Identification of a Drag Saw Engine

A reader says that an unidentified engine in the April/May issue is definitely a drag saw engine, possibly a Ward, Wade or Vaughn.

1915 Fairbanks-Morse

Watch video of a 1915 Fairbanks-Morse running at the 2015 Coolspring Power Museum Summer Expo.

Is This a Jacobsen Engine?

A reader seeks information on his engine that some people have told him might be a Jacobsen engine off a mower.

The Mighty 175 Otto Engine

This 175 hp Otto engine is one of the largest single-cylinder gas engines in the world and one of only five built.

Haas Tractor Engine

Grandson of Haas tractor expert and his restored Haas tractor engine.

Westinghouse Welder

Reader seeks information on a portable Westinghouse welder that was probably made between 1925 and 1940.

6 hp Hercules Engine

Reader has his mystery engine identified as a Hercules XK kerosene engine.

6 hp Galloway Engine

Richard G. Sipes shares his 6 hp Galloway that he refurbished this year.

Keystone Vertical Engine

Howard Abrahamson shares his 5 hp Keystone vertical engine, built by the Rockwell Mfg. Co.

Unknown Diesel Engine

Reader Al Matheson seeks help with an unknown diesel engine he received from a friend.

A Job Well Done

Ken Butterworth restored this John Deere E 1-1/2 HP engine.

Junkyard Find

This 1914 1-3/4 HP Chore Boy was rescued from a junkyard by Michael Standley.

Not So Dirty Deere

As seen in the October/November 2014 issue, Wayne Summers' John Deere gas engine was found under ground. Now it's up and running, and looking good.

Wheels of Time: Falk Co. Engines

The wheels of time have moved slowly for this 5 HP Falk Co. engine, but thanks to Gary Bahre its future is bright once more.

Young Iron: Petey Woodward

For the past seven years, Petey Woodward has pursued his lifelong interest in old gas engines.

Flame Ignition Basics

Learn the ins and outs of spark plug/high-tension ignition system basics.

1906 90 HP Bruce-Macbeth

Coolspring Spotlight: This 1906 90 HP Bruce-Macbeth has a conventional design but was considered fairly modern in its day, with its enclosed crankcase and splash lubrication.

Still Collecting Engines

Long-time collector checks in with his latest engine finds, including a Faultless engine.

1902 20 HP Klein Model 3

This 20 HP Klein Model 3 and VTPP pump, manufactured by National Transit Co., are on display at the Coolspring Power Museum.

Mogul Engines: The Whole Line

It took some work, and three decades, but one dedicated collector amassed the entire Mogul engine line.

Why Screen-Cooled?

Comparing screen-cooling to hopper-cooling and tank-cooling in antique gas engines.

1895 Dayton Engine

Coolspring Spotlight: 1895 8 HP Dayton engine on display at the Coolspring Power Museum, Coolspring, Pa.

1909 Reid Engine

Coolspring Spotlight: 1909 15 HP Reid engine with Fairchild & Betts pumping power on display at the Coolspring Power Museum.

2-1/2 HP Ottawa

Peter Rooke makes headway on his 2-1/2 HP Ottawa, focusing on the piston, cylinder head and connecting rod – Part 2 of 4.

Slide-Valve Basics

A look at slide-valve engines and their distinguishing features.

Euro Trip: Nuenen, Netherlands

Transatlantic gas engine tour included slide-valve engines at the Nuenen show, the Museé des Arts et Métiers and the Technikum at Deutz AG.

Unknown American Engine

An unknown American engine has surfaced in Johannesburg, South Africa. Can you help identify it?

Aermotor Redux

Unsticking a very stuck and rusty Aermotor 8-cycle water-pumping gas engine — Part 1 of 2

Who Built This Magnet Engine?

A Gas Engine Magazine reader is looking for his Magnet engine, which may have been built in Canada.   

Coldwell Lawn Mower Engine

Coldwell Lawn Mower Engine A reader in the know share what he knows about the Coldwell Cub lawn mower engine. March/April 1968 By Norman M. Mullings In answer to Stan Reid's recent inquiry about Dick Seibert's engine, it is a Coldwell Cub engine. It supplied power for Coldwell's Cub Motor Lawn Mower, N

1903 Engine Ads

Old engine ads include one for the Buick Motor Co.

Ingeco Engine Gets New Life

Diving into 2-1/2 HP Ingeco engine restoration with Webster magneto repair and a new cart   

Ingeco Model AK Is Reborn

Peter Rooke gives a tired 2-1/2 HP Ingeco Model AK new life with a full restoration — Part 1 of 3

Stover Engines and Young Folks

Kids and antique gas engines go hand-in-hand. Just look at this Stover engine with Stover feed grinder owned by 7-year-old Molly Hackbarth.

Cushman Cub Help

Wayne Welburn is looking for information on installing a coil and activating parts on a Cushman Cub.

Root & VanDervoort, 1911

Pages from the Past: Root & VanDervoort advertisement from the August 1911 issue of "Gas Power" magazine.

Crosley Engines, More or Less

Ingenuity and thousands of hours of work combine to make complete Crosley engines — from bits and pieces

Mystic IHC Mogul Engine

Restoration begins on a 1916 1 HP IHC Mogul Engine, including stripping the engine and assessing the condition of the cylinder head and crankshaft — Part 1 of 3

1925 175 HP Otto

Coolspring Spotlight: A 1925 175 HP Otto engine on display at the Coolspring Power Museum.

Propane Carbs

Looking for more information on building propane carbs for small engines.

Paulson Gas Engine Info

Barney Kedrowski is looking for information about Paulson gas engines, designed by Peter Paulson and manufactured at the Lang & Scharmann factory.

The Recoil Kid

Young antique gas engine collector Owen Williams shares his knowledge on YouTube.

1898 15 HP Palm

Coolspring Spotlight: The rare and beautiful from the Coolspring Power Museum includes the fusion of an Ajax Steam Engine and a Palm Gas Engine.

Flat Belt Help

Stover Stuff: Not-so-simple flat belt fix gets a Stover grinder moving again

Ottawa ES Fuel Mixer Fixer

Have fun and save money by making your own fuel mixer, like Ed Stoller did with his Ottawa ES.

Small Engines Big Fun

Small engine collection makes a popular show display, featuring a Briggs Model 8.

Making Antique Engine Carts

Dave Irey bought more than 30 steel wheels at an auto parts swap meet and used them on a total of nine antique engine carts.

Magneto Recharging

Tips for how to recharge the magneto of an antique engine without demagnetizing it further.

The Homer Gas Engine

The briefly made Homer Gas Engine had a detachable water jacket, setting it apart from other gas engines from the era.

600 HP Snow Engine

Video footage of the 600 HP Snow Engine on display at the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion grounds at Rollag, Minn.

