1913 1/2 HP Elgin Baby

Engines A to Z: 1913 1/2 HP Elgin Baby, manufactured by the Elgin Wheel & Engine Co., Elgin, Illinois

Water Witch Engine

From A to Z: Water Witch engine manufactured by Kissel Car Co., Hartford, Wis.

Rider-Ericsson 4-inch Bore

From A to Z: 4-Inch Rider-Ericsson hot air engine from Rider-Ericsson Engine Co., New York

1925 Novo Engine

Engines A to Z: 6 HP Novo manufactured by the Novo Engine Co., Lansing, Michigan

1910 Olds Gasoline Engine

Engines A to Z: 8 HP Olds engine, manufactured by Olds Gasoline Engine Works, Lansing, Mich.

1910 Monitor Engine

Engines A to Z: Monitor engine manufactured by Baker Mfg. Co., Evansville, Wisconsin

1938 John Deere Model E

Engines A to Z: John Deere Model E manufactured by Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

1948 Kohler Engine

Engines A to Z: Kohler engine manufactured by Kohler Co. 

1947 Gravely Engine

Engines A to Z: Gravely engine manufactured by Gravely Tractor Inc.

1907 Friend Engine

Engines A to Z: Friend engine manufactured by Friend Mfg. Co.

1912 Falk Engine

Engines A to Z: Falk engine manufactured by the Falk Company, Milwaukee, Wis.

6 HP Dorchester Engine

From A to Z: 6 HP Dorchester engine manufactured by Charles A. Julien LTEE, Pont-Rouge, Quebec, Canada

1914 2 HP Domestic Engine

From A to Z: 1914 2 HP Domestic Engine manufactured by the Domestic Engine & Pumper Co., Shippensburg, Pa.

1920s Bates & Edmonds 2-1/2 HP

From A to Z: 1920s 2-1/2 HP Bates & Edmonds engine manufactured by Bates & Edmonds Motor Co., Lansing, Mich. 

Pre-1916 A.F. Bauer

From A to Z: Pre-1916 3-1/2 HP A.F. Bauer engine manufactured by the A.F. Bauer Engine Co., Kansas City, Mo. 

2-1/4 HP Hired Man Hit-and-Miss

From A to Z: 2-1/4 HP Hired Man hit-and-miss engine, manufactured by Associated Manufacturers Co., Waterloo, Iowa

1914 4 HP Acme Engine

From A to Z: 1914 4 HP Acme engine, manufactured by the Acme Engine Co., Lansing, Mich.

1940 12 HP Witte Engine

From A to Z: 1940 12 HP Witte Dieselectric plant manufactured by the Witte Engine Works, Kansas City, Mo. 

1923 1-1/2 HP Witte Engine

From A to Z: 1923 1-1/2 HP Witte engine manufactured by the Witte Engine Works, Kansas City, Mo.

1915 2 HP Witte Engine

From A to Z: 1915 2 HP headless Witte engine manufactured by the Witte Engine Works, Kansas City, Mo.

1921 1-1/2 HP Worthington Engine

From A to Z: 1921 1-1/2 HP Worthington engine manufactured by Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp., Cudahy, Wis.

3 HP Wisconsin Engine

From A to Z: 3 HP Wisconsin engine, manufactured by the Lauson-Lawton Co.

1929 Utilimotor

From A to Z: 5/8 HP Utilimotor, Johnson Motor Co.

United Engine

From A to Z: 1-3/4 HP United Type A, United Engine Co.

25 HP Superior Gas Engine

From A to Z: 1919 25 HP Superior gas engine was used primarily in oil fields and for industrial use.

6 HP Stover Engine

From A to Z: 6 HP Stover engine, made by the Stover Mfg. & Engine Co.

1925 2 HP Stewart Engine

From A to Z: 1925 2 HP Stewart engine, Stewart Engine Co. (aka Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.)

7 HP Sheffield

From A to Z: 7 HP Sheffield, Sheffield Gas Power Co.

1-1/2 HP Sandow

From A to Z: 1-1/2 HP Sandow, Sandy McManus, Inc.

