Clamps, Gasket, Hub, Set Screw, Key Cable, Rebuilt Carburetor.

DECEMBER: 2 Front Tires & Tubes (Firestone).

1995JANUARY: Back Tires & Tubes (Firestone).

FEBRUARY: Painting DuPont Santori Acrylic.

Painting of Farmall Super MTA, two coats of Vari Primer, 4 Coats of Uro Primer, 3 Coats of Dupont Santori Acrylic. After all parts are put back together 3 more coats of Dupont Santori Acrylic.