Recovery and Restoration of a 1919 10 HP Style U Stover Engine

Recovery and Restoration of a 1919 10 HP Style U Stover Engine Engine education: the restoration of a discovered Stover Style U gas engine February/March 2011 David Krebs I recently recovered two Stover engines from my wife Mary’s family ranch. The ranch has been in the family since her great-grandfather

Great Gas Engine Rescues

Any gas engine enthusiast will tell you that half the fun of collecting engines is the hunt.

Giving New Parts an Antique Finish

Rob Skinner's goal in restoring gas engines is to make them look as original as possible. To that end, he needs to paint the parts and then age them to the tune of a hundred years, giving new parts an antique finish.

1928 2 HP Stover Type KA

Alyson Hyatt and her freshly painted 1928 2 HP Stover Type KA antique gas engine.

Fred Ballard's Antique Gas Engines

This is Fred Ballard, 87 years young, and his son, Tom, of Holmes, N.Y., with three of their engines - a 6 HP Fairbanks-Morse ZC, 2 HP Taylor vacuum engine and 1-1/2 HP Fuller & Johnson.

Young Iron: Greg Ackerly

A profile of 16-year-old gas engine collector Greg Acklery of Schuylerville, NY.

Oil City Boiler Works/South Penn cross-breed engine, Part 2

Oil City Boiler Works/South Penn cross-breed engine, Part 2 Labor of Love, Part 2 December/January 2010 By Andrew Mackey Editor’s note: The following is the unedited version of Part 2 of a multi-part series about the purchase, retrieval and restoration of an Oil City Boiler Works/South Penn cross-

Tiny Tiger generators

Here are some photos and specifications for two Ohlsson & Rice Tiny Tiger Model 350 miniature generator sets.

Listening to you

The benefits of participating in a Gas Engine Magazine reader survey.

Restoration of a Vaughan Drag Saw

I received a 1917 4 HP Vaughan New Style drag saw from a neighbor for free because it had been sitting outdoors for almost 60 years being trampled by cows in the mud. The piston was stuck, the wood frame was almost completely rotted away, and the chain drive and other drag saw parts were almost completely rusted through. It looked to be un-salvageable because of its bad shape. Our neighbor was going to scrap it, but because he found out that I collect these things he decided to let me have it.

A Galloway Comes Home

The 1993 article described how, in around 1880, farmer, carpenter and maple sugar maker Henry Adams of Wilmington, Vt., designed and built wooden tanks to hold maple sap. The design was patented. The tanks were built in a shop attached to the farmhouse with the assistance of Henry’s two sons, Walter and Leslie. In 1900, Walter later assumed ownership of the farm and business.

A Patient Project

I found my Woolery engine at a sale about 40 years ago near Buffalo, Minn. It stood on a concrete mounting under one end of a long line shaft in the engine room of a machine shed. The shaft ran through the engine room wall into a machine shop where five or six machines could be belted to it.

A Rusty Rescue

Peter Rooke finishes a tough IHC restoration project

Start an Engine Club - Why Not!

I  was lucky to be a youngster at the tail end of steam, and am forever imprinted with that experience. I put it down to being enveloped in those clouds of smoke and steam at the railway station, and then the train ride with the coach windows wide open so as to be sure to catch the engine's smoky breath. I remember steam trucks with their chain drives working at the docks and dribbling hot embers along the road. Out in the country, the road crews were still using steam road rollers. Great fun for us kids, when we got to play on one after the workmen had left for the day. Today, finding a steamer takes more effort, but take me within sniffing distance of one and I can home in on it with just as much vigor as locating that first cup of “Joe” in the morning.

Over There: Ruston & Hornsby engines in Iraq

These fantastic photos of Ruston & Hornsby engines in action in Iraq came to us through Ron Page of Australia. Ron’s son, Jason, is in the Australian Army, and got a hold of these photos taken by another group of soldiers. The following is the description that came with the photos, provided by Australian soldier Tony Kuilboer:

1899 Fairbanks-Morse “Type T” Special Electric 6 HP engine

In early 2004, a neighbor, Bob, was visiting me and saw some of my engines.  He said he had his father’s engine, which I should take. It was an International LLB 3-5 HP. Soon after I picked it up, it was putt-putting just like new.

Worth the Work

Some engines are worth the hassle. Take Dave Rotigel’s 1920 11 HP Austral oil engine, for instance.

The Little-Known Landis

One of the least known Pennsylvania engine manufactures was M.B. Landis. Milton lived in eastern Lancaster County on a farm along Route 30 in Strasburg.

Kewanee Engines

An excerpt from Glenn Karch’s new book: The Kewanee Engine Story

100% Original

Well, almost: This 8 HP International Harvester is 99 percent

Gilson Manufacturing Company

John E. Gilson was the third generation in his family to be involved with the Gilson Mfg. Co. of Port Washington, Wis., his father, John Gilson, being president, and his grandfather, Theodore Gilson, co-founder of the company in 1850.

Goes Like Sixty

 A 6 HP Gilson restoration comes down to the wire before the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion

Neunen Show

Two men, nearly a world apart, find commonality in engines

French Find

Canadian engine sparks an enthusiast’s restoration interests

Stover 20 HP Crude Oil Engine

The extreme belching of smoke from a long, gray exhaust pipe filled the air, floating east with the breeze, as the loud clanking of the great engine beat with rhythmic precision.

Lightning Strikes Twice in Trinity

What is the likelihood of the same person finding not one, but two very old, rare, square pushrod Stover gas engines in the same geographical area within 37 serial numbers of each other?

What’s a Hoosier?

Mysteries abound in the engine-selling history of Flint & Walling

One-Time Hero

A 15 HP Fairbanks-Morse lives the high life as a firefighter

The Hired Man Revealed

Having nearly finished the engine, the cart was next on the agenda. A telephone call resulted in a visit to a nearby farm, where timber was salvaged from the roof of an out-building that was being demolished. Once home, the timber was painstakingly de-nailed, then put through a planer to clean it up, reducing it to 2 inches-by-3-1/4 inches.

Flywheel, Fuel System, Painting and Assembly

The flywheels, as befitting an early Amanco, are 2-1/4 inches wide and 18 inches in diameter. They were very rusted so I decided to try and machine them to remove the majority of the pitting from the sides and face.

Conrods and Pistons

Conrods and Pistons Restoring an Amanco 2 1 4 HP Hired Man February 2006 by Peter Rooke The connecting rod presented a major problem as it was badly twisted and there was also a crack in the casting, which

In the Beginning

I arrived home with my first stationary engine to be greeted by my wife’s unhelpful comments about a lump of rusty old metal and questions about my sanity. She found it difficult to visualize the mound on the garage floor could eventually become a restored, gleaming, working engine: It would take me almost a year to complete.

