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Unknown Engine

Courtesy of Alan C. King, 4790 River Road, Radnor, Ohio 43066

Alan C. King

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A picture of my 'unknown' engine. I am wondering if anyone can help me identify it. It is a throttle governed, single flywheel engine. It operates on a battery and coil and has a syphon-cooling system. It runs well, but to date I have had no luck in finding out what it is. I will appreciate any help you can give me.

I have seven other engines, all restored and operating. It is a most enjoyable hobby.

I had a picture in May-June issue and I received nine letters in all and five of them convinced me my engine was a 1-3/4 HP Sattley. I think the response was a great and my compliments to you and your staff. [Thanks Goerge, we do need that kind of remark - Anna Mae].

Pictured is my Briggs & Stratton Model 'Y' engine, made in the 1930s. It is restored and is all original. I have been told this model is rare. I enjoy the GEM when it arrives in the mail.

Our exhibit at the Delaware State Fair - Antique Machinery Show at Harrington, Delaware on July 27,1973. L. to r.: Harold Reed with his 6 HP Ohio engine, David Reed with his brother, Wayne's 2-1/2 HP Leader and my 1-1/2 HP Lauson engine. There was a good turnout of engines, tractors and other machinery.

Pictured is my son, Dan, on his F-12 Farmall discing garden. He worked for a neighbor farmer and bought it and has spent a lot of time restoring this tractor. I think he has done a very good job for a 15 year old. He has sent for his decals, which is all he needs to complete the restoration. He has been a lot of help on my engines and is planning to get himself some this year. We read G.E.M. all the time and enjoy it very much.

Our 1929 Rumely Oil Pull Model W, 20-30 HP, lightweight. We bought this tractor at a Farm Sale last November. We just finished restoring it in time for this year's shows. We really enjoy your G.E.M.

My A.B. Farquhar gas engine - I have talked to a lot of people in Pennsylvania about this engine and they have never seen one. It is a side shaft, 2 HP. It was made in York, Pennsylvania and it is a rare one. Courtesy of Paul Russell, Route 1, Morrisville, North Caroline 27560.

This is a Ranger Tractor Cultivator built by Southern Motor Mfg. Ass. Ltd., Houston, Texas, 1920, 8 - 16 HP, 4 cylinder. Looks like it could be a little complicated to plow corn with - also looks like it took a big man to crank it.

My John Deere G.P. Wide Tread Serial No. 405054 that I recently purchased. It runs fairly well. I was told there were only 444 of these late model wide treads built. Is this right? I'd like to hear from anyone having one like it.

I also have one of the early wide treads, but its not in running condition yet. I guess I am very fortunate to have two wide treads. Courtesy of Ronald L. Jungmeyer, P. O. Box 141, Russellville, Mo. 65074

Thought I would drop a note and enclose a photo of one of my gas engines. It was just setting anyway and thought I would put it to a functional use. The bracket holding my rural mail box is spot welded to bolt heads so have not hurt its chances of someday being restored. The paint is good, pin striping, decal and all, is complete, except rocker arm. But I retreived it from a junk yard and apparently it had been there for some time as the flywheels and water hopper are cracked as well as the crankshaft being sprung, probably from being dropped and shoved around.

The name plate reads as follows:

'The Lauson'

Manufactured by The John Lauson Mfg. Co. New Holstein Wis. U.S.A. No. 8130 Speed 450 Type D Size AB HP 3

Taken at the 1972 Reunion of Pioneer Acres Plowman & Thresher's Club near Calgary, Alberta. Notice the three Minneapolis Separators blowing straw at the same time; powered by steam & gas engines. Courtesy of Arlo Jurney, F3 Kingsland Tr. Crt., Calgary, Alberta, T2V OS2

Self-propelled Sunshine Harvester made in Australia, 1936 model. Myself and a 10-20 McCormick-Deering tractor. My wife took the picture in August 1966 just after I got the tractor.

10-20 Mogul tractor and Massey Harris plow at Pionera, Saskatoon, Canada.

This picture with the horses probably taken at Broad & Erie Streets in Philadelphia, as there is a Williams photographer sign and the picture was taken by Williams & Deal of that address. Notice the odd horse hitch. It appears to be a 2-3-3-2-1 hitch.