What Is It?

Hammer-break Igniter

Thomas G. Downing

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(for Raymond J. Stoughton).

This is a rather large hammer-break igniter as you will see by the photo. The barrel is 1 7/8 inches in diameter where it goes into the cylinder and the holes are 2% inches apart. The bracket is the size to take a large size Webster-Tri-Polar Magneto, the oscillator type. We acquired it with some parts from an old shop near here. It lookes in pretty good shape but doesn't come near fitting any of our engines. We would be glad to know what it would fit and would be willing to part with it if someone needs it.

This engine has no name plate or any other identification. It has throttling governor and Wico magneto. Most of the casting numbers start with a letter B. If anyone can tell me what company made it and what color it was painted, about what year it was made and what it was generally used for, I would appreciate it.

I have four other engines, two of them are Stovers, a 2 hp. and a 4 hp.; a 1? hp. Monitor No. 45412 and an Economy No. 357487. Could anyone give me information as to what year and color the last two engines should be?

I'm not 100% sure of the make of this engine and would like to have you put it on your What Is It page. The fellow I purchased it from says he thinks it is a Lansing engine. It is an alternate firing, hit and miss engine, using battery and buzz coils. Cooling fans are driven by a narrow flat belt from flywheels. It has a 6' bore and 6' stroke and is supposed to be rated at 10 hp.

I need a connecting rod for this one -has a 2?' throw on crankshaft, 2' wide, wrist pin is 1 ?' diameter with a 1?' x 1 3/4' diameter bushing to fit 6' piston. Otherwise engine is complete and seems to be in pretty good shape.

I belong to Northwestern Michigan Engine and Thresher Club at Copemish.

Would any of your readers be able to give me some help in identifying the gas engine in this picture? I cannot find a nameplate on it and no one has been able to tell me the name.

I had this engine at the Northwestern Engine and Threshers Club Show for two days and so far no one has seen one like it. The engine no. is Z561-hp. 3/4, Speed 800, Bore 3 1/8, stroke 3 1/2. The rod is solid brass and the carburetor is a brass Schebler. It uses a buzz coil and timer. It has an overhead cam with both valves powered and is throttle governed. Can anyone tell me the age or anything more about it?

That is my 10 hp. Galloway in the background. I also have serveral more engines.

Perhaps someone could identify the model or age of this engine. It is a Witte, 2 hp. and has no markings on the name plate other than serial number 103089.