Barnyard Badger

Rare 12 HP Badger Engine Rescued from Harsh Wisconsin Weather and Brought Back to Life

Woodworking and Waterloos

George Martin used to build B-24 bombers and wing sections for the A-20 Havoc. He shoveled tons of coal as a Santa Fe Railroad fireman, worked as a Naval Air Corps electrician, and delivered the mail for 30 years while farming at the same time. However, to this long-retired Northeastern Missouri native son, none of those experiences quite compare to restoring engines or getting creative in the woodshop.

Showstopping Sheffield

This engine started as a rumor among friends at shows, with several talking of a sideshaft engine near Prairie Home, Mo., and how the family would not sell. We've all heard about these things, and some people get the chance to break the chain of “I won't sell.” Dad and I never got that chance with this engine.

Trinity Treasure

In far northern California is a beautiful area. It is a sparsely populated, rugged, historic gold mining country called Trinity County. This area was once powered by numerous old steam, gas and oil engines. The engines were used to power up gold stamp mills, jaw crushers, water pumps, generators and other machinery at remote mines. It's amazing to see some of this old machinery far back in the wilderness of the Trinity Alps.

Been There, Dunn That

Walter E. Dunn Mfg. Co. built the “Dunn Motor” in Ogdensburg, N.Y. The company was best known for its vertical 4-cycle marine engines, which were made in single-cylinder, 2-cylinder, 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder versions. The company was founded in 1900, and was active until about 1922. This engine, a 2-cylinder, 4 HP vertical inboard engine was built about 1916.

Wogaman 4 HP

This 4 HP Wogaman engine was used on a local farm and was built in approximately 1906. It has a 5-inch bore and 6-inch stroke. The flywheels measure 24-by-2-3/8-inches. It is very unique in that it is made with only one casting, and the cylinder is not a through hole, causing machining problems.

A Job With Perks

Glenn Karch did a lot of traveling for his job and sometimes it paid off with engines like this 1910 3 HP Perkins.

Trash to Treasure

Collector puts a lot of work into restoring his Keller engine

Flywheel Forum

Information requested for Lawson, California and unknown engines


Peter Rooke finishes a tough IHC restoration project - Part 3 of 3

From A to Z:

From A to Z: April 2008 Thompson Beloit, Wis. Year: 1912-14 Horsepower: 6 Additional info: This engine was saved and restored by Bart Cushing. United Lansing, Mich. Company: United Engine Co., Lansing, Mich. Year: 1915-1927 Horsepower: 2-1/4 Serial number: No serial no. or tag as it

Flywheel Forum

Unknown engine, strange carburetors and a little help with an old mystery


Roger Schuller and his four-man crew keep a 1934 125 HP Buckeye oil engine up and running


Peter Rooke tackles a tough IHC restoration project - Part 2


California-only show features some of the best of the west


Peter Rooke tackles a tough IHC restoration project - Part 1


Dave Rotigel bought a new trailer and drove 5,800 miles to acquire this 1920 11 HP Austral - but he is not complaining

Flywheel Forum

Detroit, Foos, Ideal Model R, Aermotor, Field and Son, Woodpecker


Talk about unique gas engines, Bob Riebel of Le Sueur, Minn., has several. Among them, a 2-cylinder Edwards that could run on one or both cylinders depending on the operator, a one-of-a-kind Minneapolis-Moline U and a rarely seen Maytag lawn mower.

Oil Field Engine News

Oil Field Engine News Snapshots of the past October 2007 By Russell Farmer With thanks to Phillp Sparks of Irvine, Ky., we have two photos illustrating the heyday of oil drilling in Estill County, Ky. In the photo below, a crew is pictured standing on and around a Bessemer engine. The specific location of

Final Touch

Little Sam gets his name in brass

Poor American

American-named engines and tractors struggled to succeed

Modeler’s Corner

Modeler’s Corner October 2007 1/3-scale Mogul 1 HP I have two Mogul 1 HP engines on the original trucks.I am very impressed with Moguls in general, which is why I decided to make a 1/3-scale model. I drew basic plans, and from those and the full-sized engine, I started to work.Because of the unusual

Bigger is Better

Collector hits paydirt with interest in oil field engines

Flywheel Forum

Le Roi, Caldwell-Hollowell, Delco Little Joe and Globe light plant

The Engine Gal

A 20-year-old shows she can hang with the big boys

Flywheel Forum

Smith, Worthington, IHC Type M, Stover Type W, small engine, Baker and Hamilton


A former elevator-leg runner stays with friends

Finding Fairmont

A search through the sketchy history of Fairmont Railway Motors engine manufacturing

Le Roi Engines

History of Le Roi engines coming out in boxes

Red’s Engines

An Ohio man with a passion for gas engines adds a rare find to his collection


Well, almost: This 8 HP International Harvester is 99 percent

Behind the Door

A Briggs and Stratton WMI makes a nice weekend project

A Mogul Mission

15 HP International Harvester Mogul a different sight in central Nebraska

Flywheel Forum

Stover information, Gilson parts help, Gade information needed

In Memoriam

In Memoriam June 2007 In Memoriam Tom Stoskopf, 71, of Rowlett, Texas, formerly of Waverly, Iowa, died on Dec. 27, 2006,of cancer. Tom was a well known collector of gas engines, tractors, Model A Fords and REO Trucks. He attended many auction sales and swap meets in the Midwest. Tom was born in Lodi,

From A to Z:

From A to Z: June 2007 Novo Lansing, Mich. Specifications (smallest to largest): • 1913, 1 HP, 3-1/4-by-3-1/2-inch bore and stroke • 1920, 1-1/2 HP, 3-3/4-by-4-inch bore and stroke • 1919, 2 HP, 3-3/4-by-4-1/2-inch bore and stroke • 1925, 3 HP, 4-1/2-by-5-1/4-inch bore and stroke • 1921, 4

O Canada!

Gas engine ads from our neighbors to the north


Part three of three: Restoring a 2 HP IHC Nonpareil

Flywheel Forum

Pohl Mfg. Co., Jaeger, Sta-Rite, Fairbanks-Morse ZC, Witte

Modeler’s Corner

Modeler’s Corner Cavanaugh & Darley December 2006 This is a photo of my last completion: a "Red Devil." It is a 1/3-scale of a 2-1/2 HP engine built in 1903 and 1904 by Cavanaugh & Darley in Chicago. The model bore is 1-1/4-inch and the stroke is 1-3/4-inch. The flywheels are 8-1/8 inches, 17

Let the Sun Shine

In the dead of winter, a little sunshine-painted International can not hurt

The Sounds of Life

A circa 1911 Bessemer made everyday life a little loud, but memorable

Baby Show

All greased up and ready to go

International Harvester Oddity

International Harvester Oddity Part one of three: Restoring a 2 HP IHC Nonpareil December 2006 By Peter Rooke After scouting around for a new project, word came of an "Osborne" engine ripe for restoration. It was only being sold because the owner was trying to raise money to purchase a rare tractor. At that

Stuck in the Muck

A 4 HP Associated Farm Hand shines after years deteriorating in the dirt

And the winner is ...