1901 25 HP Swan

1901 25 HP Swan on display in the Harvey Expo Building at the Coolspring Power Museum, Coolspring, Pa.

Will Batty's Eaton-tagged 1924 3 HP Stover KB

Will Batty's 1924 3 HP Stover KB, tagged by the T. Eaton Co., wasn't his first choice for purchase at a 2007 auction, but he's very happy with how things panned out.

1-3/4 HP Chapman Gas Engine

Information for a 1-3/4 HP Chapman gas engine, manufactured by the Ontario Wind Engine & Pump Co.

10 HP Evans Engine

Details of the 10 HP Evans Engine made by Evans Manufacturing Company.

1-1/2 HP Economy Engine

Details of a 1-1/2 HP Economy Engine manufactured by Hercules Gas Engine Company.

Joel Sanderson - Sculptor in Iron

Iron sculptor and blacksmith Joel Sanderson uses 100-year-old machinery in his blacksmith shop, which includes an 1898 15 HP Reid Type A gas engine that runs the line shaft.

New Life for a Twin-Cylinder New Way

My neighbor, Ed, was working on an engine project and needed some parts machined. In exchange for the machining, I was offered a 6 to 7 HP twin-cylinder New Way.

1915 2 HP Alamo Gas Engine

Technical specifications for Nelson H. Curtis' 1915 2 HP Alamo antique hit-and-miss gas engine.

Model DH De La Vergne Gas Engine

The Model DH De La Vergne gas engine brought out about 1915 by the De La Vergne Machine Co., New York City, was one of the last steps in the evolution of the solid injection Diesel.

1914 125 HP Miller Gas Engine

 Here are two views of the 1914 125 HP Miller gas engine No. 1419 as we found her last year after following a lead kindly supplied by Mr. Howard Yoder.  

1944 370 HP Climax V-85

Collector rescues a 1944 370 HP Climax antique gas engine from certain demise in a junkyard blast furnace.

4 HP Borden & Selleck

Technical specifications for a 4 HP Borden & Selleck antique gas engine.

1936 3/4 HP Maytag

A 1936 3/4 HP Maytag is a young collector's first antique gas engine.

1920 5 HP Majestic

This is a 1920 5 HP Majestic engine coupled to a 1910 Diamond 6-inch cone burr mill mounted on a John Deere elevator cart.

1924 25 HP Waterloo Still Grinding Apples After 86 Years

Finding old engines on location these days is becoming hard to do. To find one still on the job at its original job site is a rare thing, indeed. Such an engine exists at the Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek, N.Y., a few minutes from Cooperstown.

1909 40 HP Foos Type S

1909 40 HP Foos Type S antique engine on display at Coolspring Power Museum, Coolspring, Pa.

The Springfield Gas Engine

The design of the Springfield gas engine was quite unusual and featured an overhead camshaft and fuel injection.

Pre-1910 1-1/2 HP Globe

Pre-1910 1-1/2 HP Globe submitted to Engines A-Z by Robert Kubisch, Martinsville, NJ.  

1924 1-1/4 HP Baker

1924 1-1/4 HP Baker submitted to Engines A-Z by Roger Kirchner, Lomira, Wis.

1937 3 HP John Deere EP

The John Deere Type EP was the company’s attempt at combating dusty field conditions in the American South.

1908 15 HP Otto

This 1908 15 HP Otto was used by the Roebling family - builders of the Brooklyn Bridge.

1917 3 HP Novo

Lengthy restoration paying off for  1917 3 HP Novo.

Circa-1900 2 HP Havana

It's hard to miss Mike Shaffer’s display, a circa-1900 2 HP Havana “Red & Ready” pumping engine, complete with walking beam.

4 HP Domestic

Profile of a 4 HP Domestic gas engine.

Circa 1898 40 HP Climax

Profile of the circa 1898 40 HP Climax gas engine on display at the Coolspring Power Museum, Coolspring, Pa.

1910 6 HP Geiser

One family’s close relationship with an engine restorer.

