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4660 County Road 134 St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303

Jerome A. Then of 4660 County Road 134 in St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303 tells the story of the restoration of this 1915 4 HP Mogul # EZ1172.

I purchased a 1915 4 HP Mogul, serial # EZ1172, in the summer of 1997. The first winter I owned it, I did not get to do any work on it. It was a running engine, an older restoration, but needed to be restored again. It also was running on propane, which I liked very much because they run so clean.

I started restoration the winter of 1998-99. Mechanically the Mogul was in pretty good shape. I took the magneto to Mitch Malcolm to be rebuilt; he does very nice work.

I ground the valves, cleaned the ignitor, and had some of the nuts and bolts nickel plated. I stripped all the old paint, primed it, and then brush painted it with two coats to get a better finish. I was able to buy the correct color paint at my local N.A.P.A. store. I had the engine pinstriped and then put on the decals. I made new skids for it out of 4'x6' white ash and varnished them with four coats of marine varnish.

A local trailer manufacturer custom-built the little tandem axle trailer complete with crank down stands for display. I then mounted the Mogul on the trailer using six 5/8' bolts going through the trailer frame. I also mounted a plastic work box, the kind you see in pickup beds, behind the engine to store the propane tank, tools, etc.

I had one more problem to solve, that being the starting of the Mogul now mounted on the trailer. I have a heart condition and my doctor thinks I should not be spinning those large flywheels. We know sometimes engines can get stubborn. So, I decided to go the pony engine route.

I built a frame to set an International LB on, then fabricated some linkage to move the LB back and forth so as to be able to clutch the LB into and away from the Mogul's flywheel. The linkage was springloaded to keep the LB's pulley clear of the Mogul's flywheel when it is running. I used the thread part of a tire cut to size to bolt around the LB's pulley. I then bolted the unit in place on the left side of the Mogul. The pony engine starting system worked out perfectly.

Spectators enjoy watching the starting procedure, it sure beats hand cranking and the little LB never gets tired.

I enjoy taking the Mogul to shows as it gets lots of attention, also one gets to answer lots of questions and make lots of friends.