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'Moe' Titus UAW Local No.662 2025 Hillcrest Drive Anderson, Indiana 46012

Anew location brings on a new adventure. The UAW Local 662 Tractor and Gas Engine Show had been located in Anderson, Indiana, for the past 13 years. This year it was relocated at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, the site of the UAW Region 3 Annual Trade Show. With new facilities and a much larger area came more possibilities.

A total of 231 gas engines, 166 tractors, 37 union locals, farm tool displays, hog oilers, and 68 tractors and pullers from the Noblesville, Indiana, club contributed to our show. Also, ten states were represented.

Old friends from as far away as Minnesota and Georgia participated. New friends as far away as Mississippi came for the tractor show, and found much more with the trade show, in the displaying of modern technology. Also, the possibility of winning a new Saturn car that was given away on Saturday made for much excitement.

Even though we had to don our coats for part of the show, participants were warm-hearted and excited about the new show grounds. Ideas were formed on new ways to use our new-found space and bring an even better show next year.

The International Harvester collectors outdid themselves with their displays. Norman Jackson of Greenfield and Neil Michaels of Kokomo did a great job of rounding up the 'Big Red.'

Richard Fox, UAW Local 662 retiree, made homemade ice cream with the power of his Hercules gas engine and shared it with the crowd. Yum! Yum! He also brought his beautiful restored Indiana tractor.

Ken and Kent Parks and Tom and Don Dellinger were racing around with their restored Choremaster garden tractors in their own '500'; after all, we were in Indianapolis.

A real eye catcher, the Wizzer Bike and sidecar, was displayed by Dan and Barb Davis, Local 662, Anderson. As usual, Dan and Barb pitched in and greeted, and helped steer the participants to their appropriate spots. Thanks!

The Lengachler boys from New Haven, Indiana, did a great job of displaying their Titan and Mogul homemade tractors as they drove around the grounds as their proud father, Melvin, supervised.

We want to thank Region 3 Director Don Gettelfinger for asking us to join the Region 3 Trade Show.

We also thank all of the participants who brought their fine exhibits to share, and the people who helped with the show.

If you didn't get to come to this year's show, we invite you to the show next year to be held June 3-6, 1999, at the Marion County Fairgrounds. Come and be a part of the show 'where old and new friends meet.'