The Blakeslee

White Blakeslee engine

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953 I Lost Forest Drive Richmond, Virginia 23237.

This article is written on behalf of my father, Dale S. Stancliff.

On the way back from the Athens, Alabama, show in 1986, going to the Collinsville flea market, he needed gas very badly. The only gas station near was extremely high on the prices. When in desperation, though, you buy gas!

Dad was pulling a trailer of engines back home. After putting in only $5.00 worth of gas, the store owner inquired about the engines on Dad's trailer. Interested in the price given for each engine, he offered to show Dad 'something.'

He took him into a barn, then into a second room to look by a post drill, in a scrap pile! There he found an upright type engine. It appeared to be complete.

The gentleman asked if he ever saw anything like it. Dad replied that he hadn't but, never saw an engine he didn't want either. He asked the gentleman if he wanted to sell it. The man said no. Dad thanked him for his time and started to leave.

The gentleman proceeded to tell Dad that it was used on a cream separator until 1928 when it was put in the barn. The cream separator was not there when Dad came by.

Upon getting back to the trailer they started to discuss the engines again. Dad once again asked if he wanted to sell the engine (knowing it seemed to be very rare). The man spoke to his wife, 'Maw, the man says he will give you $100 for your engine.'

She replied, 'Whatever you want to do, Paw.'

So, with that, he said that he would take it. He said that the engine was missing part of the ignition. After getting it back home to Bay Minette, Alabama, it was discovered it was only missing the coil.

My grandfather was very determined to get it running upon its getting home. A coil was located, oil was put in the oilier, and fresh gas was put in. After that the engine started! I know it never works that easy, but it did! The engine ran well.

The only markings on the tag are, 'Manufactured By The Blakeslee Manufacturing Company, Birmingham, Alabama, No. 203 B.'

American Gas Engines Since 1872 says the picture is the only evidence it exists. I have seen only two White Blakeslee engines. Never a Blakeslee before mine. If there is anyone else having info on either the Blakeslee or The White Blakeslee, please write or call me at 1-800-627-2274 Ext. 54-3445.

My father has been generous enough to lend this engine to me. With that he had made a young collector very happy and proud!

Thank you, Dad and Grandpa Stancliff!