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PAUL G. SCHLOSSER, 64, of Waterloo, Indiana died Friday March 4,  1977 after having suffered from a sudden stroke three days earlier while working in his shop. He will be remembered as the 'Chief of the brown school bus full of quality engines that attended the Portland, Indiana and Matthews, Indiana Gasoline Engine Shows. Paul was a master mechanic and an expert in the restoration of gasoline engines. He was a retired school bus driver and 'semi' retired mechanic since he always had time to help a friend. Paul will be missed by his many friends and all who knew him as a gasoline engine hobbiest.

Submitted by Henry M. Shook, P. O. Box 7, Auburn, Indiana 46706.

RALPH J. VINCENT, 76, of Dover-Hartly Road, Dover, Delaware, died April 22, 1977, after a short illness.

He was a self-employed house and building mover and contractor.

Mr. Vincent owned a 1918 Holt U. S. Ordinance Dept. Crawler Artillery Tractor and a 1920, 25-45 Crossmotor Case Tractor. He used the Case tractor, along with a Case threshing machine for custom threshing operations years ago.

He was an exhibitor of his tractors at the Delaware State Fair Antique Machinery Show held each July, the Eastern Shore Threshermen & Collector's Assoc. Show, and the Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Engine Assoc. Show. He was a member of the Delaware Agricultural Museum Assoc, as well as other steam and gas engine associations and regularly attended the Old Threshermen's Reunion at Rough & Tumble Engineers Museum, Kinzer, Pa., along with other shows in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Mr. Vincent will be missed very much by those he associated and worked with at these various steam and gas engine shows. He possessed a good personality, along with a good sense of humor, and a fine attitude of cooperation in working with the various activities that are held at the shows.

Submitted by a close friend, Mr. Bert Bryant Young, Route 1, Box 704, Dover, Delaware 19901.

JAMES A WHITE of St. Clairsville, Ohio died May 10, 1977. He lived his entire life in this area, having been a Deputy County Auditor, Belmont County, and a farmer. A member of the First Presbyterian Church and he also held several offices in St. Clairsville, Ohio. He purchased a 16 HP Peerless steam engine in the early 1920s and did custom threshing for a number of years. His favorite threshing outfit was a 16 HP Peerless engine and 32' Case separator.

In later years he became very interested in restoring old gas engines. He belongs to several steam engine clubs in eastern Ohio.

The sound of the steam whistle seemed to depict the life of a man who lived and loved steam.

Submitted by his son, Edgar White, 112 Overbaugh Avenue, St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950.

COL. HOUSTON L. HERNDON passed away April 2, at age 63. He suffered a heart attack. Most of you will remember the Colonel as owner and operator of the Agricultural Museum near Sarasota, as well as a Florida Flywheeler member. We extend our sympathy to his survivors.

Col. Herndon was considered by some to be one of the early promoters of antique gas engine activity in Florida. Some of our present members have attended some of those early engine shows put on my the Colonel at the race track in Sarasota.

Any inquiries may be directed to Carl Hymen, P. O. Box 644, Moore Haven, Florida 33471. Phone 813-946-3321.