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Hi! Hope you are enjoying your summer-and I hope this column is in order and makes some sense-we moved from our home of 30 years into a small brick ranch house-that is I thought we moved on July 14th- but somehow every time we go back to the old home, there is still SO many odds and ends to be brought up and this house looks smaller and smaller, that's what happens when you're a pack rat-as I am-1 must confess though I believe I've given half of the items away, sold quite a few at flea markets, friends, etc. and I've had many boxes of rummage items and also to Messengers of Mercy. They Shermansdale where everything is sorted and repaired and sent to the Applachian folks down Kentucky way. I just can't believe we are still not done moving-I'm sure by next issue things should be in better condition. Right now, nerves are short, tempers a bit touchy and bodies weary. But I'm sure we're going to love it-if we live long enough to get it settled. Say an extra prayer for us-Thanks!

WALT CELBY, R.R. 31, Cabot, Vermont 05647 would like to hear from anyone who has or knows of an Abenaque. His phone number is 802-563-2201.

A. H. SAYER, 106 South Road, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England-'I have in my collection two American engines and I really would appreciate it, if any of your Gas Engine Experts could let me know the year of manufacture of these engines.

One is a Fairbanks Bulldog Type BD, 2? HP, No. B33094. The other is a Jumbo Model T, 1? HP, No. 4238.

If any of your readers are ever in England they are very welcome to look around my collection of some 40 engines. Keep up the good work with your excellent magazine.'

Seeking help is BERNIE SHEA, 1413 Antuna, Woodstock, Illinois 60098: 'I am restoring an 18-27 Oliver Hart Parr, serial number 103812, row crop. Could someone in Smoke Rings tell me what year this tractor was manufactured and any information on it?

WILLIAM L. CUNNINGHAM, 422578th Way N., St. Petersburg, Florida 33709 would like to hear from anyone that has information on the old water powered up and down sawmill-sometimes known as the sash sawmill. I would like to build a model of one. All data appreciated.'

BILL VOCUM, Route 1, Box 108, Loretto, Tennessee 38469 writes: 'You sure have a great magazine. Now, I need help with a 3 HP Geiser sideshaft No. 2177. The fuel pump or primer is missing except the brass arm that rides on the sideshaft cam. The igniter linkage on front of head is gone and the screen radiator or cooling tank is missing. There is a bracket on the cylinder that sets off on an angle. I think it held the cooler. I need information and left or right and frontal close-up pictures of same. Thanks and keep up the good work. (This man will be waiting for your answers-his phone number is 615-852-2098).

A letter from STETSON C. CARTER, Hulls Cove, Maine 04644: 'I have a 2? HP Weber Junior engine. This engine will not run properly because there is excessive 'blow-by' or compression leakage from the combustion chamber. Rathbun's Gas Engine Troubles and Installation-page 316 suggests using a small amount of graphite with the cylinder. This engine also has a pipe which goes into the cylinder. The pipe is threaded into the top of the engine through a machined boss. A machine screw is placed next to the pipe (see picture). Was it a common practice of putting graphite into combustion chamber? What was the possible use of the pipe on the top of the engine which goes into the cylinder? Possibly was there a device which attached to this pipe in order to force a graphite solution into the rings and small imperfections in the cylinder walls? Can anybody help with my questions?? (Hope so Stetson-you'll probably hear from some of our experts).

MARY SCHRIER, Box 156, Cumberland, Iowa 50843 writes: 'The article on Dan Patch was of interest to me, as along with the gas engines, four legged forms of horsepower are also of interest. The enclosed photo of the real Dan Patch is from the National Farmer and Stock Grower Paper February 1904. As for the engines, the photo enclosed is of a large one, 5 HP that is at the Dalton, Minnesota showgrounds.

