1929 22-36 McCormick Deering

McCormick Deering Tractors

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312 Maple Street, Shelby, Michigan 49455

Here is a picture of my 1929 22-36 McCormick Deering. The tractor was born the same week as I was. However, it runs better than I do!

My grandson Jeff Petersen is at the wheel.

It has two casting dates on the frame, 8-30-29 and 9-14-29, and the engine has a date of 9-13-29. There is no serial number.

I bought this tractor March 1st, 1992. It was last used to power a sawmill. It sat outdoors by the mill for 30 years after the belt pulley was broken. The mag was still hot when I bought it.

It took three months to get it running. I had the radiator off three times fixing leaks, and also the water pump didn't work. The gas tank leaked also. I changed the front tires and rims, as the ones on it were rusted out. One back tire also was replaced. I painted it too.

I belted another tractor to it, and it started on two cylinders. Two exhaust valves were stuck open. It now starts easily with the crank. The bore and stroke of this engine are 4' x 6'.

This tractor is a slow, growling, powerful, hard steering, brute to drive!