Cylinders Found in Findlay, Ohio

Two new hyd. red cylinders were found in Findlay, Ohio. They appear to be from the Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery Assn. show.

Delco-Light System Sought

Organizers of the Gathering of the Green are looking for a complete 32-volt Delco-Light System to display at the event.

Looking for Leads on Midland Co.

Mike Weicht is looking for more information on the Midland Co., which manufactured garden tractors for Montgomery Ward.

Antique Air Compressor Help

A collector is looking for information on setting up an antique air compressor he has acquired.

T&T Pump Company

T&T Pump has been manufacturing water pumps in Fairmont, WV since 1965.

MaxTorque Diesel From Grasshopper Mowers

According to Ray Garvey, marketing coordinator at Grasshopper, clean diesel is the right choice for professionals looking to reduce costs, increase revenues and minimize environmental impacts.  

Vintage Hay Presses At Work

See vintage hay presses, including a McCormick-Deering and International Harvester, stretch their legs.

Snow-Motors Inc. Conversion

In the mid-1920s, a curious conversion kit became available that enabled tractors and automobiles to travel with ease across snow and ice.

DR Power Introduces the Versa-Trailer

DR Power Equipment introduces its new DR Versa-Trailer utility trailer by challenging consumers to test the new product’s “metal” with a unique trial offer.

Jordan Meeker's Antique Rock Drills

Jordan Meeker has salvaged and restored items of all sorts from abandoned mining camps. Here, he shows off some antique rock drills.

DR Power Equipment Announces a Coring Lawn Aerator

The DR Lawn Aerator, which features the coring technology used by professionals, is manufactured in the United States by DR Power Equipment in its Winooski, Vermont facility and is available for sale directly from DR Power Equipment.

Hot Air Fans in Motion

Cheap, efficient and safe, Robert Stirling's hot air engine was used in various ways, but none was more intriguing than powering hot air fans. The fans run quietly and work just about anywhere.

Profiles: Lightning Magneto

Lightning Magneto manufactures top quality replacement parts with a concentration on a full line of parts for the John Deere E engines along with many reproduction magneto parts as well as complete new magnetos.

Design Your Own Magnet Charger

Peter Rooke explains the fundamentals of magnetism and describes how to make your own magnet charger - Part 1 of 2

Power Transmission by Belt: Part II

ets assume we want to run a 10 kilowatt, 1,800 RPM DC generator with our antique 30 HP tractor. We are told we'll need about 17 HP to power the generator at the full 10-kilowatt output. The tractor's belt pulley capability will undoubtedly be sufficient since this rating is always less than the engine's rating by just a few horsepower. This is because of the slight amount of loss attributable to gears and bearings. The rated speed of the belt pulley is 1,000 RPM. The pulley is 10 inches in diameter and 7 inches wide.

Power Transmission by Belt: Part I

At one time, perhaps up through the 1940s, it was very common for an industrial complex to have one large power unit to power the whole operation by means of one or more long lineshafts.

Flywheel Forum

Readers' Engine Questions: Upright, Mower Colors, Busy Bee, Merry, Monac, Stover Novelty Works...

Flywheel Forum

Readers Engine Questions: Mystery Lawn Mowers & Maytag Mixtures

Letters & Miscellanies

Bottom-of-the-sea engine, Aeromotor Pump Engine, Bragging Rights and Memories


Original Condition: Where do We Draw the Line?


Preservation Methods

The Machinist's Art

Scratch-built 4 HP Scale Alamo Showcases Missouri Man's Skills


Model T Buzz Coils

Best Bet Yet

Rescued From a River, a Rare 6 HP 1891 Union Runs Again After a Friendly Bet-----

Rescuing an Old Sawmill

A small piece of history is saved and memories are revived as friends rescue an old sawmill.


Spotlight on Light Plants


Building Magnet Chargers


Looking for Clues to Unknown Engines


Looking for Clues to Unknown Engines


Looking for Clues to Unknown Engines

Desert Upright

Maytag upright was found in a dusty corner of the back lot of a small southern California


Lead acid battery is that each cell generates two volts to produce proper current

The Howard Rotavator GEM Garden Tractor

Specifications for the Howard Rotavator "GEM" Series III model garden tractor by Rotary Hoes Limited. This information was submitted to Gas Engine Magazine in 1999 by Howard Andrews.

