Engine purchased by a local farmer

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Leola, Pennsylvania

In the early 1900's, this engine was purchased by a local farmer. As usual in those 'by-gone' days, this engine was put to use in various ways. In approximately 1950, it was considered 'worn out', and placed in a quarry hole, as it had seen its best days-they thought.

As years passed the engine became completely buried by 'Mother Earth'. In 1975 it was dug out of the ground.

Five years elapsed and again the engine was partially buried. I went to the owner, an elderly man, to try to buy it. But, it wasn't an easy thing for the old farmer to part with it, even though it didn't serve him any purpose any more. After much persuasion, he decided to sell it, expressing a desire to hear the old thing run once more.

In February 1980 it was taken from the quarry with much difficult labor and with the use of a horse it was pulled over the snowy ground and placed on a pick-up truck to bring it home.

Now, restoration began. There was not one moveable part on the old engine. Restoration was a slow process-here a little, there a little. New rings and valves were needed. A whole year passed. Then-the engine lovers' great JOY-that first puff of smoke from an engine that had not been running for about 31 years.

Now, since the engine was working, the next step was to work on 'the looks.' It was sanded, body filler was applied and then the engine was painted.

A year after the engine was bought, the cart was purchased from the same farmer. It too, was restored and the engine was again placed onto the cart-Together Again!