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Here's the tale of two of the 'look alikes.' The fall 1913 Sears general catalog shows a 1 HP Economy engine that has one bolt flywheels, a tag on the front and a decal on the side of the hopper. It is priced at $28.95 with the Elkhart magneto a $ 12.95 option; however, very few were so equipped. All other size engines in that catalog except the 2 HP are of the newly designed CX model.

A special gas engine catalog of 1913 shows the same engine except that it has been rerated to l HP with no other apparent changes. It is now priced at $32.95.

The 1 HP Economy with the flyball governor made its appearance around #29,000. At about #31,000 through #36,000, the production of the 1 HP and the l HP seems to be commingled. Sometime after #36,000 all were rated at l HP; and oddly enough, they were likely completed after parts supplies and equipment had been moved to Evansville, Indiana. Some of these small size engines have casting dates on them. Listed here are the ones I am aware of:

There are about 2000 of the 1 HP flyball governor type made with 29 currently known. There were about 2000 of the l HP size made with 23 currently known.



1 HP



1 HP



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Buy an Economy Gasoline Engine Equipped With an Elkhart Magneto.

We recommend that you order your Economy Gasoline Engine equipped with a gear driven Elkhart Magneto, built in as a part of the engine. It will save you money, you will always have a dependable spark to ignite the charge in the engine, it will last as long as the engine, giving increased engine efficiency and greater power developed and you will not have , to bother with batteries, coils, wires or switches.

An Elkhart Built-in Magneto on an Economy Gasoline Engine is insurance against any possible breakdown or delays due to batteries wearing out, coils giving out, switches breaking or wires short circuiting. The Elkhart Magneto is built in as a part of the engine and there is but one 'wire running from the magneto to the igniter. This is thoroughly insulated so that you could pour a bucket of water over the magneto, while the engine is in operation, without affecting the spark, making the engine particularly adapted for outdoor work.

No. 47A601 A Built-in Gear Driven Alternating Current Elkhart Magneto on 1. 2, 4 and 6-Horse Power Economy Gasoline Engines in place of regular battery equipment.

Price................................................................................................................... $12.95

NOTE This magneto is furnished as regular equipment on our 8 and 10-horse power engine.

The highest serial number of a Sparta type Economy engine currently known is 40,156. As you can see from the picture, someone has seen fit to cut the hopper off of it and very carefully convert it into a tank cooled. It and several other late 1 HP size have a different tag as shown here. They are no longer 'improved'.

Since last reported, nine more Sparta Economy have been added to the list for a total of 349. A 2 HP Waterloo Economy has also shown up. Next time it's the other two 'look alikes.'