Friends or Trophies

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Denmark, Iowa 52624

'That is the biggest and most beautiful trophy I have ever won,' or 'The first place trophy goes to the little Toy Terrier and the second place trophy goes to the large St. Bernard.' You have all heard these remarks made before.

'Dad, have you met my friends from Des Moines, Iowa? They have a very nice C. H. & E. engine. They are Don and Nancy Williams.' 'Mom, these are some of my friends from Ohio. We met them last year at the Portland, Indiana show. They are Bill and Carol Adams.'

How many times have you heard, 'They are the best of friends', or 'You couldn't ask for better friends.'

This is what Gas Engine Friends are to me. So far in my gas engine hobby, my friends, their engines, and my engines are my trophies.

Now, in this very busy world of ours, a persons needs all the friends he can get. But, if a gas engine show starts giving out first place trophies for a Little Turk gas engine and John wants a picture taken of it so he can send his trophy picture into the Gas Engine Magazine and announce that he has won the first place trophy, I would not like it when he sets his first place trophy on the hood of his pickup and in all smiles asks, 'Would you help me pick up my engine and put it into my truck, so I can take my trophy and engine and go home.'

As a hobby for fun and friendship, I think that the gas engine friends we have made are the best people in the world.

I feel that this friendship can be easily ruined by awarding first place trophy and second place trophy to the gas engine exhibitors, because who can say which engine is the most unusual, restored closest to originality, etc. Who knows the facilities available to the restorer?

The special thanks and your appreciation that you give to your friends at the show are the trophies that they will keep forever.