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STEVEN DEAN DAVIS, 81, of Fair Grove, Missouri passed away on July 17, 1991. Mr. Davis was a retired welder and steam fitter and had worked mainly in the construction trade.

He is survived by Marie, his wife of 60 years, and several children. Born in Helena, Montana, he was the son of the late Stephen A. and Maude Auk Davis.

Mr. Davis grew up in several north central states on farms and ranches where gas engines were the source of power. He began to collect and restore gas engines in the early 1980s and the long hours he spent with his hobby were a great pleasure to him. He was a member of Branch 16 at Ash Grove, Missouri and was an avid show attender. His presence will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. Submitted by Branch 16 of Ash Grove, Missouri.

LOU CHAPO of Sacramento, California, passed away on January 18, 1992. Lou was National President of EDGE&TA for three years in the late seventies. He was one of the people who took over the National and got it going again after the turmoil in the early seventies, and was also founder and charter member of Branch 13. Lou made many friends across the United States and will be missed. Our sympathy and prayers are extended to his family. Submitted by Charley Stark, National Pres. EDGE&TA, Inc., Rt. 2, Box 167A, Republic, Missouri 65738.

FRANK HAMATA of Schuyler, Nebraska died December 21, 1991 at the age of 82. A native of Schuyler, he had owned and operated a garage and gas station at Agnew, Nebraska before WW II. During the war he served in the U. S. Army.

He moved back to Schuyler in 1945 and in 1946 he co-founded Hamata Bros., an Oliver and Pontiac dealership, where he was a mechanic until his retirement in 1989.

Survivors include his wife Ella, a son, two daughters, four grandchildren, one great-granddaughter, and a brother.

Frank attended many shows. His knowledge, patience, keen memory and sense of humor will be missed by all of us. Submitted by Pat O'Hara, Rt. 3, North Bend, Nebraska 68649, and by Edwin H. Bredemeier, Rt 1, Box 13, Steinauer, Nebraska 68441.

ARLAN R. SEIDEL, 67, of Mertztown, Pennsylvania died December 22, 1991. He is survived by his wife, three sons, three daughters, and five brothers and sisters. He was a farmer in the Mertztown area most of his life. He was director of Agway, Inc., and Keystone Farm Credit Assoc. He was a charter member and director of the Antique Engine Tractor & Toy Club, and a founder and board member of the Old Time Plow Boys of Mertztown.

Arlan was a great enthusiast of antique International and Farmall tractors and related equipment. His farm was a favorite place for the local antique plowing contests and demonstrations.

Arlan's smiling face and quiet personality will be missed by his family and all the friends he had at the various events. Submitted by Mr. Franklin T. Pfeifly, R.D. 2, Box 2870, New Tripoli, Pa. 18066.

IVAN WEAKS, 7216 Co. Road C, Delta, Ohio died at age 62 on November 30, 1991. Ivan was a historian of the farm tractor era. A collector of International Harvester tractors, he owned the oldest known Farmall tractor. He was very proud of his collection, which gave him years of pleasure. Ivan helped compile the book 150 Years of International Harvester. Many people from all over the country called for information on the IHC tractor history. Ivan enjoyed these times.

He had been ill for the past two years, but he looked forward to the summer and the tractor shows so he could meet with his friends. He will be missed for the contributions he made to the lives of many people. Submitted by Mrs. Ivan Weaks ,7216 Co. Road C, Delta, Ohio43515.

LESTER TOOLE, 73, retired mechanic and sawyer, died December 21, 1991. A life-long resident of Harrison County, Ohio, he had been in failing health for about a year. He is survived by his wife, Melba, two daughters, one grandson, four step-grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Lester was a WW II veteran, U.S. Army, and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. He was a member of the Stumptown Steam Threshers, the Tuscarawas Valley Pioneer Power Assoc, and the Ohio Valley Flywheels. Lester served as secretary for the Stumptown Steam Threshers for three years and was on the Board of Directors for twelve years.

Lester had been in on the creation of all three shows. He was also the sawyer at the Stumptown show, and was selected Thresherman of the Year in 1982. He owned and operated his own custom sawmilling hobby/business for several years. He exhibited his Brown wall gas engine at the shows, and also his Case tractor.

During the early 1930s, Lester worked for McFadden Bros. Sawmill when they sawed the huge timbers for the (Old Ironsides) U.S. Constitution's main beam and shipped it to the Boston Naval yards.

