Southeast Kansas Old Time Gas Engine and Tractor Club Show

Larry and Kathy Powell

Display of Larry and Kathy Powell of Rogers, AR

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325 Stone, Parson, Kansas 67357

The 10th annual Southeast Kansas Old Time Gas Engine and Tractor Club Show was held June 27 and 28, 1998 at the Crawford County Historical Society Museum grounds in Pittsburg, Kansas.

The club decided to honor one of the founders of the club, Quentin Jensen, who passed away several years ago. We invited anyone who purchased any of Quentin's engines to bring them back to display them at the club show last year.

Among those people who brought engines back were Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Hartman, Monroeville, Indiana. They brought a Sandow and Lennox to display. A total of 10 people brought back Quentin's engines.

At this show we had 120 engines, 17 model engines, six steam models, 12 garden tractors and 13 tractors on display.

Prior to the show, the club installed a flag pole in the display area and surrounded it with a rock and flower garden and placed a memorial plaque with the names of deceased members on it. We received many favorable comments not only from exhibitors, but also from visitors.

Among our events was a pie-baking contest, won by Shelly Robertson; Skillet Toss, over-16 winner was Amanda White, under-16 winner was Tara Butler; Rolling Pin Toss winner was Cindy Cleffman; Turtle Race winner was Samantha Earnest. Slow Engine contest, under 4 HP hit and miss winners were the Mobleys; over 4 HP hit and miss winner was Joe Butler; under 4 HP throttle governed winner, Milford Kagle. Slow Tractor Race winner was Terry Hahn with a John Deere 50. Winner of the clock raffle was Michele Duffy.

Display of Larry and Kathy Powell of Rogers, AR

Struck dozer owned by Kenny Wilson of Carl Junction, MO.

Memorial plaque and flower garden.

Some of the various displays at the show.

Even though the temperature was near 100 degrees both days, we had a good turnout during the mornings when temperatures were more bearable.

The club has a restored hay press which we demonstrate during the show, but this year we demonstrated something else--how fast four or five men can move. It seems that the straw pile we were using in the hay press was home to a large bunch of bumblebees (the small black ones who dislike everybody and hate to be disturbed). After cooling the bees down with a fire extinguisher, things returned to near normal.

We would again like to thank all the exhibitors from over the four states who were part of our show this year, and invite them and anyone else to join us for our next show on June 26 and 27, 1999.