For the past two months, a pair of Ideals have vied for your votes in our online poll; now read the story behind it all

Start Your Engines!

Part three of three on restoring a 4 HP Charter-Mietz oil engine

A Mogul Birthday

One man's long quest comes to a head on a very special day

California Gold Expo

California show moves from south to north and doubles its display of engines

French Find

Canadian engine sparks an enthusiast's restoration interests


Corn-stalk-covered engine no small task for enthusiast

What's a Hoosier?

Mysteries abound in the engine-selling history of Flint and Walling

Cool Cooleys

Glass negatives from Cooley Mfg. Co. resurface

Spark-filled History

Spark-filled History July 2006 By Lanny Baron Question: Which product of the internal combustion age was produced by more than 3,000 manufacturers in the United States, bearing more than 6,000 brand names and covering many hundreds of patents? If you answered gas engines, you would be wrong. The correct

Stubborn as a Mule

Despite the odds, the Bates Steel Mule saw years of success

Headless Jacobson

After a factory fire, this engine may have been made from spare parts

Rumely Returns

40 years later: cover OilPull still kicking

Flywheel Forum

Aermotor information, springs and hooks, manuals, manuals, manuals

HELLO my name is Samson

You can call him Little Sam as he makes his long-awaited introduction to the world

20 Years Ago

20 Years Ago April 2006 Staff Reminiscing Gas Engine Magazine E very month we revisit 20-year-old memories, and through the process three things tend to stick out: spectacular engines, women and children. It is a wonderful thing to see women interested in such a male-dominated hobby, and

Superior 35

Superior engine comes around ... 25 years later

Hometown Pride

Cities we love and the engines named for them

Brilliant Tradition

Freeport, Ill., mogul Daniel Stovers inventions encompassed almost all aspects of everyday life

20 Years Ago

20 Years Ago February 2006 Staff Reminiscing Gas Engine Magazine T he February 1986 issue of GEM featured some beautiful engines. On the cover was an amazing little scale engine, which apparently was based on an Amanco, much like the one in our current Amanco series by Peter Rooke. Bui


Part two in a five-part series: Restoring an Amanco 2-1/4 HP Hired Man

Hail! Minnesota

Built or badged, they still call The Land of 10,000 Lakes home

Looking Back

Celebrating our 40th anniversary: Faces from GEM 1966

Old Timers Days

Old Timers Days January 2006 Not even the threat of rain or the rising price of gas could stop engine enthusiasts from attending the 35th Annual Old Timers Days in Xenia, Ohio, on Sept. 23-25, 2005. The show gathers area aficionados every September for three days of excitement at the Greene County

20 Years Ago

20 Years Ago January 2006 Reminiscing Gas Engine Magazine T he January 1986 cover of GEM did little to forecast the trouble in the coming year. No, the serene picture of a John Deere tractor under a partly cloudy sky could not have predicted what would be the worst drought to ever hit the Midwest.

An FM C-O From P-Ville

After a Hard Life and a 31-year Coma, this 200 HP Fairbanks-Morse C-O is revived

Crankin' Back

Built by the Nelson Bros., this 8 HP Monarch Features a most Unusual Crankshaft Configuration

Salute to a Dream

The late Don Walters lives on through the engines he acquired.

The Best Au-To Yet

Bob Bests Third and Final Au-To Air Compressor Engine is a Hit at the Ottawa, Kansas, Power of the Past Show

Eye of the Beholder

Interesting Engines Found at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Family Tradition

A Family that Goes to Gas Engine Shows Together, Stays Together

6 HP Barn Burner

Enthusiast Woody Sins Tells of the Barn Find that Found Him

Hauling Old Iron

Hauling Gas engines on the Cadillac of utility trailers.

Pioneer Plowing

Life for Two Families on the Kansas Prairie Surely Changed When Gasoline Power Replaced Horse Power

The Baker Line

A Peek Inside an A.D. Baker Co. Catalog, 1935

Roadside Surprise

Roadside Surprise October 2005 H eading out west to the 52nd Annual Tri-State Antique Engine and Thresher Show in Bird City, Kan., one of the girls from our advertising department noticed some old gas engines sitting just off Interstate 70 on the north side of the road. Having already passed the scene, I

The Fenian Ram

Brayton Cycle-Powered Submarine Built to Fight the British Navy During the Fenian Movement

Showstopping Sheffield

What Started out as Little More than a Boat Anchor is now a Real Showstopper

Tour of Toews

Gas Engine Magazine Tours the Jerry Toews Collection

Modeler’s Corner

Modeler’s Corner Lubricating at Scale August 2005 By Rusty Hopper H ello again, everyone. The show season is in full swing, and so far it's been another great year. I have discovered many new and great models - and the people who go along with them - along with more ideas: I'm now looking for plans

Got Chrome?

Getting Inside the Chroming Process

Hey Porter!

A W.F. Porter Engine has Never Surfaced: Frank Gassett Thinks he Has One

The 24-Year Itch

Over Two Decades Separated this 5 HP Majestic from Owner Charles Stewart

Let There Be Light

A Rare Elgin Engine Drives a Vintage Fisher Lighting Generator

Trinity Treasure

Quite Possibly the Oldest Surviving Engine from the Stover Engine Works

Schaaf Tractors at Will County

Schaaf Tractors at Will County July 2005 Talk about an All-Star line-up! Attendees at last year's Will County Threshermen's Assn. 42nd Annual Antique Tractor and Steam Engine Show in Minooka, Ill., got to soak in some real old-iron treasures, including an impressive selection of early tractors displayed

Hap-less ZC

The Fairbanks-Morse ZC was discovered in Louisiana and restored in South Carolina.