The smaller engines also bear the name Dan Patch as I have seen a 1? HP and have a name tag from a 3 HP in our collection. The small engines appear to be exactly like a P & O or little Jumbo prompting me to believe that Mr. Savage did not make the engines himself, but used the Great Dan Patch's good name and proven performance to sell them.' (see photos.)

A note from NANCY KRESSLER, 510 Wheeler Road, R. 9, Midland, Michigan 48640 - and she asks: 'We just purchased a 1946 (?) Leader tractor made in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Maybe someone in the Gas Engine Magazine Land could help us locate a manual (see Want Ad section) as that would be of help and tell us colors, etc. so we can restore it. It is a 4 cy. Hercules engine, wide front end, 3 pt. hitch and I wonder how many were manufactured?

ELTON ELLER, Box 545, Onida, South Dakota 57564 encloses a picture of an engine. He thought someone might help him identify it. It has a round hopper that is bolted to the tank. It has a 3?' bore and a 4' stroke with 15?' flywheels. Any information would be appreciated. (Get your pens out and get busy helping all these folks who are eagerly awaiting your letters.)

A letter comes from HISLE LUTES, 300 West Bdy., Winchester, Kentucky 40391: 'Ask your Smoke Ring readers the proper color to paint an Emerson-Brantingham, Type EV, 1? HP gas engine. Also concerning this engine, the rocker arm that opens the intake valve is homemade. I sure would appreciate it if someone could send me a photo or good drawing of the part so I will be in better position to recognize it if I ever find one.

I also have a 1 HP Rock Island #A77077. Does anyone know what color it should be?'

S.O.S. comes from EDWIN BREDEMEIER, RFD 1, Box 13, Steinauer, Nebraska 68441: 'Can anyone in Engine Land tell me about painting an Avery wagon? I have an Avery Wagon running gear and know they were painted Avery Co. yellow, but were they trimmed with black or red stripes on hubs and spokes?

I also have a BF Avery garden 1 row garden cultivator manufactured in Kentucky.'

K. D. BLAIR, R.R. 1, Picton, Ontario, Canada writes: 'Many thanks for a fine magazine over the years. I have two questions relating to marine motors. The first relates to a Ferro outboard motor built around 1915. Mine is missing a carburetor. Would anyone be able to give me an idea about the type or appearance of it

Also I have just acquired a small inboard marine motor built by Evinrude. It is 2 cylinder and 2 cycle with a rope start attachment on the flywheel. It is close to mint condition and all complete. I would like to correspond with someone who might have information on the motor particularly its approximate date of manufacture. This one has a magneto enclosed into the flywheel. Thanks for any help!'

GEORGE W. COVILL, 46 Sandy Lane, Brookfield, Connecticut 06804 tells us: 'I have just acquired a Harley Davidson stationary gas engine and would like any information on it. There is no serial number. It has a patent date of Dec. 16, 1928 on the Lillotson carburetor. It is a 1 cylinder and is equipped with a fan for cooling and a 4' flat pulley. See enclosed picture.'

MARTIN SCHMIDT, RFD 1, Minders, Nebraska 68954 would be interested in knowing how many John Deere A tractors are still in existence that are older than serial number 410700.

A letter with some information comes from JIM HICKEY, 1333 El Rey Avenue, El Cajon, California 92021: 'The following is a follow-up to a question you published for me last year. I was asking about Fairbanks Morse engines with high serial numbers

Here is what I found: Fairbanks Morse engines are still being made! They are now manufactured in Mexico. They are distributed here in the U.S. by dealers in Houston and Bowie, Texas. One of the dealers is Lufkin Ind., 6610 Harwin Drive, Houston, Texas 77036.

The engines are made in sizes from 7 to 36 HP. They look a lot like the older ones, but are more modern with such features as air cleaners on the carb., Timken bearings on the crank shaft, condensing radiator, metered splash lubrication, etc. You can even order an electric starter as an option.

The 7 HP weighs 780 pounds and retails for $2595.00. The 36 HP weighs 4400 pounds and retails for $7270.00. This gives an idea of the size and price of a modern Fairbanks engine.

