5 HP Jaeger

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DALE NICKERSON, Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, New York 14718 sends this: 'I figure it's time to let everyone know what transpired as a result of my birth control pill want ad in the July-August issue.

'For some reason the engine name was misspelled, should have been Jacobson. Was going to send a request that the ad be placed in the next issue with the name corrected but gave the idea up after realizing the panic that could ensue if everybody knew what I was up to.

'Shortly after the ad appeared, a very good friend who realized what could happen if the Jacobson propagation rate wasn't brought under control, sent a most generous supply of prescription pills. He was the only one to offer help; sorry, I can't disclose his name.

'Since the Jacobson breeding season is during September and October, I had time to devise a plan of action. Much thought was given as to the best way to distribute the pills over the large territory around Warren, Pa., home of the Jacobson.

'It was decided to broadcast them from a helicopter, a service was contacted and after convincing them of the urgency and potentially dangerous nature of the mission, they donated the use of a helicopter and pilot. I say dangerous, because there are people who would stop at nothing to prevent the mission from being carried out.

'On a gloomy morning in early September, we loaded the helicopter and took off for Warren. Started shoveling pills to the wind five miles from the center of town and made an ever widening circle. It was tedious work shoveling those hundreds of pounds of pills, but it was a job that had to be done. Once in awhile the sound of gunfire could be heard far below, but that didn't deter us.

'I must point this out-the pills are effective on the male and female of the Jacobson species and remain potent for five years.

'The last hundred pounds were reserved for a small area fourteen miles west of Warren which is known to contain many of the Jacobson elite.

'The scouts in the field now report that no new Jacobsons are in sight and that the possibility of an invasion into neighboring states has been brought to a halt.'

CARL M. LATHROP, 108 Garfield Avenue, Madison, New Jersey 07490 is one of our regular contributors and he sends us this:

'I think that we have a 'live one' on the hook. My son Stephen, has always been interested in tinkering with machinery from steam engines to a recently acquired Jaeger hit-and-miss. At work he is busy helping the ladies smell nice and have their hair in place as a cosmetic chemist but come the weekend-look out!

'Among the first ventures was to build a railroad track car similar to the 1915 Buda shown on page 3 of the January/February, 1978 Iron Men Album. Now he and a group of volunteers are rebuilding a Davenport diesel/mechanical locomotive for the newly formed Catskill Mountain Railroad, a tourist operation for summer visitors.

'But, most recently, a 5 HP Jaeger along with a saw bench ended up in his back yard. Over the Thanksgiving weekend the two of us had it running and managed to saw a winter wood supply for the old round oak stove in his early American living room. Yes, I think we have a recruit. I've just sent in a subscription to G.E.M. for him as a birthday present.'

HUGH DUROIN, Blue Hall, Maine 04614 has some questions for the readers: 'I have a Cushman vertical, 4 cycle, 4 HP Model C, S.N. 35811. Can anyone supply me with information as to this original brand and type of magneto and carburetor and the correct color for this engine? What was its intended use? It has a chain drive sprocket with a 6' pulley for 4' flat belt.

'What type of engine was the Schrebler carburetor pat. October 14, 1902 used on? This is a big brass carburetor weighing 8 lbs. float type with a bowl that must hold a pint.

'Would anyone venture to guess the maker of the following engine? It is hopper cooled, make and break 9' stroke, 4-5' bore with the only mark of any type being R93H cast into the head.'

'Hey G.E.M. Fans!' says RON FRANZ, 503 Hill Street, Dothan, Alabama 36301 as he asks for your assistance. 'I have a 1 HP Monitor gas pump engine made by Baker Manufacturing Company. I have it mounted on a steel-wheeled cart along with a red jacket hand pump and water barrel. What makes it more interesting to watch is that it actually pumps water into the barrel while in gear. This is my proudest possession and the one I know the least about. If any of you hit and missers out there in Engine Land can help I would appreciate it. The serial number is 47073. I would like to know where it was made, valve clearance and timings and correct spark plugs. Thank you in advance.'