The Lauson Legend

Dedicated to Producing Quality Products, John Lauson took this Company from Thought to


Ohio Enthusiast's 15 HP Myrick Eclipse from the Late Don Red Ball Collection


John Fitch Attempted to Revolutionize the Farm Tractor Market with the Four-Drive

Show Cruiser

Minnesota Man Creates a Special Go-Getter

Power Transmission by Belt: Part II

Power Transmission by Belt: Part II May 2005 By George B. Loughery Editor's note:?This is the second of a two-part series on belt power transmission. C ontinuing our discussion of belt power transmission, we now apply the 18 considerations for a successful flat belt drive that were developed in "Power


Father and Son Team Restore an Oil Well Supply Half-breed

Power Transmission by Belt: Part 1

Power Transmission by Belt: Part 1 April 2005 By George B. Loughery Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part series on belt power transmission. A t one time, perhaps up through the 1940s, it was very common for an industrial complex to have one large power unit to power the whole operation by means

An 'N'-ticing Old Engine

A 5 HP Model N puts the Icing on the Cake for a Kentucky Fairbanks-Morse Collector

Little Giant

Chain-driven Overhead Cam Engine is Long on Features but Short on History


Gas Engines Defined Iowa Manufacturer's Career

REO Grand

The Little Engine that Just Won't Die

Cabin Fever 2005

Big Things Happen With Little Engines at Pennsylvania Model Engine Show

Willowbrook Museum

Old Engines and Farm Equipment Abound in the Woods of Maine

Building the 1/4-Scale 5 HP Red Wing: Part V

Building the 1/4-Scale 5 HP Red Wing: Part V March 2005 By Richard Allen Dickey Editor's note: This is the fifth and final installment on building the Red Wing engine. H ello again! This is the last part of the Red Wing series. I have received several e-mails and even a letter commenting on this series.


DEAN?ENGINE CO.:THE ORIGINAL REBEL March 2005 By Jason Denney S ome time ago, Gas Engine Magazine acquired a small collection of old photographs and miscellaneous information regarding the Dean Engine Co. However, our research has not led to any substantial additional information, so we are asking

The Mower with a History

Sometimes, the history behind an engine is just as interesting and unique as the engine itself. The story behind the engine my dad bought over 40 years ago is one example.

New Old Stock?

Silver Mine Stickney Jr. Shows Signs of Never Being Used

Ol Bessie

Two Friends Restore a 50 HP Bessemer

Community Shop Talk

Online Engine Conversations from SmokStak and the Stationary Engine List

Building the 1/4-Scale 5 HP Red Wing: Part IV

Building the 1/4-Scale 5 HP Red Wing: Part IV February 2005 By Richard Allen Dickey Editor's note: This is the fourth installment in a planned five-part series on building the scale Red Wing engine. I t's that time again! This month we'll cover the piston, connecting rod and bearing, as well as the

Flywheel Forum

Fairmount, Briggs and Stratton,Ottawa, Unidentified Engine and Sears Light Plant

Been There, Dunn That

Free From Marine Duties, a 1916 Two-cylinder Dunn is Ready for a New Life on the Farm Show Circuit

Unusual Engines

Minnesota Collector Focuses on Unusual Engines

The 25¢ Valve

Turning a Swap Meet Valve Into Something You Can Use

Community Shop Talk

Online Engine Conversations from SmokStak and the Stationary Engine List

1-1/2 HP Gade Scale-Model Engine

Rusty Hopper builds a 1-1/2 HP Gade 1/4-scale model engine from plans designed by Morrison and Marvin Engine Works. 

Engine timing

Online engine conversation from the Stationary Engine List

Half-breed tractor?

Jack Hunter of Kerry, Ohio, mounted an A.C. Thomas half-breed oil field engine on an Allis-Chalmers WC tractor.

Engine Painting

Online conversations from Stationary Engine List concerning painting engines

Wet air supply

Online engine conversations from

Restoring Model E Hercules Engines

Restoring two engines at the same time has never interested me, but I had two Model E Hercules engines that had been sitting in the shop for years.

Build a See-Through Model Steam Engine

This model is made out of see-through, 1/2-inch Plexiglas. Although it's a steam engine, this is a great project for anyone interested in model engines - especially first-timers.

Reliable Oil Field Engine Governors

The oil field engine didn't require the accuracy of speed control but it did need a reliable governor that could be left unattended and reasonably hold a safe speed.

An Upright 1930 Maytag Model 92 Gas Engine?

Don Kelly's 1930 Maytag Model 92 started life as a standard horizontal washing machine engine. If you didn't know better, you'd swear its upright presentation was a factory offering.

Too Cool

Fuller & Johnson Gets a Happy Home.

Beginner's Luck

New Collector's First Engine Happens to be a 2 HP Sandwich

Short and Sweet

A Little Briggs & Stratton Model 5S Receives an Interesting Conversion

Catalog Cuts

Maynard Engines from The Charles William Store

Oil Field Masterpiece

New York Collector's Determination Brings Rare 25 HP 1901 Swan Back to Life

A HUMMER of an Engine

In 1937 Montgomery, Ward & Co. introduced the air-cooled Hummer engine; by 1938 it was already history.

Fairbanks-Morse V-twin Diesel

In 1939 Fairbanks-Morse Started Limited Production of a V-twin Diesel - So Limited They Forgot the Engine Existed

Compressor Engine

Missouri Collector Breathes New Life into Au - To Air Compressor


Why Won't He Sell?


Air-cooled engine made by Gade Bros. Manufacturing Co

Seafaring United

An Old Boat Shed Reveals a Working Treasure in the Form of a 10 HP United

Patent Design

Ostenberg Designed Unique Abenaque Cooling Scheme

Gasoline Engine Advantages

By 1903 the gasoline engine was already recognized for its obvious benefits in agricultural applications


Early engine and tractor engineers crafted ingenious and fascinating mechanisms.

Welcome Back

Found, lost and Found again, a 1944 IHC LB gets a Third Chance


Automotive Spray Paint


An Old Air Compressor and a Strong Streak of Ingenuity Combine in the Creation of

Back Road Bessemer

Not Exactly Barn Fresh, an 8 HP Bessemer Finds itself Leading a Slightly Different Life

Locked In

Consigned to duty at a remote reservoir nearly 100 years ago, a General Electric engine comes to light.

Saving An Historic Otto

Hidden for over 40 Years/ a Rare Otto is on Regular View at Rough and Tumble in Kinzers, Pennsylvania

'Just Parts Engines'

Correct? No. Complete and Running? You Bet, and Not Bad for What were only ...


Stewart Little Wonder and Standard cream separator were two names for the same engine

Hercules Engine News

I started tracking asking prices, sale prices and comments relative to Hercules and related engines


Low-Tension Mag Starting


The Yuba's transmission is an interesting affair


Thermosiphon Cooling

Clift Motor Company

From 1913 through the 1930s, the small-scale Clift Motor Company was somewhat remarkable for its longevity.

Schoenner Engine

Three-cycle, Non-compression Flame-ignition Engine

Smok Stak

Yesterday's Engine Prices

A 3 HP Backus Engine

Backus engine almost ready to run after sitting in a field for years.

