Letters and Golden Roll

L Case
My 18-30 Allis Chalmers, serial number 30,011. It is a road tractor and was used for many years by a township in Washington County, which is about 45 miles East of St. Louis. It then did duty on a sawmill near Okawville. I found it rusting down in an AC dealers lot. The exhaust was uncovered, she was sunk down in the mud and looked pretty rough. Other collectors had been there before me, but because of the condition and price, she was still there. I made an offer and about a month later got a call from the dealer. After some negotiating she became my tractor. It took over two years to restore it, mainly because the engine had to be completely torn down. One piston resisted all efforts for a year to get it out. Eddie Jansen got it out and got her back together. It came from the factory bright green and we matched the paint as close as possible. The wheels are extra heavy, being about 3/4 inch thick.Pictured while getting her ready for the shed is myself standing on the tractor and son, Jon, on the fender, my father, Sam Townsend and Bob Smallwood. To the left of the 18-30 is an L Case and to the right is one of two Cat 60's that I have in my collection.The cross bar lugs stick out on both wheels making it a little hard to haul.The fuel system is composed of three separate galvanized tanks that are still in good shape. The rear one holds 7-1/2 gallons and is for gasoline. The middle tank is for kerosene and holds 25 gallons. The front tank is for water, holding 7-1/2 gallons for use when burning kerosene. The cylinders have a bore of 4-3/4 inches and a stroke of 6-1/2 inches. Unlike the later 20-35's and E's, the water pump, governor and mag are on the left side of the block.
Walt Townsend