'Enclosed find two pictures of recently restored gas engines. The Novo is owned by Steve Frasl, Route 3, Box 336, Brainerd, Minnesota 56401. Steve restored this engine last fall and the fine looking cart under the Novo was constructed by Steve during restoration. It is a 2 HP, 600 RPM battery ignition engine of about 1919 vintage and bears S/N 19950.'

Steve would like to have help about a Fairbanks-Morse Type Z, Style D, 1 HP engine. He needs original paint color and want to know if the pulley is supposed to have a rope pull notch or if there was a special crank.

'The Root & Van Dervoort is owned by Jim Jokela and restoration of the engine was done by him in fall of 1982. The R & V is a 4 HP, 400 RPM, battery ignited hit and miss engine with a patent date of May 3, 1904. S/N 21913CL.'

Jim would like help with the original paint color and striping color for a 7 HP C. S. Judson, throttle-governed engine. He would also like to hear from anyone having an R & V engine that appears to be older than #21913. His R & V is trailer mounted with a buzz saw. JIM JOKELA, Route 10, Box 254, Brainerd, Minnesota 56401.

GLEN R. SWENSON, 2102 Elm Street, Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744 has this to tell us: 'I have acquired two engines with lots of parts numbers but no nameplate. Am hoping some Smoke Ring readers can help me. Here are the numbers of an engine which looks like the one on the cover of Rathbun's books, which is a Wolverine: Bore4', stroke 5&', flywheel 24', flywheel BB30, water hopper BB-2, head BB-4, cam gear CC18, base casting BB-1, main bearing caps BB-9 and connecting rod W24.

'The other engine is much smaller with S/N A704, bore 3', flywheel 16', connecting rod K-6, governor weights B-21, governor arm M-4, cam gear M-8, side bar bracket B-35, rocker arm M-7, rocker arm bracket M-5. I think it was red.'

'I need help on a light plant made by Fairbanks Morse & Co.,' states ROY S. MAST, Route 4, SR 557, Millersburg, Ohio 44654. 'It is shunt wound generator S/N 34383IH type, 1.5 KW 2000 RPM 40 AMPS 1.5 K.W. continuous Duty 40°C 37 volts. Need a wiring diagram and any other data.

'I also have an engine, Gray Brothers, S/N 85972, 2% HP, Cleveland, Ohio. I need to know what the original ignition was like. The engine has been converted to plug and buzzing coil. What was original color and striping?'

Suggestions would be appreciated by EUGENE J. HALM, 439 Locksly Drive, Paradise, California 95969 as he has a 1 HP John Deere Model E that does not fire every time it is supposed to and this is most perplexing. He has examined the gas line check valve and it is working properly. The igniter is a rebuilt one and a continuity check shows it is opening at the appropriate time. All the timing marks match up and the valves are seating. The engine will more often than not intake gas two or more times before ignition takes place.

This next letter comes from J. D. 'JACK' LAW, Pierson, Iowa 51048:

'I must write to tell you about an incident that happened to me. This will attempt to show what a great bunch of guys there are out there in this world of collecting old iron. I collect John Deere's and have a good friend in Pierson, Iowa named Daker McQueen who collects mostly McCormick-Deering tractors. Daker was out in Montana looking for old iron and he met a man from Custer named Dave Lambrecht, who has a lot of nice John Deere's and in the process of visiting, got Dave's name, address & phone number so I could correspond with him. Dave & I exchanged a couple of letters & I found he has some parts I can use in restoring one of my tractors. About the first of August, 19821 ordered some parts from Dave who wrote back saying it was harvest time and he would look for what I need as soon as harvest was over. About the middle of September, I received a letter from Dave saying he was on a trip to the middle west and intended to stop in Pierson. He brought the parts with him. One stop in Izanti, Minnesota to visit Lloyd Bellin who tried to get Dave to go along with him to the Mt. Pleasant Show. Dave was running out of time and couldn't go to Mt. Pleasant or visit me here at Pierson, so he left the parts with Lloyd who took the parts to Mt. Pleasant intending to give them to me there. I couldn't attend the Mt. Pleasant Show this year, so on the way home Lloyd dropped the parts at Harold Haggin's in Joice, Iowa. Harold told Lloyd that he would see me in the near future. I met Lloyd Bellin at the Waukee Swap Meet for the first time this Spring...Harold Haggin I have known for 3-4 years. Early one morning I got a phone call from Lloyd telling me that Harold had my parts and would get them to me. On Sunday night, September 26,I got a phone call from Harold saying he has my parts & will bring them down to me. He is coming down to see Charles Krekow to pick up some shutters made by Charles. My good friend Charles lives about 12 miles north of Pierson.