Heritage Engines

Industrial Giants Emerge From the Dresser-Rand Archives

Water-Inducted Wonder

Two-Cycle/ Hot Bulb, Kerosene Fueled Water Induction - The Mietz a Weiss Oil Engine Had it AH


Tim launched a one-man campaign to save the engines

The Winton Diesel

Abandoned in a Quarry/ A 500 HP, Six-Cylinder Winton Diesel Gets a Needed Nudge and Roars Back to Life


Controlling Oil Rings

Engine for Sale

5 HP New Holland, Appeared complete, a little rough


Building an Otto-Langen Atmospheric Engine -With a Little Help from the Curbside Parts Supply

Hidden Hercules

Forgotten and Neglected for Decades, a 5 HP 1919 Hercules Model E Comes Out of Hiding


Two-Cycle Motor Oiling


The Otto-Langen engine occupies an important place in the history of the internal combustion engine


Best Bearing Grease?

New Holland Engines

New Holland Engines are a Tradition Carried Down Through the Generations


Making the mistake of judging a book by its cover

1913 Avery 20-35

Avery designed the 20-35 in 1911, with production of the new model starting in 1912

Mystery T-Head

Prototype or Production ? Ten Years After its Discovery This Engine's History Remains Unknown

Magneto Musings

Discussion from collectors about where to find inexpensive magnetos

3 HP Best Gas Engine

Frank's engine is the only 3 HP Best extant, and as such rates right up there on the rarity chart


Model E that was bought just to supply the proper Wico EK for the first

Pouring Babbitt Bearings

As collectors, our labor of love forces us to properly repair gas engines, which often means pouring babbitt bearings.


EDGE & TA 2002 Southwest Regional Show

California Gold

A Private Exhibition Highlights Engines Made Along the California Coast


Cooper-Bessemer engines found in Ottawa

The Ostenberg Engine

Ostenberg engines were designed and built by Swedish immigrant John A

John Lauson Portable

Frost King hopper-cooled portable made by the John Lauson Manufacturing Co

Hit-and -Miss

This issue marks Glenn's 10th year of writing about Hercules-built engines

Yukon Gold

Mining for Old Iron in the Yukon Territory

Out of Hibernation

In the Same Family Since New, a 1911 4 HP Waterloo Boy Comes out of Hibernation and Back out to Play

Illustrated Engines

I like old engines, but prefer to collect hit-and-miss engines


The Apparent Art of Engine Rationalization


The 1911 4 HP Waterloo Boy reader Bob Naske recently pulled from a shed is a perfect example

The Little Monitor

Famous for Windmills and Pumps, Baker's Little Monitor Pump Rigs Helped Revolutionize Life on the Farm


The old iron hobby is full of surprises


Anonymously working away pumping natural gas throughout Kansas


Maytag Won't Spark

The D.C. & U.

A Gas/Steam Convertible Engine for the Oil Field


Head Gasket Won't Seal!


Employing Engines For Their Original Use

Old Gas Engines Found in Civil War Fort

Below New Orleans, La., along the mighty Mississippi River, lies Fort St. Philip, a Civil War fortress constructed in 1861. It was, as the photos indicate, a massive undertaking, and the fort, it turns out, holds some engine treasures.


Type C 3 HP sideshaft built by the Christensen Engineering Co.

The Majestic

A Brief History of the Majestic Gasoline Engine Company

The Stone Buhr

Milling With a 1917 14-28 Rumely Oil Pull


Mike McArthur's 10-HP Alamo finally sees the light of day


Hit-and-Miss Ice Cream Churns

The BIG Find

Witte came from a dairy farm, and the F-M was used at a gas station

Gas Engine Bloopers

A good idea but a poorly chosen name was also the downfall of a Mr. Smedley Hoover

Engines in Kosovo

I had the opportunity to observe was the use of old gas engines


Ingenious than converting a steamer to an IC gas engine was the central power

Pressed Steel Oiler

Close-up view of the pressed steel oiler used on the Fairbanks-Morse engines

Air-Cooled Ideal Engine

My air-cooled Ideal Model R engine is the larger of three models produced in Lansing

The Oil Field Engine News

David Pyle's American Railroad & Appliance Company oilfield engine known as an A.R.A.C.O

Worth The Wait

I started asking all my engine buddies about Bates & Edmonds engines


The VBS teachers had empty refrigerator boxes for construction material

The 'Beat 'Em All' Engine

The ignitor quit, a timer strap was put on the frame, and they used a spark plug and a buzz coil for ignition


The belt pulley was cast right into the spokes of the flywheel

A Rare Engine

The engine is a Dirigo, made by the American Gas Engine Company


The portable saw rig was much faster than the drag saw


Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Caterpillar

Oil Field Engine News

During the era when operators of the oil fields were discovering that natural gas could be utilized

Stationary Engine List

Engines and smaller parts such as oilers were stolen from the Anson Museum

Badger Unearthed

The Badger brand name was associated with both C. P. and J. Lawson and Christensen

Well, Maybe Just Two

Robert made a comment about being surprised to see that engine running


IHC 10 HP portable hit and miss engine was purchased at the Bob Ogorek Auction


A Rarely Seen Engine


It is a 7 HP Magnet built by the Petrie Manufacturing Company

Backyard GRAY

The engine had never been covered or protected from rain or snow

Bull's Eye

Bull's Eye down in the old hog shed

The First Pull

The engine was constructed, its power rating was still only 1 HP.

The Pink Engine

The engine was in bad shape, the head was cracked, and the magneto was shot.

A River Relic

Indeed our trip in search of the and River Relic has made indelible memories.

Alternatives To Babbitt

The Stationary Engine Mailing List discusses alternatives to babbitt when repairing bearings.

The Mogul

Mogul Engine It was a running engine, an older restoration, but needed to be restored again

6 HP United Hit & Miss

The only place to off-load the engine was in a flower bed that was dormant at that time


The Model 19 is different because the caution plate is riveted to the starter shield


A Tribute to the Man and his Collection!


A Tribute to the Man and his Collection!

A 2HP Schramm

The gas tank was home to a mouse family

I Like A Challenge

David and Murray have impressive IHC collections and both are knowledgeable about these engines

Legacy of Giving!

The engine that brings this to mind is an 1896 Springfield six horsepower engine

A Dandy Little 'D'

Research has failed to reveal if the cooling tank and water pipes

The Hubbard 1912

This engine can also be built easily by a novice in model engine building

A Beautiful Abenaque Engine

The 5 HP Abenaque engine was built about 1909 by the Abenaque Machine Works of Westminster Station

Stationary Engine List

ATIS stationary engine internet mailing list have been reaching completion

The Hercules Engine News

The log saw engine has three unique features, whether it be a Hercules or Economy brand

Traves Engine

This engine was built by C.E. Traves in Fresno


Still looking for an original or a repro muffler for my 4 HP McVicker


The flywheel problem could be solved by enlarging the center hole and using a spacer

My 5 HP Economy

The engine and cart were too big to go in the back of my small pickup

Crowned Pulleys

Crowned pulley that was a perfect fit on the gas engine

Lost Engine

B. J. Benton collected several old gasoline engines ranging from 1 to 14 horsepower


The engine appears to be a Root & VanDervoort

Stationary Engine List

The ATIS Stationary Engine Mailing List is a growing internet group of engine enthusiasts

The Hercules Engine News

Hercules at Evansville built one cylinder open flywheel engines primarily for stationary farm use

The Ubiquitous Schebler Model D Carburetor

Richard A. Day Jr. of Leonardstown, Md., shares information about the Schebler Model D carburetor, possibly the most commonly-found carburetor for early twentieth-century marine engines.


