Young Iron: Solomon Rees

Solomon Rees has been collecting gas engines for years and has a special interest in Briggs & Stratton engines.

Young Iron: Emily Kline

Emily Kline is an uncommon hit-and-miss engine collector with a garage full of Hercules engines

Flea market find

It is about 3 feet long, weighs about 100 pounds and is driven by a 3-inch flat belt. What is it?

Is it an Indian motor?

Does this motor have anything to do with the famous Indian Motor Cycle Co.?

Odd cylinder

Odd cylinderFebruary 2009Matthew Guy ClarkeThis is an odd cylinder I purchased at a sale, and I would like to see if anyone can identify it. It has two valves, a rocker arm and an exhaust port like a 2 stroke.

Flywheel Forum

Caille outboard motor, Witte, Economy S, and unidentified engines