75791 aircooled

Type blank, HP 1, 75791 aircooled, 1926.

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611 Hollow Horn Road, Ottsville, Pennsylvania 18942

After waking up at 5:00 a.m. on the first day of a new year and rolling in bed long enough, I decided to head for my easy chair in the living room.

I reached behind the chair and pulled an old GEM out of a bag that I had lent to my son-in-law. (He is very close to the edge. I gave him two Maytags a while back and I'm expecting that phone call any day, saying 'Hey, Pap, I got them running!' I'll never tell him I ran them, maybe 20 years ago, when they were shelved.)

Anyway, the GEM I pulled out was Volume 21, August 1986. When I got to page 17, I noticed an interesting serial number list for Associated and United engines.

About two months ago, I was lucky enough to acquire two United engines, my first find in a couple of years. So, with flashlight in hand, I headed for my basement shop to read the serial numbers: #1 is type A, 2? HP, 201208 serial, hopper cooled, 1915; #2 is type (?) 1? HP, 75791 serial, air-cooled (fan missing), 1926.

This brought a couple of interesting points to mind.

(1)  The list did not mention anything about hopper or air-cooled.
(2) Why would some higher serial numbers have an earlier manufacturing date?
(3)  The story states it was built in Iowa, yet my name tag reads Lansing, Michigan.

Interestingly enough, my 2? HP fits in with the three engines located in Southhampton, Massachusetts. I think a lot of engines have been brought down and sold at our engine shows. (Keep 'em comin'!).

Please add my engines to the United list.