Gentes & Monin's Gasoline Threshing Outfit

Old Iron Wherever Yukon Find It

Engine collector Alan Nowell takes Explorer Scouts on the adventure of a lifetime over Chilkoot Pass and find a relic of the Klondike Gold Rush era


Turner Manufacturing Company

Three In One Engine

Fairbanks-Morse engine Runs at 1296 rpm and Weighs 850 Pounds

My Special Hercules

After unloading the engine in my shop, I discovered that it was a l HP Hercules Type E

Oyster Tongs Engine

It was used in a boat to power oyster tongs until the mid-1960s

Hercules Engine News

The Classic Iron Show was recently held at Evansville, Indiana, June 12-14

Old Marine Engines

Third edition of the popular Old Marine Engines became available in July

Traveling Engine

Roy's Dad was collecting and restoring old iron engines.

Engines & Engine People

Paul's all time favorites are big horizontal hit & miss oil field engines.


A Crawler in Pat's Old Engine Shed.

The Ottawa

Punk had the Ottawa in tip-top shape

Hercules Engine News

The Story is about Interesting features in to The Hercules and Related Engines.

Galloway Masterpiece

A small propane tank was installed between the flywheels to be used as a permanent gas tank.

Homemade Buggy

Homemade Buggy! at the Tuckahoe Steam Show


Excerpts from Modern Mechanical Engineering


Fairbanks-Morse And Associated

It's The Camera Angle!

The plate was drilled and tapped and secured to the sleeve with pipe clamps

A Victor Restored

The Victor now makes regular stops at mid-south engine shows

Functions of Ignition Apparatuses and Engine Systems

An in-depth look at various ignition apparatuses and engine systems, including hot tube ignition, low-tension systems and flame ignition, as well as magneto systems used on IHC tractors and the Titan 10-20.

Dream Engine

Old hit and miss flywheel engines

Gilson Fever!

The Gilson was a 1 HP, 60 speed, water-cooled complete with a cracked block.

Hercules Engine News

The Hercules engine catalog and a chart showing specifications for each unit.


Bruce Goss is an avid and well-known local engine and tractor collector.


The petrol engines being too feeble and unreliable to handle loads in excess of two tons.

Forest's Gas Motor

In Forest Gas Engine, the driving shaft rests on two pillow blocks.

Homemade Buggy

Buggy is built by Edward using plans advertised by the late Vernon Silver Magazine.

The Crusher

LA or LB International engine with a pump jack attachment.

Australian Pen Pals

Marshall portable steam engine, 8 HP came from the outback of Australia.


1921 Hercules 6 S HP one cylinder gasoline engine.

Pen Pals

Chelsea has Two Maytag Engines and A Square Tub Washer.


First in Heart, First in Peace, First in The Eyes of the Purchaser.

I Saw The light!

The Generator Housing was Sanded and Painted and Reassembled.


The Grizzly will handle Engines Rated up to 20 HP without Overheating.

The Very Rough Rumsey

The engine's feelings had been hurt enough, Art offered the crane operator.

Gday, Mates!

The Champion is from Australian castings of a copy of Fuller and Johnson's N model.

1896 Deutz Otto!

This engine is an 1896 Deutz Otto built in Kln, Germany

T & M Gem

The Termatt and Monahan Company

Cover Story

Pump was water seeping inside the pump pistons and freezing

Rumely OilPull REPLICA

The front axles is a narrowed up Model T axle turned up for more clearance


Three of the casting kit suppliers

Restoring a Phelps Gas Engine Power Plant

Crawford MacKeand walks GEM readers through the restoration of his Phelps, a gas engine power plant that seems to have been produced not long after 1915.


Cub Cadet is Red and has Farmall Decals


Pieces of memory of Marshall diesel engine.

8 HP Eight Mule

Eight Mule Team Associated Engine is almost all original except the woodwork.

It's What?

Old single cylinder gasoline engine.


The Southern Tier Antique Equipment Society

The Mighty Maytag

Building a Motor Scooter Using a Maytag Washing Machine Engine.

Eli and Me

Eli Engines is that the Cylinder and Block are Bolted Together

Krebs' Witte

Witte Engine was Bought by Mrs. Krebs' Grandfather in 1919

Our Cushman Engine

Cushman was Securely Mounted on the Binder and Coupled via a Chain Drive


Fitchburg, Massachusetts, was a Major Industrial City, Selling Machines

Pretty Fairbanks

The colors are not original, but the engine is pretty!

Kentucky Engine

Found it in Kentucky where it had been for many years in the oil fields

A Packard Diesel Aircraft Engine

This book excerpt discusses the design and function of the Packard-Diesel engine as compared to earlier gasoline aircraft engine models, including increased fuel economy and reliability.

Mixing Concrete

Shows power for a concrete mixer on the Charles Sullivan farm

Barn Fresh

Aermotor from the Joe Peter's Ranch in Nicolaus, California


It all started in June of 1994, at the Eagle River Antique Steam and Gas Engine Show

The Dixie

The 1924 Monterey Clipper boat was powered by a single cylinder engine.

La Grange Economy

La Grange is a sleepy little town in the foot hills of California.

My First Engine

After finishing Volkswagen engine, John decided to get serious about an engine.

First Things

Don give the History of Olin Gasoline Engine to Future Generations.


Richard Motivation only to Developed Skills to Restore and Maintain the Engine.


Miniature ram model that operate at table top level.

My First Maytag

Model 92 single cylinder Maytag that had been stored in tool shed.


Where Have All The Springfields Gone?

'Care-O-Seen' Engine

Couldn't get the mower engine running because of the kerosene in the tank

My Two Deeres

Over the last few years I have restored several John Deere gasoline engines

Stirling-Cycle Engine!

Restoration of this engine was a whole new ballgame compared to the gas engines

The Find of a Lifetime

The entire Kibler collection now consists of the following tractors and gas engines


The appliance thus constructed can be wheeled forward.

My brother Leo

The Ex valve in the head and cylinder ports for the intake.


The engine will start easier the first time and the more times it's run.


Fairbanks-Morse Z with unidentified pump.

Daddy's Associated

Five years of sporadic working on little Associated to get it going.

Beginner's Luck

Old engine still hooked up to the water pump, fittings and belt intact.

