The ABC's of The Gas Engine

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A - Is for answers that some may request;

I'll give just a few but perhaps not the best.

B - The best wishes to our interests so keen;

Much success and good luck to our gas magazine.

C - Could be crank with a crook here and there;

To be used with caution, please handle with care.

 D - The determination in each search that we make;

For another old relic and the time that it takes.

E - To the engines and the makers of yore;

And to all who restore them that they will run once more.

F - Is the fly wheels, some large and some small;

To see them spin 'round is a pleasure to all.

G - Makes the gas these engines we feed;

Mixed up with some air and we got what we need.

H - Could be the hours it takes and more than a few;

To get these old timers to again run like new.

I - Is ignition to fire the charge we compress;

A good hot spark and she runs at her best.

J - The junker all rusty and old;

Each one that we find is like the striking of gold.

K - To spell kerosene on which some engines run fine;

I'd feed a good grade of gas to those prizes of mine.

L - Lubrication or oil as we say:

It keeps all running smoothly and friction away.

M - As in magneto, high tension or low;

Most engines must have 'em before they're ready to go.

N - To the newcomer and to this hobby the best;

May all of your efforts be crowned with success.

O - Stands for oil cups of bright shiny brass;

Just keep them a dripping and the bearings will last.

P - Is for paint and this is a must;

To restore that new finish and battle the rust.

Q - The question that crosses my mind;

Where may I look for more pleasure than from these gassers of mine ?

R - Is the rust, it's known to all;

If given a chance it's the engine's downfall.

S - To the spark, come it from breaker or plug;

It's got to be there for your plaything to chug.

T - The throttle, the speed to control;

Open up wide and then watch her roll.

U - Unselfish effort and long may it last;

In restoring old timers from out of the past.

V  - Is the valves, there's two always been;

The exhaust to get out, the new charge to get in.

W - Must be for water, in the hopper's the spot;

For without this coolant she's sure to run hot.

X - To my exit from this printed page;

Here's wishing you success whatever your age.

Y  - Is yours truly, no poet is he;

After reading this far I'm sure you'll agree.

Z - Is for zero, all things have their ends;

Here's wishing you luck with those engines, my friends.