'Ellis' 2 Cycle Engine

'Ellis' 2 cycle engine. Courtesy of W. A. (Bill) Clegg, Jr., 523 S. Roberts St., Lima, Ohio 45804.

W. A. (Bill) Clegg

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Jr., 523 S. Roberts St., Lima, Ohio 45804.

After Anna Mae printed our inquiry on our 6 HP Ellis Engine in Jan-Feb. 72 G.E.M., we thought that some of your readers might like to know what information we received--thanks to the G. E. M.

First off--our Ellis was built by the Ellis Engine Company of Detroit, Michigan around 1900 to 1908 (according to reader information). The Ellis Engine Company was last listed in the Detroit Telephone Directory in the year 1916. This above information was sent us by a reader in Illinois.

Now another G. E. M. reader in Missouri sent us the following information from an old Gas Power Magazine, 1912 issue.

The 6 UP Ellis runs for 34c a day. By means of a patented throttle runs as 4 HP for 23c a day or as 2 HP for 12c a day. This Ellis engine was guaranteed for a period of Ten years against defects of material or workmanship from date of purchase. Also Ellis Engines were offered on a 30 day free trial and all engines were guaranteed when operated in accordance with instructions, to deliver an excess of actual brake horsepower over their catalog rating.

And the Ellis Engine Company guaranteed that all monies deposited with them for purchase of an engine was held as the property of the purchased for the period of thirty days after the arrival of the engine at destination and within these thirty days if the engine for any reason proved other than represented, they agreed to refund without question all monies paid them immediately on return of the complete outfit to the railroad station at Detroit.

If I may add, this is a long way from what the buyer of today is offered.

Where our 'Ellis' went to or what it was used for after being built is not known. The man we purchased it from last November 1971 gave us the following history.

This gentleman purchased the engine second-hand, back around 1915-1918. He put it to work powering a water well drilling rig. In fact, he showed us a picture of it in use on the drilling rig while he was drilling a well on his own farm, back around 1920. He told us that during the winter months when he was not drilling wells he used it on a cord wood saw. He also said he quit the well drilling around 1941 or 1942 when the Second World War started.

At that time he went to work in Lima, Ohio at the Lima Locomotive Works. After the war, he belted the 'ole Ellis up to a water pump and set her on the bank of a creek at the rear of his farm and pumped water from the creek into a 10 acre field of melons.

This engine was used for this up until about ten years ago, when he put it in the machine shop at his farm where we found it.