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Dear GEM Readers,

In a past issue of the GEM, Verne Kindschi of Prairie du sac, Wis. gave my GEM indexes a nice 'plug' and many of you have mentioned the value of the indexes in your orders or other correspondence.

However, I feel I am not reaching all who may be interested in my indexes and therefore feel that an explanation of the index is needed.

So far, we have four volumes or years of the GEM; each volume 'chucked full' of names, addresses, tractors, engines, and allied equipment. As the years go by, and it seems they must, we will be getting a higher stack of these GEMs. My indexes are designed to serve as a guide to each volume or year of the magazine. The index lists the names and addresses of all contributors in the volume; the issue and page number where the article can be found; all tractors listed in alphabetical order with the issue and page number given; all engines listed in alphabetical order and the issue and page number given; and all misc. pictures of models, home mades, allied equipment, etc. listed and located.

Another feature that you may find helpful is the fact that I have corresponded to the owners of the 'what is it' engines and have identified as many of them as possible. They are marked in the indexes with a .

The index amounts to about 20 pages of double spaced print per volume. An example of its use would be: Needed, information on a Fields engine. Look up Fields in the indexes, turn to the page number given, in the issue given, and there is the picture, the owner's name, and his address.

I suggest for those of you who use your magazines quite often in search of articles, pictures, addresses, etc. that you put each volume in order and either punch holes and place them in a note-book or folder, or have them bound.

I will send you a sample page upon request if you are still doubtful.

Place the index with the volume and your long hours of thumbing for information are over.

I would also like to cite others who have material for sale that is a great benefit to our hobby or that I'm sure you will enjoy very much.

First -- Ruben Michelson of Ana-moose, N.D. has a listing of 1400 engine manufacturers that is useful and very enjoyable just browsing through.

Second -- Preston Foster of Warren, Ohio has several fine reprints of instruction books and some dandy pictures very suitable for framing for sale.

Third -- Verne Kindschi of Prairie du sac, Wis, has Fuller & Johnson material, and decals for sale.

All of the mentioned and the others that are reprinting and selling deserve a thanks for adding greatly to our hobby. Let's support these people and encourage others.