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Hi! I hope all the Gas Engine Family is feeling fine and ready for Spring- it's just around the corner-and we have so many communications that I will not take up any more space-sooo

WILLIAM L. BAILLET, Route 1, Box 112, Ogdenburg, New York 13669 has a problem and wonders if anyone can help. He is trying to remove the crankshaft from two ball bearing engines-I.H.C. Would like to know if anyone knows the proper way to remove the main bearings from the crank and the block at the same time. He has manuals and parts books on other tractors but they do not give any information on this problem.

'I need help in restoring an old Orchard sprayer made by the Hardie Manufacturing Company of Hudson, Michigan. It is powered by a Stover Power Unit Type MV5, speed 1250, No. VB 233030 R. It is mounted on four wheels and the tank on sprayer is made of wood. The engine and pump are under a type of hood that might have been on a car or truck of the 1930s. Info as to color, year or anything about the company would be greatly received.' Write KEITH JACKSON, RR#2, Valley Falls, Kansas 66088.

'I need help with a few of my engines,' says G. E. HOUSTON, Route 1, Box 43, Couderay, Wisconsin 54828. He continues: 'First I have a Bulls eye 2 HP gas engine, sideshaft, S/N 5930. Apparently, this is a rare engine as I have not been able to find any info about it. Would like to know who made it, what year, etc.

I also have a Fairbanks Morse 6 HP Model Z and a F.M. 1 HP Model Z headless. Am having troubles with both of these and could use help from someone experienced with these engines.'

TOM MILKE, 6936 Knickerbocker, Ontario, New York 14519 has two New Way uprights, 5 HP and would like to know when they were built; Model CH S/N CT0784C and Model CH, S/N C10170? What did the gas tank look like? What are the directions on top of the CT0784C supposed to read, because it is different from the other engine?

'Also, I have a standard Monarch. The tag doesn't seem to be original #45277, is it? It has wooden handles. Intake manifold part number is E41183.'

Our ads bring many responses to our readers needs, but FRED HENDRICKSON, Box 194 Snake Meadow Hill, Moosup, Connecticut 06354, is disappointed in that no one answered his ads and he feels sure there is someone who has the information that he needs. He wants history, literature, reprints or anything pertaining to Kewanee 10 HP S/N 6297 horizontal tank-cooled gasoline engine with igniter and Summter low tension mag. Also would like the same thing with exception of history of an Abenaque 6 HP, S/N 1369 hopper-cooled, truck mounted sliding table saw rig with Webster tri-polar and igniter mounted into the front of the head. So please, if you have that information, contact him. He had this in classified ads previously.

This bit of chit-chat comes from BRAD DADO, 544 Chestnut Lane, Box 621, Beecher, Illinois 60401: 'Hi! I need some help again from my good buddies in Engineland. I have acquired a HP Associated engine, S/N 18183. It is completely disassembled and sand blasted. Before assembly and painting, I will have to replace and rework a new connecting rod for this engine. I would like to know what color the engine was painted and color of 'I read in every issue of our fantastic publication of new and younger people getting into the hobby of engine collecting. I would like to relay a bit of advice to these young people. When bidding on engines at auctions be sure to check them thoroughly and don't rely on the sellers word, as to the condition of the engine

'This is my model B Allis Chalmers S/N B60868. I got it from my father, Gordon, who collects tractors. It is on steel wheels and is hand-cranked. I have restored it back to its original condition although I have removed the lugs from the wheels and bolted on rubber for road use. This picture was taken during the 1982 Oceana County National Asparagus Parade. I am interested in hearing from anyone with a tractor like mine and would like to know how many were built on steel,' says SCOTT G. AEBIG, 365 South Hawley, Shelby, Michigan 49455.

ELSNER MACHACEK, 714 Union Street, Northfield, Minnesota 55057 needs to hear from you. He is working on a Fairbanks Morse Type Z, 1 HP, 1500 RPM gas engine. He needs help with the magneto timing. There is a hole in the upper crank case cover to accommodate the mag gear through it. The mag gear has an arrow on it and the cam gear has an X on the rim. On top of the small flywheel it has two marks across it.

