Puget Sound Antique Tractor & Machinery Assoc.

Three Geyser humming

Williard D. Moore

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1388 Pangborn, Lynden, Washington 98264

The Second Annual Threshing Bee of the Puget Sound Antique Tractor & Machinery Assoc. went over real big. Our little town of Lynden, WA was buzzing with excitement last August 24th & 25th.

Most of the Machinery was hauled in on Thursday night so that made it pretty late before everything was in.

We had 4 steam traction engines there including the miniature of Bill Moldenhauer. Howard Blankenforth had his little Advance all steamed up for the 2 day show. Bill also had his Aultman Taylor there and ran the clubs McCormick-Deering Threshing Machine both days. A real surprise was when Bob Sorenson pulled in the field with his Rumley Steamer. It was Bob's 89th Birthday that Saturday and he drove around the field proud as a peacock. We had a party that afternoon for him.

There were 6 threshing machines at the show but we only used 4 of them. There were 2 McCormick-Deering's, 2 Wood Bros., 1 John Deere, and 1 Minneapolis.

We had about 30 acres of oats to thresh but the weather was dry and we had no trouble running it all through in the 2 days.

The show started with Howard Blankenforth setting up his outfit consisting of his Advance Steam Engine and his Minneapolis Thresher. Then Bill Moldenhauer lined up to the clubs McCormick-Deering Thresher with his Aultman Taylor. Jake Wiebe set up his John Deere Thresher and Dick Vellema ran his Wood Bros, for awhile.

There were about 45 gas tractors on display. They took turns buzzing wood and competing in the slow races. They all ran in the Grand Parade each noon.

There were 3 teams of horses pulling the Reaper and Bundle Wagons to add to the show. Cornie Verduin also did some binding with his horses.

The 2 day show went over real big thanks to last years president, Al Postma. We still have some buttons left, so if interested please write. They are 50c a piece.

This year the Show will be August 23 and 24 - same place.

Top left shows us Bib Williams who keeps his engines running as he listens to others in background. Top left, the 10-20 McCormick Deering keeps the Number Three Geyser humming. Bottom left pictures the Fordson doing a real job of running the Case baler. That's me feeding the baler. Bottom right - Ira McKaughan with the help of Bill Payne's son gets the Delco light plant running. These pictures were all taken September 22, 1973 at the Jamestown-Union Hill Lions Club wheat threshing day. They called 'Yesteryear In Motion'.