Unidentified Engine

Paul E. Jones

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Would you help me to identify the engine on the picture at left? There is no name on it. It was painted a green color. It has a square connecting rod and is hollow and slitted at the wrist pin end. The exhaust is at the top of the head and the fuel mixer at the bottom. The carburetor is missing and I suppose very hard to find. I hope some one has a picture of a complete engine. Thank you! Courtesy of Paul E. Jones, Leslieville, Alberta, Canada TOM 1HO.

This literature and picture is from an old (1910 era) 'ONE PROFIT' catalog distributed by Theo. J. Eberlee of Cattaraugus, N.Y.

I would like to know what company in Western Wisconsin made the engines show in the 'ONE PROFIT' Catalog.

Please note the unusual design of the water hopper and also that the timing gear, push rod, etc., are on the 'left hand' side.

Does anybody out there in G.E.M. land have an engine with the 'ONE PROFIT' Name on it? and does anybody have information about the One Profit company. Please write Allen Bulger, 3698 Bard Rd., Cassadaga, N.Y. 14718.

Following is a poem my wife, Joyce, wrote and gave to me in a Valentine. I'm also sending a picture of my IHC Titan 1 HP engine which I restored in the basement and I think was the inspiration for the poem.

We've bolts upon the basement floor, Paint cans in the window - Grease rags disappear by scores; I'm learning a new lingo Of fly-wheels, coils, and batteries, Magnetos and igniters, Skids and oilers, original paint, Horsepower and up righters.

There's Maytag, John Deere, IHC, The Gray and the Leroi-We carefully search each auctioned In hopes of a new joy.

There are engine shows and engine sales, Letters from far and near. The brothers talk shop till all hours Whenever all three are here.

So life's taken on a new interest; We're certainly not in a rut! I'm very happily married To an antique-gas-engine nut! by Joyce Street

Two pictures of a 45 HP Mogul No. X 1547 the day we dug it out and loaded it for the trip home. Can anyone tell me the year it was made and the color? Courtesy of John W. Stewart, Antique Tractor Museum, Box 83, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada.

We had a good summer at our everything went as we Museum last year - our show was delayed until Thanksgiving week-end and that brought us bad weather, but with the help of the Saskatoon and as could be expected weatherwise.

My Model E-1 single cylinder, Vaughn Flex Tread tractor. I have a Model E-2, 2 cylinder Flex tread too. Both are in running condition, but not fully restored to new standards. They are both pretty powerful and will do a lot of work, but it takes one real good man to hand on and follow them very long. Because the tracks are so short, the handles flip up and down every time uneven ground or a lump of dirt passes under the tracks. It's impossible to keep them on an even keel. I enjoy your magazine and especially appreciate the help extended to me by other subscribers. People like these certainly make life more enjoyable for others. Courtesy of Bernard J. Schmitz, 5021 Tunis Road, Sacramento, California 95835.

Please help me identify this engine. It is a hit and miss engine with a bore of 3-1/2 and stroke of 4. The flywheels measure 16-1/2 diameter and 2 inches wide. It is green with a silver water hopper and head. I am having a gas tank made for it, so I have not tried to run it yet. I have taken it to two shows and nobody knows what it is. I would appreciate any information you can give me. I have seven other engines and plan to get three more soon. I also have a Work well engine. I would like information on this engine too, as I have not seen another one like it. [Pictures by Ron Oliver]. Courtesy of Barry Tuller, R.R.3, Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

Here is a birthday cake that was made for Richard A. Kramer of Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania. The cake was made by Jo Ann Byler, Fredericksburg. It was the first engine cake that she made and she copied from a picture of a 5 HP New Holland that Richard fixed up. She looked through the Gas Engine Magazine to learn more about gas engines before she made the cake. [That's a lucky guy - eh fellows - and congratulations, Jo Ann, that's quite an art - Anna Mae].Courtesy of Mrs. Sharon Kramer, Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania 19550.