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Smoke Rings

R. F. Somerville

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Hi Dear Friends out in Gas Engine land--are you having fun? I know you are as you make the routes following the reunions. It surely is a growing hobby and one that gains you many new friends also.

Mixed emotions for us this past week as we saw Don, our third offspring, graduate from High School. How fast the years fly--even though our children are spaced out over quite a few years. He is spending the summer working for the Township and playing golf. We wish him a happy future.

From cc, 2815 Niagara Blvd., Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada comes some information he would like to share with you gas fiends. This first bit is regarding Fairbanks Morse Engines--'If you write to Mr. D. E. Jacobsen, Technical Publications, Colt Industries, Fairbanks Morse Inc., Power Systems Div., 701 Lawton Ave., Beloit, Wisconsin 53511 and give him the serial number of your engine and he can tell you the year it was made. Also from old manuals he has given the following information. The 'Z' was changed to 'ZA' with the introduction of the Bosch high tension oscillating magneto. ZA to ZB about 1934-5 & 7? HP; ZB to ZC about 1940-6. 7. 8 HP; ZA to ZB-3 HP when??; ZB to ZC about 1928-3 HP; ZC about 1929-1? HP. Mr. Jacobsen can also provide you with Xerox copies of Instruction Manuals for F-M engines.

Also regarding engines by International Harvester Company--If you write to Mr. W. F. Over man, Publicity Relations Dept., International Harvester Co., 401 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 60611 and give him the serial number on your engine he will probably be able to tell you the year it was made. He can supply some literature on engines. He could not however supply me with an Operator's Manual for a 1915 1 HP Mogul, but he did give me some sales literature and specification sheets. Does anyone know where I could obtain Xerox copy of the Operating Manual for this engine.'

TOM DOWNING of R. D. 1, Box 181, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 16117 writes and I quote: 'I have a problem with a Pioneer garden tractor that I bought a few years ago and am just now getting to work on. It was made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in one cylinder upright, air-cooled, with overhead valves. The cylinder sits at the back of a crank and gear case nearly two feet long with the flywheel at the front and acting as a cooling fan.

The problem is that I can't figure how the cylinder and crank, etc. are supposed to be lubricated. Can someone tell me if it has an oil pump? How much oil is carried in the crankcase? (Rush your answers to Tom, Fellows).

BASIL AMOS, Russellville, Missouri 65074 sends us this bit of information -- 'I notice collectors keep wanting manuals and parts for ,J.D. Model E. engines. Your J. D. dealer can gel the manuals (or reprints) for you or you can write direct to the J. D. Co. Also parts are available for the Model E engines--very high, I understand, but what isn't nowadays?'

From friendly Ed Burgess, Laceyville, Pennsylvania 18623 conies some information you fellows will be interested in using and sharing with others: 

'I  have some information which I would like to share with other readers of G. E. M. It is from a 1922 CHARLES WILLIAMS catalog that has three color pages about the MAYNARD engine.

These engines were sold direct to the farmer, from the store in New York or from the factory in Michigan. They were made in size 1-?, 3, 5, 7, 12, H. P. The color is red with yellow pin striping. The decal is large, on each side of the water hopper, blue with yellow border. The water hopper on the 3, 5, 7, H. P. tapers outward much like the New Holland engine. The 1-?and 12 H. P. have square hoppers. The 1? has very rounding corners on the top. It is also the only one with air-cooled head; the rest are water cooled.

All engines were sent on a 30 day trial. Specifications of the 1-? H. P. were type Gasoline only, Four Cycle 500 R. P. M. Capacity of water hopper 1-? Gallons. Diameter of Flywheels 16 inches. Fuel Tank 1 Gallon. Bore 3-? Inches. Stroke 5 Inches. Length of Piston 4 Inches. Shipping Weight 225 Pounds. This engine could be bought for $47.65 with batteries, or with a Webster Magneto for $50.85. All the other engines came standard with a Webster Mag, and were gas or kerosene burning.

The 3, H. P. price was $89.20. The 5, H. P. was, $122.95. The 7, H. P. was $179.65. The 12, H. P. was $285.60. There is also a number of accessories as Pump Jacks, Hoists, Buzz Saw outfits in several different sizes, and feed grinders.

