Johnson ultmotor

Courtesy of John Fleming, Geigertown, Pennsylvania 19523.

John Fleming

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'What make engine is this?' asks Mr. Somers. Anyone know?

In response to question of Michael Bukovac in July & August GEM issue on page 32, I am enclosing pictures of a Johnson ultmotor No. U-3-6085 of Wankegan, 111. -- picture No. 1 engine in front. My engine has an aluminum flywheel and a vacturi carburetor. I am not sure of make of magneto. It is identical to the Maytag with Pat. year of 1918 and 1921 in the top row in the rear in picture No. 2.

Picture No. 2 front row to left is a Jacobsen No. M31005-16 manufactured in Racine, Wis. This engine has a cast iron flywheel rope starter pulley and Wicomganeto. This magneto was manufactured in Springfield, Mass.

The two cylinder Maytag left backrow picture No. 2 has a Eismann magneto manufactured in Brooklyn, N. Y.

The Johnson motor has linkage hooked to kick starter as long as you hold starter down it chokes motor and it won't over choke it because it has an air drag valve above. The governor is on point cam like the Maytag. The Johnson starts very easy and runs very nice.

I can't tell where the Johnson was used. It has a standard cast iron V pulley bolted to flywheel hub. The color of paint is dark olive green. I think the Jacobsen was used on a real mower. You can see where the chain was scarred on the cast iron gas tank. The color of paint is turquoise.

I have the original Maytag washers for the Maytags. The one in No. 2 picture back row to the right has a leather belt flat pulley and tightner pulley in shield. To start the engine you wrapped a leather strap around the flywheel. I have succeeded to start motor several times when it was mounted in washer. But if I had my choice for a Monday wash I would use one of my old wooden washers with a wooden tub and turn it by hand.

Robert Geiger, the fellow I got the washer from, said the leather strap to start the motor worked better on him for discipline on a Monday than it did for the washer.

Can anyone help with a sketch of how to mount the two cylinder Maytag? Someone put a wooden board and electric motor on washer for two cylinder and it only has one small capscrew in the bottom of the gas tank.

In Picture No. 1 the Briggs and Stratton engine to the far right was used on a washer. It has a very shallow crank-case -- only about 1/2' of oil and a kick starter. What make washer was it?

My collection has increased to 19 engines - 1924 Ford T and 1922 Ford-son since I wrote article July - August 1968 page 6 and 7.

Hello All.

Another contribution for the GAS ENGINE-MAGAZINE, Picture of myself with a 1928 ELTO 7 hp. outboard motor, SPEEDSTER model, the name-plate says, 'Designed and Built by Ole Evinrude'.

It is hand cranked by knob on flywheel, (a knuckle-duster), external battery ignition, no throttle -- speed controlled by spark advance, 2-cylinder fires simultaneously.

It is running and in good shape, but I'm not a boating fan and never had it in use. I tested it in a barrel of water, and at high speed. It threw water as high as the trees in my yard, emptied the barrel of water in nothing flat and gave me a free shower before I shut it off. It's back on the shelf now among my regular gas engine collection.