'In short, I got some parts from a man I haven't met in Custer Montana, who took the parts to a man in Izanti, Minnesota-who I have met once; he went to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa to deliver the parts- brought the parts back to Joice, Iowa & turned them over to another collector to deliver the parts to me. In the meantime I sent a letter to Dave Lambrecht enclosing a check for the parts that I know will eventually get to me.

'Harold Haggin offered to send the parts by UPS if I needed them in a hurry. Two collectors make a long distance phone call informing another collector where and who has his parts for him.

'If any of you have any dealings with the men mentioned above, rest assured of being treated fair and square. I have a folder with seventy some business cards in it, that are some of the best people in the world. Thanks for a great magazine representing some very good people-collecting old iron.'

'See photo of engine I cannot identify,' says BOB SEELEY, RR3, Box 176, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093. 'A strip of copper plate on the top of the hopper is stamped HP 1, RPM 500, No. 107174. It has a unique vacuum or compressor system built in the inside of the belt pulley. I need some input such as make, design description, color, trim and year of manufacture.

'I also need to know the lettering and trim, if any, for a 2 HP United. Is it similar to the 1 HP United?'

JIM ROBERTSON, 506 Meadow Lane, Bismarck, North Dakota 58501 needs to get an answer from you folks as he states:

'My Headless 2HP Witte Spark Plug Ignition (S/N 21124) was being used for a weight on a farm disc when found. The piston was frozen all the way in. Sandblasting the bore behind the piston cleaned away the accumulation of dirt and rusts. After weeks of soaking in penetrating oil, the piston was persuaded out using a hydraulic porta-power, to pressurize the combustion chamber. The pits in the cylinder bore and crank shaft were filled with J. B. Weld.

'The exhaust valve was broken off flush with the valve box. I need dimensions for the valve, valve guide and valve spring. All that remains of the ignition is a teardrop shaped (approx. 1'x2') piece of red fiber material located adjacent to the cam. I need the details and dimensions to complete the igition.'

This writing comes from JAMES DEKLE, 430 Colton Avenue, Thomasville, Georgia 31792: 'It's been a long time since I wrote to Smoke Rings. I still enjoy G.E.M. and your column very much. I'm not sure GEM is Gas Engine Magazine abbreviation only. It may be Good Engine Material or Great Enthusiasm Manifested.

'Anyway, we wish to announce the formation of a new engine club, The Deep South Steam and Gas Engine Club, with members from South Georgia, South Florida and North Florida. We meet the third Saturday of every third month, have had three meetings and now co-host our First Show at the Deep South Fairgrounds, Thomasville, Georgia on March 26 and 27. See our ad! This will be a fun and educational meet. We plan to make lots of mistakes and may try to correct some of them next year. For more information write Ron Franz, 503 Hill St., Dothan, Alabama 36301.' (Good Luck Fellas, hope your organization grows with your enthusiasm.)

'I have tried to help others with problems in Smoke Rings and now I need some help,' claims GARY GYLLING, Route 4, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501.

'I have recently acquired the pictured engine and would like to know the name, place of manufacture and anything else. The bore is 2', stroke 1 & 15/16' flywheel 8x1' and overall length 12'.Stamped on it in several places is #14 so I assume this is probably 14th made. It is 2 cycle.'