We hear from GLENN SHAFFER, Route 1 Co. Rd. 300W, Columbia City, Indiana 46725 and he is a newcomer to the engine collecting hobby: 'I have just acquired a pump made by the Premier Engineering Company and I would like to know the color, year of manufacture and if there is any service literature on the pump. S/N 19215. Anyone know the complete address of the Premier Engineering Co? The nameplate says it is Dayton, Ohio.

'Is the Elgin Wheel and Engine Company still in business and what would be the address? Where can I get an engine paint that looks like the crystal black enamel that was used originally on the Maytag Multi-Motor? Where are the decals located on the single and twin cylinder Maytag Multi-Motors?'

(Glenn was also hoping someone could lend him a copy of The New Maytag Multi-Motor Engine which was put out by Maytag.)

GEORGE L. RATHBUN, Industrial Arts Department Chairman, Toll Gate High School, 575 Centerville Road, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 needs help from our readers: 'Can you supply any information on the principle and operation of the fuel pump for a type 'M' 3 HP kerosene skidded (600 RPM) International Harvester engine?

'The Serial Number is B-50235 and was manufactured in 1923. We have the engine running only by pouring fuel into the carburetor. The fuel pump does not function. We suspect that there must be some parts missing. Perhaps some sort of check valve since there are no moving parts visible or presently existing in the body of the fuel pump.'

'I am new to the engine collecting hobby and have seven engines. The oldest is a 1927 1 HP John Deere but as for the others I am guessing at their ages. I would like help as to dates of manufacture on the following engines: International LB 1-2 HP S/N 107316. It has wooden skids that look older than the metal skids I have seen on other engines. A Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP Model Z, S/N 861545-this engine is very hard to start with the crank and I usually end up starting it with a belt from another engine. How old is it and did it use a muffler? I have a Briggs & Stratton Model Y S/N 162137 Type 60535. I have a book on this one that tells they were made from 1931-1939. Can anyone give me the correct year? It has #35 on flywheel and head bolts. What are the dimensions of the fuel tank and where was it placed? It has a 3 stage V belt pulley, what was the original one? It starts extremely hard with the pedal, doesn't seem to get enough gas. A Witte Diesel, no plate for HP, etc. Bore 4' stroke 6'. Open valves, springs and stems. Horizontal engine with one flywheel that has 2 V belt grooves in it. Would also appreciate the color scheme of any of the above engines.' (This letter is from MONTE SHOCK-MAN, 5021 Peg Street, Boise, Idaho 83705.)

'I would like to seek some help from any gas engine 'nuts' who can find time to drop a note to me,' states GLENN W. KIRTON, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada POB 1CO.

'I have two pieces of equipment on which I need help. First, is a 2 cylinder, 2 cycle horizontal opposed Ellis engine S/N A095, 12 HP. It was built in Detroit, Michigan. Has a separate water tank mounted on skids and two fuel tanks, one kerosene and one gasoline for starting. It has a Wico Model S.D. double magneto and a Detroit Model G lubricator. Governors are Pickering flyball type. I would appreciate any help as to how to start this engine and also the approximate age of it.

The second item is a E. G. STAUDE tractor built in St. Paul, Minnesota. It appears to be a Model T chassis with a one yard dump box built on it. It was first used here for golf course maintenance and has knobby flat rear wheels with smooth front wheels. It has original floor boards and factory running boards.

'I will answer all letters and anyone interested in the Sylvester railway engine, used on 'speeders', I have manuals and will try to help them.

'I would like to take this opportunity to 'Thank You' for an excellent magazine. It is a welcome break to read of the experiences of other people who are interested in this fascinating hobby.'

MARK SERFASS, 2625 Newbury Road, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042 would like to talk to anyone who has a Messinger gas engine made in Tatamy, Pennsylvania. He says, 'I have started an owner's list and have over thirty engines so far. I would like to know S/N, HP, running condition, on a base or not, on a buggy and size, where originally purchased? All of the information is held confidential and only released if the owners so wish.'

Also, Mark sent along a Hunt the Engine Name game. I'm sure you folks familiar with puzzles know how to work these. There are 19 names. See what you can do! Vertical, diagonal, horizontal, backwards, etc.:

A call for HELP comes from BOB FITZGERALD, 1778 West Jackson Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077: 'I am 14 years old and this is my first attempt at restoring a hit and miss-really like their bark. This engine is believed to be a Fairbanks Morse S/N 375875, 1919. It was a 'basket case' when I got it but with help of my gramps and two friends, we have it part way back together. We need to know what the linkage looks like-there has to be a sending device from the governor to the mag as well as rocker arm to tell the engine when to hit and when to miss. This we know, but what they look like or how they attach is a mystery to us.