I'm glad my interest is in the old engines-I surely couldn't afford a new one!

Hope the information will answer some questions for other engine collectors.' (I'm sure the readers will be interested, Jim and thanks for sending it along.)

A subscriber writes: 'My name is HANS GERSTL, Panorama Farm, Faber, Virginia 22938 and I am 14 years of age. I have been collecting gas engines for about three years. I now have acquired about 10 engines.

My last engine is a 15 HP International Famous gas engine. In the background is a 15-20 HP Enter-prize steam engine. I would like some information on it from your readers, if possible.'

I also need to know the color of an open crankcase 2? HP Moline gas engine. I would appreciate it if your readers would write me on it.

Well here's another short letter from JIM HICKEY, 1333 El Rey Avenue, El Cajon, California 92031; 'Enclosed is a photo for your Smoke rings column. I just found this (odd ball) air compressor. The brass plate on the motor says it was made by the Brunner Mfg. Co., Utica, New York.

The motor which is about the size of a modern 1 HP is listed as a single phase ? HP, 110 volts. The patent dates are 1899 and 1903. Anybody ever see one like it??'

AL GREGORITSCH, 3 Iby Street, So. Burlington, Virginia 05401 calls to us 'HELP! I'd like to know if any of the readers have dates of manufacture for Associated gas engines made in Waterloo, Iowa? Mine is a 1? HP water-cooled, whose serial number is 305741. Will greatly appreciate any help.' (Help is probably on the way-hang in there Al.)

A letter with picture comes from M. D. DAVIDSON, 'This picture is of an engine that was in a barn fire. I have removed the crankshaft and flywheels to work on them. No name. Casting numbers like K4, K14, etc. I need HELP. Is this a Lambert? I believe it to be 1? or 2 HP. Please, anyone who has any information contact MARWOOD DAVIDSON, Route 1, RED, Wilton, New Hampshire 03086. I'll replace postage, pay for photostat copies of instructions, manuals, etc. Will accept collect phone calls on information at 8 P.M.' (He is really interested folks-but I must again tell the readers, I cannot list parts in the Smoke Rings Column-that type of information must be run in the classified ads-I'm sure you understand.)

Attention: 'Smoke Rings' Column says NICK BUESCH, 2520 Antiquity Lane, Belleville, Illinois 62221: 'I enjoy your magazine very much. I was 'bitten by the bug' a few years ago, mainly with gasoline tractors, but my wife picked up a lead sheet, woodback printer's lithographic plate from which the enclosed copy of a hit-and-miss engine was made. I have taken it to a few shows, the last at Bluford, Illinois engine show and asked around as to the make and model of this engine and so far, everyone has been stumped. If any readers recognize this engine or know of literature in which this plate was used, I would be interested in hearing from them.'

JOHN H. STONE, 674 W. Montecito Avenue, Sierra Madre, California 91024 would like to hear from you: 'I would appreciate information on a Horton Washing Machine. This is a round copper tub and has two gas burners under the bottom of tub. Any data would be helpful.' (There are a lot of people calling for HELP this time-help them if you can Fellas.)

DONALD RICK, 1122 East Shaddy Lane, Neenah, Wisconsin 54956 would like to correspond with anyone concerning a Sta Rite or La Cross engine with a 7' bore.

Another man seeking information about his engine is JOHN BYRD, Route 1, Box 363, Hartsville, South Carolina 29550: 'I have a McCormick Deering 1? HP 500 RPM motor with serial number W836901. I would like to know the year it was made and the specific color of green these engines were painted.' (I'll bet you'll get answers on this question, be patient).

WAYNE BROEHL, Archives Dept. of John Deere & Co., John Deere Road, Moline, Illinois 61275 would like to get in touch with other collectors of barbed wire. {I know there are some fellows interested in this so drop Wayne a line.)