Lester will be sadly missed by his family and many friends. Submitted by William Flowers, Sec. for the Stumptown Steam Threshers, and by Larry Sloan, Rt2, Box 95A, Dover, Ohio 44622.

WILLIAM G. STOCKER, JR., 67, of Danville, Kentucky, passed away December 27, 1991.

He was the proud father of four children and husband of Alice K. Stocker. He also is survived by a step daughter, a step-grandmother and seven grandchildren.

The family had a 6 HP Fairbanks, pulling a 12' William Stone grist mill. We still have a 1? HP New Way and a 1? HP Bohan made in Mercer County, Kentucky, where Dad was born and spent many years of his life. About two years ago, he got a 3 HP Thermal Diesel. I can safely say that he loved his family and old gas engines very much.

He retired in 1976 from Corning Glass Works in Danville, was on the board of directors of the Bluegrass and Steam Engine Assn., in Portland, Indiana, Jessamine County Gas Engine Assn., and was proud to be a Kentucky Colonel. The gas engine shows won't be the same now that Dad is gone but we will have the great memories forever. Submitted by Tommy Stocker, 320 Gwinn Island Rd., Danville, Ky. 40422.

DAVID J. McDONALD of Georgetown, Pa., died January 4, 1992 at the age of 90 years. He celebrated his ninetieth birthday on February 23, 1991 at which time his family held a party in the social rooms at the Geriatric Center.

A farmer, Dave threshed and baled all over the central part of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and into the panhandle of West Virginia, so he was widely known. He used steam power in his early days and knew lots about it but went to Oil Pull tractors many years ago and they were his first love in machinery for the rest of his days. He had two good ones, an old style and a lightweight in the latter years when I knew him, and they were both immaculate and ran like new.

None of the problems that detractors like to blame on the Oil Pull bothered Dave. He knew all the ins and outs of the machine, and how to make them perform on demand. He often fired them on ground oil or crude, so he could make nice smoke rings for the crowd. He learned from experience that if he had decent help shoving straw to him, he could make the boys tying the wire keep dancing to put wires around the parts of that continuous stream of straw.

The old style 16-30 Oil Pull had found a good home with his son Jim, who has it out to some shows now and then.

Dave's help and fellowship will be greatly missed at show time and all year long by hundreds of friends and family. Submitted by Thomas G. Downing, Pres., Northwest Pa. Steam Engine and Old Equipment Assn. Inc., R.D. 1, Box 149A, Ellwood City, Pa. 16117.

DORSIE DAVIS, 70, of Alba, Missouri, died January 19, 1992, of an apparent heart attack while traveling near Tallahassee, Florida.

He was born June 30, 1921 in Alba and lived in the area most of his life. He was a retired diesel mechanic and a veteran of World War II.

Survivors include his wife, Esther Dale Davis, two sons, a daughter, one brother, one sister and four grandchildren.

Dorsie never met a stranger and will be missed by the many friends that he met at gas engine shows across the country. Submitted by Jack Chandler (MAGNEEDERS), Rt.5, Box 505, Carthage, Missouri 64836.

WILLIAM N. STARKEY, of Adamstown, Maryland, died January 15, 1992, following a long illness. He was the husband of Donna M. Starkey. Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, William N. Starkey II, Michael M. Starkey; one daughter, Judith S. Harding, and 10 grandchildren.

Bill was retired from the Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service. He was chief of the Commodity Analysis Branch of the Grain and Feed Division, U.S. Delegate for the International Wheat Agreement, and one of the earliest USDA travelers to remote grain producing regions of the USSR.

Bill had been an active engine collector for years, and following his retirement from USDA, co-founded Starbolt Engine Supplies. He was a member of many engine clubs, including Maryland Steam Historical Society, Shenandoah Valley Steam-Gas Engine Association, Williams Grove Engine Association, Rough 6k Tumble Engineers Historical Association, New York Steam Engine Association, Tri-State Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Granite State Gas 6k Steam Engine Association, Tuck-ahoe Steam 6k Gas Association.

Bill was always willing to help, sharing his experience and knowledge with anyone, from a young boy buying his first engine, to contributing research material to various publications including C.H. Wendel's book, American Gas Engines. He also produced numerous gas engine literature reprints that have contributed significantly to the growth of the engine hobby.

Bill will be missed by his family and many friends who have known him throughout the years.

His son Bill II, who has been associated with Starbolt for a number of years, will be continuing operation of Starbolt Engine Supply. Submitted by William DeBolt, DeBolt Machine, Inc., 812 C West Patapsco Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21230.