'Enclosed is a photo of engine, less one flywheel. Any help in describing or drawings of these will be greatly appreciated-we're floundering.' (And then he says Thanks to G.E.M. and that he reads his gramp's magazine from cover to cover as soon as he gets it.)

ROBERT C. GUIRY, 35 Homestead Park, Needham Heights, Massachusetts 02194 is looking for some help with his Bull Dog engine made by Bates & Edmonds Motor Co., Lansing, Michigan. It is a 2 HP and has 2-16' flywheels, 6 spokes, 2 & 1/8' face on the wheels. He would like to know the color and did it have a carburetor and what kind-also what kind of ignition?

'Following my recent article, would like to ask your readers one or two questions,' states DON MACMILLAN, 'Whiterig', Etchilhampton, Devizes, Wilts, England SN10 3JY.

'I am interested to find out the correct color of Waterloo Boy tractors pre-1918 when Deere bought the company. I fortunately acquired both a 1919 and 1921 Full Line John Deere General Catalogue recently, so have color plates of the tractors for these two years. In 1919 the engine and gear box is dark red, by 1921 the whole tractor had become green and yellow except the hub caps and lettering.

'Would any reader have a photo of the Waterloo Boy Model L-LA motor, 2 cyl. horizontally opposed tractor; 29 of which were made in 1914, January to June, before the R went into production?

'My other question concerns combines. I have loaned to our Science Museum 12 of my collection of 26 J.D.s 1922-1962 and they also have a 36 combine which was mine. We are now researching pre-war combines and would be interested to hear from anyone who has early John Deere, Caterpillar, Holt or Case combines, or any literature referring to them.'

ROBERT O. STEVENS, R.D. 2, Box 143A, Marathon, New York 13803 sends us this picture and tells us: 'I bought a Novo 2 cylinder upright with a radiator. It appears to be complete but I don't have any idea as to year or color or anything. The engine does run, no I.D. tag on it. Please help! Will answer.'

MAX W. LEMMONS, 6034 S. Walnut Street, Wichita, Kansas 67217 sends this communication: 'I have an upright Cushman engine Model 44-No. 1798, 8 HP, RPM 7-900. I would like to know the date of manufacturing, color and what type of cooling did it have and where is the gas tank located?

'I also have a Lauson, speed 500, 2 HP, No. WA 63664 with solid flywheels. It has a Wico mag. What year was this engine made? What color is it supposed to be and where is the gas tank supposed to be?

'I wonder how many engines were lost in Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana due to the floods in December?' (Any answers Fellas- let him know.)

Questions-a-plenty to answer DON PADGETT, R.R. 2, Box 166, Rising Sun, Indiana 47040: 'I just purchased an old engine and am in need of much information on it. It is an Alpha made by the DeLaval Separator Co. It is a type E 172, HP W 1 at 525 RPM No. 66423. The engine will run and I plan to restore it. I would appreciate any data as to the original color, type of magneto and where was it mounted on the engine? When was it manufactured? Where were these engines used in the beginning?

'I really do enjoy the magazine. All of each issue is read. Much helpful information has been found on its pages. My sixth grade students are developing an appreciation for the magazine and gasoline engines.'

'Pictured is the engine that my Dad found for me last summer after buying a baler from a lady that was selling old equipment. After getting it home I looked it all over and there are no markings on it except Bosch cast in the mag. There is a bit of black paint left on it. The crankcase is aluminum. Has anybody got one like it? If anyone knows anything about these engines, please let me know.' Contact ROBERT A. HAMILTON, L15 C2 Brantford, Rr 3 Paris, Ont. Canada N3L 3E3.

RAYMOND FORRER, Box 43, Somonauk, Illinois 60552, phone 815-498-2013 has a request for the Smoke Ring readers. He is starting a registry of Sandwich and New Idea engines and would appreciate hearing from anyone owning either one. 'I need serial numbers, horsepower, type of ignition and names and addresses, also would like definite proof of the age of engine. All Sandwich records were destroyed many years ago, so all we can do is guess as to year made. For those who don't have a serial plate, all these engines were stamped with the s.n. on the pulley end of the crankshaft.'