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PAUL E. JONES, of Box 53, Les-lieville, Alberta, Canada, passed away on August 10, 1984, following a four year battle of leukemia.He was 77.

He restored various types of stationary gas engines, antique tractors including oil pulls and Hart Parr's to name a few and built several scale models of various originals. At one time he owned the largest collection of running engines in Canada. He was responsible for the formation and organization of the Central Alberta Antique and Model Club in 1976. This club holds a two day show in September of each year.

Submitted by his daughter Barbara L. Richardson, Box 1496, Rocky Mts. House, Alberta, Canada ToM IT0

JOHN A. RICHTER, a lifetime resident and historian of Novi, Michigan died October 9 at age of 82.

In spite of blindness caused by an accident, Mr. Richter operated a small engine repair shop at his home and was an active particpant in his community.

Mr. Richter achieved a certain prominence in Novi in his later years as the city's self-appointed historian. He was well-known for his recollection of the city's early days and was a charter member of the Novi Historical Society.

He also was well known throughout the community for his ability to fix small engines. He taught classes in 'Small Engine Repair' for many years.

Ritcher's love of tools and 'things mechanical' was reflected by his prized collection of antique tools which he kept in a shed behind his home. The collection contained at least 20 engines, including eight stationary water-cooled engines, four two-cylinder Maytags, seven Maytag uprights and a Maytag washing machine.

His favorite was a 1905 International engine he used for general purpose work on the farms.

Submitted by F. John, P.O. Box 2252, Dearborn, Michigan 48123

ARTHUR E. OPPERMAN, 75, of Baraboo, Wisconsin passed away on Sept: 26, 1984 from an apparent heart attack. Born in 1909 in Strawberry Point, Iowa, Art remembered seeing train loads of steam engines, gas tractors and grain separators headed west to big farming country.

Art was a member of the Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club and the Dodge County Antique Power Club, and attended many shows in the area and surrounding states.

He enjoyed reading articles on old time farming, sawmilling and his favorite engines were of the throttling governor type.

Art will be missed by his family, friends, and everyone who knew him.

Submitted by Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club

ROY GERMAN of Oilmont, Montana, died Tuesday, November 6, 1984 at an Arizona hospital at the age of 74.

Wherever and whenever there was a steam threshing show in Montana, North Dakota, or Minnesota, Roy was there running a steam engine and playing his ever present violin. Roy was an expert with the violin and the steam engine. Whenever John O.Tysse of Crosby, North Dakota or I at Voltaire, held a show, Roy was there to help with the steam engines. He will be missed at a lot of places. Submitted by: W.O. Krumwiede of Voltaire, North Dakota 58792

MRS EDWARD THIE of Media-polis, Iowa passed away November 19, 1984 of heart failure. Edward and Ethel spent many hours and drove many miles together for parts, fixing up his collections of engines, antique tractors, and Cletracs.

Old Threshers in Mt. Pleasant was both our delight. To display out Treasures and visits of the good old times.

Submitted by: Edward Thie, Mediaplois, Iowa

MANTEN HOWLING passed away on March 11, 1984 at at Kitchener, Ontario at the age of 85. 'Mant' was raised on a form between New Dundee and Petersburg, Ontario. He operated a garage in New Dundee, Ontario from about 1919 to 1965. He had worked on the older cars and tractors as well as gas engines, and was a great help to many of us in restoring old tractors and engines.

He was a valued member of the Milton, Ontario Steam and Antique Association. During World War I he operated a Mogul tractor for the government, doing plowing in North Dumfries Township. We miss him. Also CHRIS BLANCHER formerly of Ayr, Ontario died in Gait, Ontario on April 30, 1984 at the age 100. Chris was tank man on Bob Mathi-son's steam threashing outfit for a number of years back in the 1920's. This outfit threshed in the area of the east end of Blenheim Township and the west end of North Dumfries Township. Chris was also a musician. He played the violin at dances throughout the area for many years. Men like these are hard to replace.

Submitted by: Alex Edgar, R.R. I, Ayr Ontario, NoB IE0