ED BELIN, 8030 Clikeman Road, Rockford, Illinois 61103 would like to hear from someone who has a J.D. GP 301 or J.D. 450 4-row corn planter as he needs information (see Want Ads)...HAROLD CURTISS, 10180 Pickeral Lake Road, Petoskey, Michigan 49770 would like to know what color his Lansing Company 1-1 HP was painted........ GARRY KIRSCH, Box 47, Uniontown, Ohio 44685 would like to get in touch with anyone familiar with the Standard Twin garden tractors made by Standard Motor Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has a fairly complete steel-wheeled two cylinder S.N. 30904815. He would like to know if the carburetor is made by Standard or is from another make, also how many were produced and how many are in existence...VINCE RODERICK, 169 Gorham Road, Scarboro, Maine 04074 has a vertical Stover S.N. A4284 about 1905. He would like help in the form of pictures or drawings of the carb, fuel pump, piping and any levers connected with pump...DOC & PAULINE SCHRAGE, 1219 Lawn Avenue, New Haven, Indiana 46774 would like to find out about a 4.5 HP Caille 1927 outboard motor, Bosch magneto, all loose, rope starter magneto in flywheel...A. L. HEILAND, 15323 C.R. 25 A, Anna, Ohio 45302 recently bought an engine with a brass plate reading: 15-Jk-69-82, 1 HP. He would like to know the make and year...CARL BRUSS , 7050 S. 27th Street, Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154 has a Salsbury air-cooled gas engine and can't find any information on this engine-no serial number, size or where it was made and when. Can you help?...FREDERICK A. BEST, R.D. 4, Gouveneur,New York 13642 would like to know the age or production date of a 1 Stickney #19562 and 1-2 HP Sandwich No. A14477 sold in Gouveneur, N.Y. by the Spooner Campbell Co. It has 16' x 2' flywheels and detachable cylinder...DON ALTHOLZ 220 E. North Street, St. Clair, Missouri 63077 needs help with the correct colors and pin striping for a 1 HP Hercules S.N. 258159 and a 3 HP upright Novo S.N. 41693. He will answer all responses... JIM McCRACKEN, Box 176, Crawfordsville, Oregon 97336 would like to correspond with a Jacobson owner to confirm identity and color of his 5 HP hopper-cooled sideshaft engine. It looks identical to a Bulls-eye with the exception of a crank handle built into the flywheel, but he bought it as a Jacobson...BILL WILLIAMS, R.R. 1, Cassville, Wisconsin 53806 would like some data on an I.H.C. Famous upright 2 HP plunger type water pump, i.e. check valves, locations, etc...ROBERT A. JOHNSON, Route 2, Box 358, Canyon, Texas 79015 has asked previously about color of Monitor engines. Since then he has gotten some more N.O.S. parts and says some of these fit only later model 1 engines. Some of these are red and some are gray also. It would seem that Baker may have used both colors over a lot of years...BILL GRAVES, R.D. 3, Camden, New York 13316 has just purchased a 25 HP Marion gas engine, completely disassembled and would like to hear from anyone who has a Marion or info concerning one. A drawing of the rod cap or dimensions of one would be greatly appreciated... W. H. BAUGHMAN, Cut Bank, Montana 59427 has a Rumely 16-30 #4430 and would like to hear from someone the year of his tractor and dimensions for the water tank so he could build one...RICHARD GRIFFIN, 3625 Emery Road, Adrian, Michigan 49221 wants information on a Woolery engine No. 2633 Model A, 7 HP, pat. Aug. 15, 1916. Engine was made by Woolery Machine Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota...ROBERT J. ALTVATER, 4678 East Wildcat Road, R.R. #6, St. Johns, Michigan 48879 is seeking any data on a North western Railroad Section car engine. It is DRX Type, 6-9 HP, two cycle, reversible engine. S.N. 70362, made by Northwestern Motor Co., in Eau Claire, Wisconsin...MAX BROWN, 982 Nash Road, N. Tonawanda, New York 14120 has a 1935 Case RC tractor and would like to know if the electric starter was an option, where is the serial number and what is the horsepower?...MARVIN BURTS-FIELD, 15 So. Sherman, Liberal, Kansas 67901 would like to know who sells Stuart live steam engine models. They were made in England...HAROLD W. HAUGER, 10819 Tucker Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050 has a 25-45 cross motor Case S/N 264449 and would like to know year of manufacture...RUSSELL ZOELLING, 8279 Ford Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197 was very well pleased with response to his letter about his F-12. He received 17 letters and would like to thank everyone. His F-12 is a 1936 model and was converted to an F-14...KRAIG A. SODERBERG, 511 Cottage Grove, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304 is looking for information on a Simplicity S/N U10009, about 1 HP with a Webster mag and igniter. Some good sketches of the name painted on the black and a pin striping diagram would be greatly appreciated... MIKE ZENKO, 2283 Boardwalk Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301 needs help with a United Type A, 1 HP S/N 110887 engine. Wants to know type of mag and drive needed, color and age...CARL HODGSON, 4810 E. Fruitport Road, Fruitport, Michigan 49415, phone 616-865-3964 just bought a 3 HP United engine S/N 155551 Type A and would like to know year built, color, etc.-would like to borrow a manual if possible...JOHN J. ACKLEY, JR., RD #5 Seeley Road, Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302 needs pictures and info on a Massey Harris Type 2, 1 HP, 650 RPM, S/N 1K806. He has one all in pieces and is hoping to restore it...ORVILLE L. DECKER, 533 W. Maple Avenue, Adrian, Michigan 49221 would like to know how to build a magnetic magnetizer to magnetize the magnet on gas engines...

