The Sandow Gas Engine

Sandow gas engine

Rick Perkins applying the first coat of paint.

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1020 N. Woodlawn Decatur, IL 62522

Mr. C. R. Perkins & Sons plan to have a Thresherman's Reunion in the summer of '85, near Decatur, Illinois on Rock Springs Road.

Mr. C. R. Perkins is a collector of Cat crawlers, including a Caterpiller 60, 30, and others.

Barry Perkins, son of C. R. Perkins, is a collector of John Deeres, including a 1935 John Deere A, on full steel, and a 1928 John Deere GP on full steel.

Rick, the other son, as you can see, is a collector of gas engines.

The Sandow #67563, 6 HP was made by Sandy McManus Inc., from Waterloo, Iowa. It came with a 5 year guarantee. The year was some time between 1912-1915.

This Sandow gas engine was bought by C. R. Perkins at Rea's Auction in Illinois about 1982. He had the Sandow for a year or so and then sold it to his son, Rick, on January 21, 1984.

Every spare moment, Rick was in the garage working to restore the Sandow to its original beauty. The engine looked like it had been shedded, because there were no rust pits. It came with two igniters, which he was very happy to have.

After soaking the igniter for about two weeks, taking it completely apart and cleaning it, it was ready for firing. Then came hours of scraping and preparing the engine for painting.

Before painting, a stencil had to be prepared to replace and renew the Sandow lines painted originally on the water hopper. Wax paper was used to trace all writing and designs on the water hopper. Then it was transferred onto poster board and cut out. The Sandow was ready for its new coat of paint, and new stenciling.

Most parts needed to reconstruct the gas engine were purchased through ads appearing in GEM. Missing parts were added and the engine was now in show-ready condition.

The engine also came with a Mast Foo's and Co. water pump, made at Springfield, Ohio #T81 A and a Curtis air compressor, #44915 made at St. Louis, Missouri.

In April, restoration of the Sandow Gas Engine was finally completed.

Rick Perkins would appreciate any information concerning the engine, water pump or compressor. The story of his restoration of the Sandow was prepared by his mother, Joan Perkins, and photographs were taken by his sister, Sherie Perkins.