Woodpecker and the Christmas Tree

The Bernaski family has started a new Christmas tradition by using a Woodpecker antique gas engine as a Christmas tree stand.


We'll All Miss Her!


Once Again Persistence Has Paid Off

Before My Time

Even though these Maytags are before my time, I'm glad I had the chance to work with

A Special Hercules

1 HP Hercules gas engine which has been in the family since new

Polishing Engine Brass

As our collections grow in number, polishing brass becomes more time consuming


Some method of automatic cranking has become a necessity

My Son's WITTE

I determined that what I had in the back of my truck was a Witte Type B

1902 Time Capsule Opened

It contained several newspapers, photos, a city directory, and maps from that era


Steamship Star of Japan, built in 1906, 26236 tons tied up alongside

A Perfect Weekend

The engine was used to mix cement for the house foundation and other buildings on the farm.


R/X For Boredom

Why Blue?

The engine did not have much compression.

Backus Engine

Backus Engine has a Fuel Pump and Secondary Pump


Glenn Karch's Book on the Hercules Line and the 1 N Engine

Goold, Shapley & Muir

Shapley and Muir Gasoline Engine took the Trophy for Best Restored Gasoline Engine

Notice To Bid

The cart is equipped with Ford Model T wheels and hubcaps from Edson factory

Baker Pump

The gas tank is more like a canteen; the muffler is like a ball


The wheel model Waterloo built in 1976 used a J.D. combine engine and all new steel

Alma Engine

The 1907 engine was originally installed to run the grain elevator in Munger

Round Rod Galloway

The engine was a typical basketcase, settled in the dirt, broken and missing parts

Like Panning for Gold

I was interested in how the old engines worked and in the people who restored old engines


The Ford hit the Austin almost square in the front wheel.

Another Engine Saved

Engine collecting and restoring is a hobby in which the whole family can participate in.

First Things

The Automobile Quarterly was part of a Cars of Connecticut Series.

Truth or Fiction?

The Rover attains a top speed of 18 mph passengers and engineer.

Good Intentions

The finish Sandwich Engines is remarkable for its beauty and durability.

Hit & Miss Gray

Ray Showed the Hit and Miss Gray at Old Engine Steamup in July 1992

True Restoration

Maytag Collector and Restorer with a Dedication to True Restoration and Authenticity


The engine shows in the Michigan area as well as the show in Portland

1938 IH LA

Milking Machine and Cement Mixer

A Step Backwards

For a number of years I have been restoring engines, tractors and machines

Proud and Majestic

My story of finding and restoring a 3 HP Majestic gas engine


Various manufacturers produced round engines ranging from 3 to 28 cylinders


The Foxy engine is a two-cylinder, two-cycle with copper water jackets.

The Intruder

The steadfast rhythm of the engine in the video

My Evinrude Lawn-Boy

Brad was elated to add an Evinrude Lawn-Boy mower to his collection

Leader Iron Works

The Leader Building was Commercial Establishment in the village of Owego.


Floyd Mathes Owned and Restored Unique Engine.

3 HP Samson

The Samson has a Selector Valve which allows Running.

On Model Building

The Process of Building a Stove Pipe by Richard Shelly.

Photo Album

Oil Engine is installed in a large woodworking shop.

The Catapult

Catapult finally made its Debut at the Hoosier Fly wheelers.

A Return From the Past

Electricity Remained the Supreme Power until the Grain Elevator was Shut Down.

Vacation Fun

The interested in flywheel engines.

My Friend

The EXA Friend is the right color

Preventing Engine Detonation

Tetraethyl lead, or leaded fuel, was marketed in the early 1920s as an anti-fuel knock additive. In view of the health hazards presented by leaded fuel, however, some small engine modifications may be a better route today.


The skids are original and the wagon the engine is now on is a Case


IHC-LB 1 HP engine, it includes parts from a New Idea corn-picker

The Little Mogul

The little Mogul was in a shed very dusty and dirty

Bill's Cogwheel

He decided to try to harness that power. The result was the cogwheel engine.

CIark Brothers, Inc.

The company turned its attention from the lumber business to oil production.

My Galloway

The engine is unusual because it has the old style water hopper.


Don has also built an interesting carriage using a 3 HP Fairbanks C engine.

Heavy Iron

The trip from Albany, Vermont to Titusville.


I had to make a deflooder valve with a check ball to drain the crankcase.


Threshermen's Reunion.

The Buck Stops Here

The buck in the story falls in an entirely different category.

Hot Air Engines

Hot air engines are currently enjoying a renewed popularity.

Memories of Wren Oaks

Information about the events before the auction as experienced by Myrkle.

Grandpa Foos's Engine

John Joseph Foos worked as a catskinner building roads for the county.

Bills Bisschop

The Bisschop engine was first patented in 1871.

Model Review

The Allman engine, sports a cast iron radiator.

United 1 HP

1 HP United engine, restored By Robert P. Maidl.

Before and After

Before and after restoration of 1 HP Hercules Engine.

Birth Of A Club

1991, the Boulrices and the Sartwells got together and started the wheels.

My Mogul

1991 Pawnee show I gave Glen a call to see if he still had the engines.

One Fifth Engine

Amos was a bachelor near 80 years old and was not looking for woman company.

My Dad's Engine

The Engine Operated At Local Antique Engine Shows.

Model Review

The Perkins Engine is a Fair Sized Model.

Historic Event

Engine dragged out and set in front of the barn.

Australian IHC

The Identical engine was fitted with a Bosch high-tension magneto.


Road graderwas used in the early days to grade out many of the roads.

Domestic Engine Colors

Domestic Engine and Pump Co. used at least three colors on engines they manufactured.

A Retirement Gift

Better gift could a maintenance man get than an engine.

A Snowy Scene

Dingley loader which was made in Franklin.

Mom's Maytag

Maytag that really got the Engine Pox started.

What Is Horsepower?

The 18th Century was not a unit of power, but was a power source.

Les's Engine

Found that Les had quite a few engines.

Photo Album

George Garden and Tool Company.

Nothing Special

Nothing special engine is a Fairbanks Morse 1 hit and miss.

My Friend Engine

Friend sprayer engine that had sat in a shed for fifty years.

It's A What?

Stationary engine manufactured by a marine engine company.

You Can Do It!!

The more I tried to find a good pot metal magneto base.


The oddball cam gear was the trickiest part to devise.

Taming The Gilson

The cylinder we had resleeved because of rust. In order to shorten up the engine.

On Judging Engines

I'm writing on the subject of judging engines at shows and meets.

1912 Stover K

The flywheels of this K are heavier than the 1-1/2 HP models.

Pete And Joe

The Prairie Winds and Pioneer Power Antique and Old Iron Threshing Show.

Crystal Queen

Crystal Queen was constructed by W. H. Mullins Company