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Dear Readers,

We had hoped to keep our subscription price unchanged for the coming year, but the steady rise in inflation, and postal rate increases, now make it necessary to go up $2.00 a year.

We figured out what the new rates of the U.S. Postal Service add to our costs-and what they will add later, on the basis of announcements from Washington to date.

Everyone has faced the boost in first class rates which sent the letter mail up from 13 cents to 15 cents, an increase of over 15 percent. For mailing an average copy of a magazine first class, this sends postage up by 10 cents, from the present 57 cents to about 67 cents.

When we send you a postcard, it costs us 10 cents. That is an increase of 11 percent.

On second class mail, which we use to send out most of our magazines, the rate has already jumped nearly 30 percent, and is due to go up further, later on.

Mail costs are just one of our biggest headaches. Even though our printing costs are rather stable, we must be able to meet any rises that do occur. We are increasing pay for our staff members, to meet their added costs of living. Costs of other goods and services are going up also, as you know from your own experience.

We want to keep bringing you color covers- but they add to our bills. People like color, and we want to do more of it.

We are instituting these rules:

Subscription fee for U.S. readers will be $9.00 a year.

For Canada, subscription fee will be $10.00 in American currency. If paid in Canadian currency, the price will be $11.25. We will return checks that do not meet these prices, with a polite statement of how much the reader should pay.

The Canadian situation is one of our most difficult problems. When a Canadian subscriber pays our present subscription fee in Canadian dollars, we lose 90 cents in American money.

For all other foreign subscribers, the new rate will be $12.00, which includes postage. This, again, should be in American dollars, via check or preferably international money order.

We are not happy making these changes in fees. Our preference is to keep all prices down and not have to make special provisions. But as our costs go up, paperwork within the office is also increasing all the time.

You have our pledge of trying to bring you even better publications than we have done to date. The new subscription rates will be into effect January 1,1979, which gives you ample notice.

If you are in Canada, and subscribing at the present rates, please send $7.50 in American, or $8.40 Canadian currency. That change must go into effect immediately.

P.S. Please note that our advertising rates remain unchanged.