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HAROLD RAFFERTY, 70, of LaRue, Ohio passed away unexpectedly January 20, 1989.

He was a collector of gas engines and a member of Marion County Steam and Gas Engine Club.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Dorothy, of LaRue, Ohio, 3 sons and 3 daughters and 10 grandchildren.

Harold will be missed by family and many good engine friends.

Submitted by good friends Charles and Dorothy Belford of Centerburg, Ohio.

CAL SUSONG, 63, a life-long resident of the Ellet area of Akron, Ohio was born November 3, 1924 and passed away October 8, 1988. Cal was a respected businessman in the metropolitan Akron area. A WWII veteran having served in the European Theater, established East End Welding, Inc. in 1948 shortly after his discharge from military service.

Having started collecting gas engines in 1975 his collection soon comprised many historically significant and mechanically interesting engines of outstanding quality.

Having retired and sold his business in 1983, Cal devoted more time to his collection. The following year, 1984, he established the Antique Power Museum of Akron, Ohio and planned for the preservation of his collection so that others could enjoy it. In his retirement years he made the museum available to groups and individuals and took great pride in making all visitors feel welcome and in guiding most visitors through the museum personally.

He also supported other museums by loaning engines from his collections for display and demonstration. The Coolspring Power Museum, Coolspring, Pennsylvania; Owls Head Transportation Museum, Owls Head, Maine and Hale Farm in Bath, Ohio (Western Reserve Historical Society) were recipients of his loans. Cal and his wife, Mary Ellen, and their motor homes were well-known show visitors throughout much of the eastern seaboard and midwest. In his last years of collecting, he expanded into old model airplane engines and antique model race cars.

The outstanding collection of the Antique Power Museum is maintained and displayed in Cal's memory by his wife, Mary Ellen and son, Rick. Cal was a strong proponent of the gas engine collecting hobby and worked hard to promote the preservation of internal combustion engines and to educate the public about their historical significance. With the death of CalSusong, many collectors have lost a good friend.

Submitted by Preston Foster, President, Coolspring Power Museum, Warren, Ohio.

HERMAN PICKENS, 76, of Logansport, Indiana passed away March 23, 1989.

He retired in 1974 from Logansport Machine Company after 34 years of service. He also was a retired farmer.

Herman was a life-member of the Battle Ground Historical Corporation, Fulton County Historical Society, and Tippecanoe Historical Association.

At one time he owned and operated a 1923 23-90 Baker steam engine. Herman loved to go to steam shows and antique auctions.

A good friend was lost when Her man passed away.

Submitted by Allen Hanawalt, R 4, Box 40 A, Logansport, Indiana 46947.

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the unexpected death of CLAYTON WALKER on April 7, 1989 at the age of 64 years.

Clayton had submitted an article titled 'Homemade Mini-Tractor' which GEM so graciously published in the February 1989 issue, page 32. Clayton was very happy and appreciative that it was published. He received several letters from interested parties and was in the process of forming a mini-tractor club so ideas could be exchanged.

Clayton was a gas engine enthusiast and attended several shows in this area each year. He was always ready to help someone out and loved to get those 'unsolvable' problems.

He will be missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by Roy E. Davison, 4518 N. Kenosha, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106.

DOUGLAS J. ZILLMER, SR., 53, of Algoma, Wisconsin, passed away February 12th of a massive heart attack. He was a member and former president of the Central Wisconsin Antique Pullers Association.

He was born September 15, 1935, on the farm where he lived and farmed his entire life. Although he had a very large collection of tractors, he was better known for his reproduction signs. He and I started collecting old tractors in the mid-seventies, our first being an old 21-32 Twin City. This tractor was special because his father owned it until 1943. After we started collecting he began to specialize in Hart-Parr and Oliver. We always kept some of every brand though. At the time of his passing, we owned around 300 tractors, 60 of which were restored.

He is survived by his wife, Linda, three sisters, a daughter, two sons and four grandchildren.

He will be sadly missed by his family, tractor buddies and a host of friends.

Submitted by his son, Doug Zillmer, Jr., E7437 Kennedy Road, Algoma, Wisconsin 54201.

JOHN L. (BIG JOHN) CRICHTON, 72, of Flanagan, Illinois and formerly Wilmington, Illinois, died of March 26, 1989 at St. Johns Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois following a sudden illness.

Mr. Crichton was born June 26, 1916 near Livingston, Montana. He was a WWII Navy veteran. He had also been employed as a coal miner in the Wilmington area for nineteen years and as a self-employed carpenter for twenty years.

John was a long time collector of gas engines and many other antiques that he exhibited at shows in many states. He was a former member of several of these gas engine clubs.

John is survived by his wife, Arlene, one son, four grandchildren, one brother and one sister. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Marie, and one brother.

Submitted by long-time friend, Otto Veigelt, 22040 Weiske Ln., Custer Park, Illinois 60481.