Here is a picture of an old Jacobson 2 cycle engine sent to us by DICK SHOUDY, 1016 Phelps Avenue, Rockford, Illinois 61108. Dick says: 'I believe this engine was run by battery and coil ignition. There is a flipper on the end of the crankshaft which has a spring to hold it in the outward position. I can't figure out how this was hooked up. I would like to hear from someone on this. Also would like the S/N from a complete mower. The Jacobson Company was very helpful but since I did not have a mower number they sent me a manual on the same engine, but run by a Heinze magneto. An interesting feature is that you put regular gas in the tank and the oilier on the air intake of the carburetor automatically mixes in the oil into the gas. The original color is grey.'

'It won't take long for you to realize that I don't know a great deal about gas engines. That's why I need your help,' pleads PAUL R. DAVIS, JR., 461 Cross Timbers Drive, Lewisville, Texas 75067. 817-491-2998. 'I have two gas engines in running condition. My problem is that I don't know anything about coils, batteries and wiring. A diagram, written instructions, etc. would do the trick. Brass plates read as follows: 1. Associated Manufacturers Co., Waterloo, Iowa U.S.A. Johnny Boy-Chore Boy Line 1 HP. 2. Stover Type K engine, Stover Mfg. & Engine Co., Freeport, Illinois, U.S.A. 2 HP Speed 600 KA 166767. Would appreciate any help and would also like to know more collectors.'

MERWIN EICKMEYER, Route 1, Box 305, Deer Park, Washington 99006 needs help on an engine he is about to restore. It is 'The Field' made by the Field and Brundag Co., Jackson, Michigan S/N 2313, 4 HP. It is a sideshaft with lower exhaust valve and upper intake valve. No magneto but the igniter mounted in the head is activated by the extreme end of the sideshaft. The water hopper is added as a reservoir to the top of the cyl. held on by only a pipe threaded in the cyl. block and piped to the lower side for circulation of the water. 'I would like to know what color paint and year of manufacturing - sure would appreciate it.'