Madison's Machine

A deal struck on the two-wheeled garden tractors with equipment.

Holt Power Light

Holt Farm Light Plant Built in Ludington, Michigan.

Desert IRON

There was a large, much abused, multi-cylinder generating plant

Florida Deer

John Deere tractor running a John Deere Corn Sheller


The hot air powered fans based on a Sterling engine.

Good Technology Never Dies

The compressed air is forced into the injector heating the fuel causing it to convert into a gaseous state.

The Drag Saw

Rods and cogs rusted into rest under a cedar tree.

Cushman Restoration

This 8 HP Cushman is my first attempt at restoring an engine. It was a challenge, as I was a carpenter for forty years, recently retired, and had time on my hands.


After enjoying a very nice Christmas Holiday


Mark Weborg, a Local Commercial Fisherman who was in charge of the Working Party


Gear Box from Old Crosley Automobile and Briggs and Stratton Engine

IHC Treasure Trove

Collection of IHC equipment and many tools at Kinsinger Engine Service.


Joseph Reid Gas Engine Company was organized with Mr. Reid as president.

A Collection Of Parts

It has the wagon wheels off my little red wagon.The frame is a piece of iron

The Little Mill

I found and bought this corn sheller in Julian, California


The scope and sequence of the Reflections column

A Florida Find

The cylinder on the air compressor is .0008 to taper one end to the other.

Don't Give Up

Smoky Mountain Antique Engine & Tractor Association

Vintage Lawn-Boy Mowers

A place in history for the "Forever Mower": Oklahoma man boasts impressive collection of vintage Lawn-Boy mowers.


The Cleveland Motor Plow Company.

Maytag Ephemera

The liberty of forwarding the enclosed information


Aircraft engines aren't the usual fare in GEM


They offered a wide range of hardware, windmills, pumps, and other items

Associated HP Pony

Iowa introduced a small 34 horsepower air cooled 2-stroke engine.

Homemade Igniter

Inventive collector designs and builds his own low voltage, homemade igniter for his Maynard kerosene gas engine

The Repair Job

Engines are they Working on, for Goodness Sake

Hot Tube Ignition

Hot Tube Ignition consists of a Hollow Tube about Diameter


A small four-cylinder engine on the transmission.


The only plate on the machine is on the hydraulic oil tank.


Small two-cycle engine called the Little Woodsman that was built at Eureka.

Servicing Magnetos

An article on servicing magnetos from the 1957 H.G. Makelim Co. catalog.


Unique water cooled Maytag Twin. Using a 1942.


The flywheels are made of plastic mud flaps from a semi trailer


Description of Inertial Governor Components and Actions


A 750 volt radio power transformer.

An Old Pump

We were trying to locate the old flywheel type engine


The foundation of the Messinger Manufacturing Co. was started by S.S. Messinger in 1857.


The Basket case engine was badly stuck, its crankshaft bent.


Long period of Pounding,Sandblasting,Cleaning,Repairing,Painting of Whoosis


Metal Casting is a process where Liquid metal is Poured into Mold


The Smoke Rings is a Collection of Engine Nuts

Smoke Rings

Early Day Gas Engine & Antique Tractor Association

Smoke Rings

Antique Engine clubs in the State of Mississippi

My Hobby in Pictures

He guided it with ropes, that can be seen through the front wheel.


It had a small hole in the side of the powder tube for the fuse


A hand starting device, for starting engines of from 10 to 25 horsepower.


Burr grinders were usually powered by gas engineers

Scale Model Farm Equipment

Meet a former Michigan farmer who has been whittling scale models of farm equipment since he was a boy. Originally published as "THE TORCH" in the January/February 1968 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.

A Wind Charger

An old farmer describes the wind charger he built to generate electricity for his farm in the late 1920s. Originally published as "A WINDCHARGER" in the January/February 1968 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.


Battery ignition is by spark plug and vibrator coil