Bessemer Oil Engine

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To use author Bert Hines' own words, he has researched, collected, edited, and rewritten the material for his information-packed booklet, 'The Bessemer Engines.' He says that it may be the most complete collection on the Bessemer engine available to date.

The work includes a brief history of the Bessemer Engine Company from 1833 to 1933. It contains material from 'The First Hundred Years,' a publication issued by the Cooper-Bessemer Company, Grove City, Pennsylvania in 1933.

There is a section on 'The Wonderful Gaso-Kero Engine Manual' and one on 'A Manual on the Care and Operation of the Bessemer Gas Engine.'

There are detailed instructions for operating the Bessemer engines, with illustrations to help in understanding the text.

We learn about the general principles of the gas system, the importance of a good water cooling system, the purpose and details of the ignition system, the importance of lubrication, and methods of governing.

There is an excellent index that enables a reader to get right to the page he wants. It includes items under various headings such as air starting system, adjustment of bearings, cooling system, compressors, friction clutches, and 'trouble.'

There is a page of 'don'ts' including don't lose patience, don't fail to strain your fuel, and don't run the engine without lubricating oil.

If you are curious about the Bessemer engines, read this booklet. Hines has used good judgment in letting some information remain in its original form. A lot of knowledge and expertise went into the writing of early manuals.

For the more general reader the history of the Bessemer Company is worthwhile reading as an example of our industrial heritage. For the engineer, the technician, and the engine buff the information about care and operation is fascinating and invaluable.

There is also a dimension sheet for Bessemer gas engines.

Hines plans a book two on the Bessemer engines, partly because, he says, 'there is more information that wasn't available for this booklet.'

Order from: Samanche Publications, Box 81, Cape Canaveral, Florida 32902 - $5.00 per copy postage paid (U.S. and Canada).

jason eaton
4/18/2011 8:15:12 PM

I'm trying to find information on a Bessemer oilfield engine. The only thing stamped on it that I could find was "Bessemer A850" on the cylinder head. It was running an Imperial Type 10 two piston oil pump.. Anything you could tell me could be helpful. I found it off in the trees in Bartlesville, OK. Oil started flowing there around the turn of the century. Thanks!

thomas g. downing_2
5/1/2010 7:36:11 AM

Is Bert Hihes book on Bessemer Engine history still available. I see a date of 1979 on the above notice or ad.

dan prychodzko_2
3/13/2010 1:17:30 PM

Hello Gas Engine, I am a truck driver in Oregon and I am hauling a 1899 Bessemer engine. I loaded it at a farmers place in Galt Ca. His father or grand father acquired it in Coffeevile,Ks. Nowit is on my trailer and I will be delivering it on Monday in Woodburn, Or this May 15 2010. I was told it is still in working order.