1926 View of Advantages of Tractor Farming

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We found the following item in the April 1926 (Vol. 4, No. 3) issue of The Oil Pull Magazine, a monthly once published by the Advance Rumely Thresher Co., in LaPorte, Indiana.


A recent contest for the best paper on the subject, 'The Advantage of Tractor Farming' was won by W. C. Wood, a student in agricultural engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.

In summing up the situation, after a thorough and interesting discourse on his subject, Mr. Wood gives the following nine salient points:

1. It has a place on most western and prairie farms.

2. It makes possible a great saving in overhead costs of farm power.

3.  Tractors can respond to rush demands and get the work done at the right time.

4- The modern tractor is as dependable for work as the horse.

5. The tractor will greatly reduce the man hours for field work.

6.  A tractor can be operated in the field, by a boy, if an older person can keep check on the machine.

7.  The worst enemies of the tractor are: rust, wear, vibration and DUST. Careful selection of the tractor will make all of these practically negligible.

8. The tractor gives time for gardening and home beautification which are highly remunerative as well as doing much to keep the whole family healthy and happy. It also gives time for the business side of farming and recreation.

9. The tractor is a real boon to mixed farming and permanent agriculture, by keeping the length of the working day down to a reasonable number of hours, while at the same time, the total farm production is increased.