Case 3-wheeler tractor

Courtesy of Arlo Jurney, F3 - 520 - 75 Avenue, S.W., Calgary, Alta. Canada T2V 0S2.

Arlo Jurney

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This is a 1918 Case 3-wheeler tractor, 10 x 20 HP. It was good for belt work. For plowing all three wheels were on good footing. This motor was later used in combines as a power plant.

A 1935 model McCormick-Deering WD-40 diesel. I take it to old tractor pulls. It does very well. It was shown at the Indiana State Fair in 1974 and has been to several other shows. It weighs approximately 9500 lbs. It was the starting of my collection about five years ago.

By Paul K. Anderson, R. R. #2, Box 260, Marseilles, Illinois 61341

Petter Paraffin Engine made in Yeovil, England 2?, HP. Owner is Bruce Goss, Coldwater, Ontario, Canada. Shown at Georgian Bay Steam Show at Cookstown, Ontario, Canada.

The photo is of my latest engine a United type C 2? HP number 1160 built by United Engine Company, Lansing, Michigan.

I would like some information on this as regards the color and line work, the age and any other relevant details. It is fired by a Sumter Imp magneto and has a hit and miss governor. I think it was built about 1912.

There is a photo of an engine identical to mine on page 36 of the Jan/Feb 1976 issue of GEM but this one is a Detroit. Can anybody tell me what the connection is between these two firms and at what stage did the Associated Company connect up with the United as there are a few United engines which are basically identical to the Associated, the only difference being in the shape of the water hopper. I will endeavor to answer all letters.

This is Paul Smith of Foster, Kentucky, with his restored 1929 Chevrolet truck, on which he has permanently mounted five gasoline engines, ranging in size from the little vertical Novo which he is holding down in the picture to the five horse job running in the center of the picture. This display attracted a lot of attention, as all engines were operational and painted the same colors; green and gold.

From the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show at Georgetown, Ohio - a picture of a friend of mine who has, in my opinion, a very nice exhibit.

Paul also had on display a large Huber gasoline tractor, mounted on rubber, and has numerous engines stashed away at home awaiting restoration, along with another Chevrolet truck, this one of about 1924 vintage, which he plans to start work on when he gets around to it.

A Hamworthy oil engine, a comparatively rare engine in Britain. It is a 2 cycle gas-kero engine 6 b.HP at 650 RPM. It is unique in that it has fuel injection (no carburetor) and it was built by The Hamworthy Engineering Company, Poole, Dorset, England in about 1930.

Just finished reading the G.E.M. of Nov.-Dec. issue for the third time. Sure do enjoy the articles and pictures. Thought you might like to show picture of my 40-65 Twin City Tractor. I run it about every weekend. It has not been restored yet, but the stripping and lettering is still very clear. It runs and drives as good or better than the day it was new. Very little wear on any parts. I just wonder how many of these 40-65s are still running?

A 7 HP Fuller & Johnson in mint shape. It is owned by Don Capp of Green Valley, Minnesota. Our daughter, Donna Dawn, age 7, is pictured by the engine. She has a Handy Andy engine of her own. (We really enjoy the Gas Engine Magazine and look forward to receiving it.)

1929 Model Caterpillar 60 PA 10098, weight 19,095, width 95', height 78', 8 to 10 14' plows. Owned by Rev. Arthur J. Johnson and Floyd Perleberg, both of Willmar, Minnesota. We found the old Cat 60 just eight miles from Willmar at Pennock, Minnesota, in the woods.