4-1/2 HP Domestic

This early Domestic stationary engine was shipped from the Shippensburg, Pa., factory to a Mr. Black in nearby Fort Loudon, Pa., on Oct. 12, 1905. It was used there to power a wood-working shop.

1907 7 HP Foos

Mike and Mondie Cartwright's 1907 7 HP Foos.

A rare Samson

Early 1900s 25 HP engine appears to be one-of-a-kind

4 HP Fairbanks-Morse Type T

Collector makes the most of what he has to work with in 4 HP Fairbanks-Morse Model T restoration.

1919 1-1/2 HP Economy

Most people remember the firsts in life: their first bike, their first car and their first kiss. But only engine collectors can add their first engine. And mine was a 1919 1-1/2 HP Economy. 

1904 8 HP International

This is the oldest known International Harvester Co. engine and possibly the company’s 33rd engine constructed.

1/2 HP New Holland

A rare 1/2 HP New Holland, year unknown, bought at an auction in 1966.

Circa 1914 35 HP Superior

This particular Superior engine drove a flour mill at the Reedy Milling Co. in Reedy, W.Va. It was removed from the mill in 1967 and brought to Coolspring in 1976.

1929 2 HP Lister D

The operation of R.A. Lister & Co. Ltd. of Dursley, England, made many different gas and diesel engines over many decades. One of the best sellers was the single-flywheel D-type gas engine.

1906 2-1/2 HP Foos

Mike Trotnic reflects on the time-honored tradition of passing on gas engines.

1912 4 HP Monitor

A son reflects on collecting engines with his father, who just passed away.

1906 4 HP West Coast

Some engines need a little more TLC than others. Brandon Perry, Farmington, Calif., found such an engine in a 1906 4 HP West Coast.

A rare half-breed engine

Dick Bouma's rare half-breed engine features an M. Lytle & Son cylinder on a Gibbs, Russell & Co. bed.

1869 12 HP Gibbs & Sterrett

Stan Ellerbeck wasn't going to let anything keep him from finishing this 1869 12 HP Gibbs & Sterrett.

5 HP Empire

Young collector buys 5 HP Empire for first hit-and-miss gas engine.

1920 3 HP Glasgow

Single-cylinder sleeve valve engine is a rare curiosity.

1905 10 HP Evans

Phil and Coreen St. Jean's rare 1905 10 HP Evans farm engine.

1900 6 HP Oriental

In the case of Oriental Gas Engine Co. of San Francisco, the name may have meant slow sales and a short existence.

1903 5 HP Reliable

Scott Clausen is a big believer in authenticity. For proof of that, look no further than his 1903 5 HP Reliable.

Dick Bouma's Rare Half-Breed Gas Engine

Dick Bouma's rare half-breed gas engine features a cylinder made by M. Lytle & Son on a steam bed made by Gibbs, Russell & Co. of Titusville, Pa.

1920 7 HP Field-Brundage

After decades in a barn, a 1920 7 HP Field-Brundage gets ready for a second chance.

A Working Oil Lease in 2002

Almost 80 years after it was built, a 30 HP 1924 Bovaird & Seyfang gas engine is still powering a working oil lease in Rixford, Pa.

1936 1-1/2 HP Stover CT1

When I got it home, I looked it up in Wendel's American Gasoline Engines book. The engine was a 1936 throttle governed version of the CT 1 which is 1.5 HP.

The Fruit Jar Maytag

The Fruit Jar Maytag antique engine is the most colorful of all the Maytag engines.

Uncovering a Buried IHC Mogul

A 1-3/4 HP IHC Mogul that was used as an anchor to stablize an unsteady garage is rescued from a bed of dirt and concrete.

1-1/2 HP Fairbank-Morse Model Z

George Addison recalls the Christmas time story of how he found and restored his 1-1/2 HP Fairbanks-Morse Model Z gas engine.

The Reid Model A Gas Engine

The Reid Model A gas engine was one of the very few small engines to make a commercial success of the Clerk cycle.