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If things are a bit muddled or mixed up or if you open up your magazine and rice falls out don't be surprised-this is Monday and this Saturday evening our daughter, Dana, is getting married and you can well imagine the buzzing and hustling and odds and ends of so many things to do-would go better if I ever get my 'par' speed up again, but to this point have not yet accomplished this but am doing the best that can be done and I'm sure every thing will turn out beautifully. Will give you details on the big event next time!

Have a letter from Ron Magnuson written to Dick Seibert, 209 Poplar Ave., Hummelstown, Pa and it goes 'Dick-saw the pictures of the engine you wanted to know the name of in (JEM. The name is Coldwell mfg. by the Coldwell Lawn Mower Mfg. Co. They made a 1 and 2 cylinder engine. I don't know the address of the mfg. Co. but I can tell you where to find out. Lester Roos of Geneseo, Illinois has two-a 1 and 2 cylinder. His was on the lawn mower when he got them. He lives at 328 N. State St., Geneseo, Illinois.' - so perhaps that will be of some help to some of you other folks.

And a letter from Fred Gertje, Oro-fino, Idaho 83544 writes: 'On page 30 of the May-June GEM magazine, Mr. John F. Hottle of Manassas, Virginia shows a picture of his 8 horse engine and asks for aid in determining the right name of it. I have a 4 X 6 Ward-Sattley engine that looks just like it except for size. It has two letters and a number on each one of its parts, but oddly enough, the letters are different on each part. I realize that it might be that Mt. Hottle's engine was made by the same firm that built the Ward-Sattley. I do not know who that Was, but I don't think Ward's made their own. I have another engine that looks a lot like the engine in question. It is a 1? hp. The parts are numbered AA1 to AA33. The gas tank is gone, but it apparently worked on the direct suction system. The chief difference is that it has a dry cylinder head. I noticed the letter by George Kasdoff, Sr. of Goshen, Indiana in which he mentions the gas engine made by Flint & Walling. I was surprised to learn that they made engines' There were dozens of their windmills in this area, and I have one of their later models. Does anyone own or know about the THERMOIL engine that was sold by one of the mail order houses? I recall that it was supposed to start and run on kerosene. How successful was it? Anyone that can answer Fred's question-I think he would be glad to hear from you.

And another important letter comes from Wesley E. Shultz, Jr. of Leadmine Brook Road, Hardwinton, Connecticut 06790. Wesley states: 'I believe the 'What Is It?' engine pictured on page 15 of July-August issue of GEM is a one bylinder water cooled Caldwell, used to power a Caldwell lawn mower.

The Caldwell lawn mowers were constructed on the same principle as the present day Locke mowers and were made in two sizes - one cylinder and two cylinder. The one cylinder model was called the 'Cub' and the two cylinder model was called the 'Bear'. As positive identification, the water filler cap on Dick's engine should be the likeness of a bear cub.

The radiator was not filled with water but only served to condense the steam. The water filler was located level with the bottom of the radiator. The aluminum drum flywheel housed the magneto and as you can see also served as the fan drive pulley. The three lugs on the magneto end of the crankshaft drove the clutch assembly through a flexible coupling.

At one time I owned a two cylinder mower of this type which had previously been used commercially for over 25 years. It still ran very well. I would guess that Dick's engine was constructed about 1925.

I am presently restoring a 4 or 5 hp. 'Money Maker', If anyone has any information on this engine, I would appreciate hearing from them. It has a 5 in. bore, 7 in. stroke, 27 in. flywheels, buzz coil ignition and hit and miss governor. It weighs approximately 850 lbs.'

Was thrilled and so happy two weeks when No. I Son and wife Kathi and the dear little granddaughter were able to visit with us for a few hours. We see such a little bit of them and it's been four months since we've seen the baby and you know how they do grow -she s nine months old now. She's a little doll and my heart aches they must go so soon and be away so long but at least we did get to meet her again and she was very polite and made up with all of us which made us all happy. Eddie and Kathj will be here for the wedding, in fact are in it, but the little doll is staying home in Bangor with her Grandparent Cascioli's.

That's it for this time and so until we meet again remember: - The easiest thing to find is fault and the hardest thing to keep is still.--The largest room is room for improvement.--Train up a child in the way he should go - and go that way yourself. You cannot expect to feel God's presence if you are too busy.