ERWIN KRETZSCHMAR, Route 3, Box 157, Floresville, Texas 78114 writes: 'I received this photo of my wife and myself taken by Ted Krueger of San Antonio, Texas 78201 who took the photo before a parade in Holland, Texas. As far as we know this is the only engine of its kind that exists in the U.S. It is a Morton. We are wondering if anyone knows anything about it, they could speak up and let us all know. I have it restored and running and have taken it to shows but nobody seems to know anything about this engine.'

'Can someone help me please?' asks JOHN R. TROUTMAN, 940 E. Street, Salida, Colorado 81201. 'I have just purchased a 10 HP Bean Orchard Sprayer engine, RPM 850, S/N 484. Someone has used it for a compressor, then changed heads and cut off the valve stems. There is one flywheel on it; are there supposed to be two? There was a tree growing between one of the cylinders and the flywheel. I cut the tree off top and bottom and cut the rest out when I got home. Now, I have it free and turning over, but I need to talk to someone who knows about this engine. I need to know the carb and manifold set-up and what kind of mag. How do you drain and change oil, etc. Please help!'

The following comes from THOMAS M. JENSEN, 559 Sheldon Road, Palmyra, New York 14522:

'First, I would like to thank Kevin Behnke from Wausau, Wi., Bill Armstrong, From Clarkston, Wash., and especially Paul Best from P.O. Box 470, Waldo, Arkansas 71770 for helping me date my Witte engines. I would like to suggest to the collectors that have old tractors that most implement dealers have books on old tractors that give date of manufacture and where to find the serial number on their tractors.

Included with this letter is the model, H.P. and R.P.M. ratings for all the old Briggs-Stratton cast iron engines. For show purposes I would cut the R.P.M.s down better than half as the speeds given are for working engines. For the Maytag collectors I have the serial numbers and their date of manufacture.' (We don't have enough space to print the entire list-we had the list of models and years in the July/August 1982 edition, though, and if you send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope, we'll send you a copy of this new list with the R.P.M.s)

WILLIAM A. ANDERSON, 108 S. Davis, Marshall, Missouri 65340 writes and hopes for answers: 'I have recently acquired an engine I have yet to identify. So far, I have found that all the casting numbers (except those on the flywheels and main bearing caps) match to a book I have on the Empire Gas Engine Line under the seven HP column. The flywheels and main bearing caps have a five digit casting number where all other castings have a four digit number. The flywheels are larger, both wider and larger in diameter than the spec's on the Empire engine. If anyone knows anything about this engine I would like to hear from you. I would like to find out everything I can on this engine (make, color, etc.) All help will be appreciated.'

A letter comes to us from GENE NAFZIGER, R.R., Minier, Illinois 61759: 'Recently, I purchased an engine with double flywheels, horizontal cylinder, open end crankshaft, 4' bore and 9' stroke. The water hopper has flat slanted wides with a flat plate bolted on top. A brass nameplate on side identifies the engine as Eaton of Toronto and Winnipeg, Canada. I have been unable to find any information about the engine and wonder if the readers could help. What is the color of paint? Type of ignition? A spark plug on the engine now may have replaced an igniter. What is the shape of gas tank and location? What type of mixing valve was used? This engine had been converted to use a float style, automobile type. Where is the location of the serial number and possible date of manufacture? Engine is a hit and miss governing type. (Lots of questions, Readers, write him if you can help.)

'I have a David Bradley Tri-Trac Riding Tractor Model No. 917,59101, S/N 1565. I would appreciate knowing when it was manufactured and how many were made. (See cover story of G.E.M. Nov/Dec 1982 for more information on the David Bradley Tri-Trac)

'I am also restoring an Earthmaster Model C and would like to know the original color. Information from the Agricultural Tractor 1855-1950 by R. B. Gray suggests it was made about 1946.' This letter came from Wes Stratman, 31890 Hwy. 96 E., Pueblo, Colorado 81006.

Just a few thoughts to leave you with...Who learns and learns and acts not on what he learns is like the one who plows and plows but never sows...If you think you have no fault, that is possibly the worst one...If you're taking a beating, cheer up; God is just stirring the batter to bring you a blessing...Bye-Love Ya All!