Throttle Governor to Hit-And-Miss Engine

Ingenious restorer transforms a throttle-governed 1917 6 HP Ingeco Type W into a hit-and-miss beauty

Modified Ingeco Governor Bracket
This is the modified Ingeco governor bracket. Wilbur welded a piece of angle iron to the bottom of the bracket (shown in black), then drilled a hole corresponding to the upper mounting hole (shown in black) for the Ingeco pushrod arm. He then modified the Ingeco governor rod arm assembly by welding on a tab, with a 1/4-inch hole drilled into the tab so he could connect the rod arm assembly to the lower part of the Economy speed change body and detent lever body. He added a short, 1/4-inch bolt to the outer governor rod arm for a spring hookup, with a spring attached from the rod arm to the speed change lever. The result is the governor rod arm from the Ingeco joined to the lower part of the Economy speed change body, with speed regulated by the Economy governor. It sure didn’t come this way from the factory, but as Wilbur’s videos prove, it works just great.