The Golden Roll

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KENNETH L. GULLETT, 41, of Bethel, Ohio, died unexpectedly following a motorcycle accident near Ripley on May 30, 1983.

Kenny was one of the founders of the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show, Inc. of Georgetown. He had bought and restored a Bell sawmill and an RC Case tractor to help get the show started. Through the years, he had served as a Director and Vice-President of the Show.

He was a Service Technician for the Clayton Manufacturing Company.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by friend, Edwin L. , 2466 Bethel-Maple road, Bethel, Ohio 45106.

FRED SIMM passed away on May 17, 1983 at the age of 79. Fred was born in England. His father was a blacksmith by trade and Fred learned the trade and worked along with his dad and continued until around 1976.

He enjoyed working with antique tractors at the Austin Museum. His favorite tractors were the Titans and Moguls which he at one time owned and operated. In the past four years he built miniature windmills and gave them away.

Fred will be missed by all.

Submitted by Bob McMillan, Box, 52, Miami, Manitoba ROG 1 HO.

HORACE GRIFFITH passed away April 28, 1983. He was a great lover of his four gas engines and enjoyed them very much. That was his hobby and he spent many hours working and playing with them. In his passing, we have lost a much-loved person. His engines were his pride and joy!

Submitted by Mrs. Horace Griffith.

'JORGIE' JORGENSEN of San Jose, California, passed away in his sleep the afternoon of November 17, 1983, after a brief illness. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa, July 29, 1897. He went to night school studying to be a machinist. As a young teenager he apprenticed at the Bean Spray Pump Company. His job was assembling orchard sprayers and installing Novo engines in these rigs for $1.00 a day. This soon became old stuff; and when World War I created a real demand, he went to work in a ship yard in Oakland, California. When the war ended, he went to work for the Fageal Truck Company also located in Oakland, doing machine work on rear end assemblies for the Fageal tractors. He then decided to return to San Jose where he went to work for the Murison Label Company which made labels for most of the canneries located in the San Jose area.

The first gas engine to catch his interest was a 1 HP Lennox which his step-father purchased and installed to run the pump on their farm in the East foothills of San Jose. This took place about 1910. In the mid 60's he decided to pick up a gas engine he located on a ranch owned by his wife's cousin. The engine was a 1 HP Associated Manufacturers 'Chore Boy' which had been used to power a spray rig. The engine had been replaced with a more modern unit when it became hard to start. When Jorgie located the engine it was practically buried in the ground. He brought the engine to his shop and worked on it over a period of a year or so when business was slow. As a result of working on this engine Jorgie became one of the first collectors/restorers of antique farm engines in the San Francisco Bay area.

By word of mouth he learned of  E.D.G.E. & T.A., Branch 6 and attended this group's second meeting November 1968 at the Dick Squire's ranch in Hughson, California. At this gas-up he joined Branch 6 and was an active member until Branch 3 was formed in 1978. He was active with this group until his failing eyesight forced him to give up this hobby and sell his engines to fellow club members.

Since 1968 Jorgie did a lot of machine work on fellow club member's antique engines as well as restore approximately 25 engines for himself. He was an expert on Novo, Model S, engines, and he restored about ten of them for himself and club members. He took great pleasure in restoring engines which were in very rough shape and appeared to be impossible to fix. One such engine was the last one he restored. It was a 1 HP Fairbanks-Morse, headless, which had spent its working years in Mexico.

Jorgie was quick to share his knowledge of machine work and he took great pleasure helping fellow club members restore their engines. He was very well known to engine collectors throughout the San Francisco Bay area and Central California. He will be sadly missed, but well remembered by all who knew him

Submitted by Richard D. Hamp, San Jose, California 95124.