A Letter of Thanks

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II 2361 Wyatt Road, Belmont, Louisiana 71406

I thought it appropriate to officially send my utmost thanks and appreciation to the many who have displayed their enthusiasm and kindness by helping me with my old iron problems.

GEM magazine, Larry Paschke, Sam Spencer III, Zane Prifogle, Gary Richardson, Richard H. Grawe, Donald R. Green, Walter H. Pierce, Mike Hunchak, J. Max Koone, Guy 'Gus' Simms, Bill Williams, R. W. Doss, Jerry Erickson, J. E. Cain, Charles Lindberg, Ron Durkey, Harold Rossow, Alexander L. Thompson, H. B. Vanden Berg, Glenn H. Bryson, King's Books, Stemgas Publishing, and John Zalabak.

Thanks, you are a good group of people who make the human race shine. No good deed should go unmentioned, and I hope credit is given where it is due. Thanks for all your help.