I hope this is of interest to someone, and you can use it. I have been collecting engines for several years, and enjoy them very much. I have a 1922 FORDSON and would like to know how to tell if it is IRISH, ENGLISH, or AMERICAN. I hope someone can help me out.

You have the greatest magazine, and I wish it came more often.'

TOM KILLMON, Route 1, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501 owns a single cylinder Maytag and would like to find an air cleaner and a service manual on the magneto. It is the only engine he owns and he says it doesn't run too good. (Here's hoping you get some help, Tom).

 Just a bit of information and also a request for Smoke Rings column comes from MARVIN MAITRE, 648 33rd, Des Moines, Iowa 50312. 'I've been collecting engines for 13 months after want to do this for many years. I didn't know how to find my first engine, but this has changed as my collection now numbers 50, all found in the last 13 months. Better ones of these are a 6 HP Mogul, Handy Andy, JD-EP 3 HP, 6 HP JD, Gray Marine, Olds 1? HP, Associated Busy Boy, Casey Jones 6 HP, F&J 1? HP, United 1? and 2? HP, Witte log saw, Stover 5 HP oil right. I find this tremendous relaxation and enjoyment. The request--Need a magneto for my 6 HP Mogul--'

VICTOR J. LIPPI, 606 Cable Street, Van Wert, Ohio 45891 sends along this missal--'I enjoy the letters that are sent to you and most of them are asking for help on a certain engine, in one way or the other.

Now, I'd like to get in touch with anyone who owns or has information on a Caille engine, manufactured by the Perfection Motor Co., Detroit, Michigan. It is a one cylinder, horsepower is unknown--I think it could be a 1 or 1? HP. It is vertical, with a closed water hopper and a single flywheel, diameter 14?', face 2' and what type of magneto and carburetor does this engine require? I would appreciate any information which can be supplied.

I have been collecting early day gas engines for a number of years only as a hobby. I wish it were a monthly issue.

Many of you remember T. H. KRUEGER, 1615 San Francisco Street, San Antonio, Texas 78201--1 have a letter here sent awhile back and I'd like to share it with you. 'The duties that befall me, during fall and winter, seem to be getting too much for me, leaving practically no time to answer your treasured mail, or, to work over and start up another engine, or two, of mine. I tried hard and pitched in to do my thing. I'd get up and at it around 5:30 A. M. and get back to bed by 11:30 P. M. Kept this up awhile, then my endurance began to fade. I got so exhausted I had to go to bed by 9 P. M. at least. My heart once kicked up in '56 and '63 to where I couldn't hire out for 7 years. Dr. said I got too involved again in something and will have to take it easier.

Tried to get my 10 HP F-M 'Z' kero and a 3 HP Hercules gasoline ready but I didn't make it. Couldn't prepare anymore stories for GEM either. I hope to get back to all this again'. (The above was a letter he had printed to his 'pen-pals'). Then he added--'I guess anxiety finally got a grip on me and all that wasn't good for my heart. For 1971, it was worse. Besides my heavy load at home, I helped my son build his country-home, starting in March of 71 and it is 35 miles east of here. Usually got home about 10 P. M. with no pep left to write letters and articles.'

He wanted you of the Gas Family to know why he hasn't been writing to GEM--and we do miss your contributions, Ted. We hope you get to the place you can send us material again as I'm sure it was quite helpful to the gas enthusiasts.

HOWARD D. MILLER, Box 10, Route 2, Southington, Ohio 44470 would like information on a garden tractor and a farm tractor. It is a two cylinder, motor No. 51-168, manufactured by LeRoi Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the tractor name--2 G. Centaur made by the Central Tractor Co. Greenwich, Ohio. U. S. A. patented Serial No. 776 or 775. The steering is in the middle and has two power wheels in the front and sulky with a seat on it. And it turns in the middle. I would like to know how old it is. (This is a little confusing to me, but I think maybe you experts will be able to figure it out fine).

A letter from HOWARD E. BARROWS, Route 4, Delaware, Ohio 43015 tells us this: 'I have a Lightning engine No. 533, bore 1 stroke 6'. This engine was made in Kansas City, Missouri and is an 8 HP. It is an unusually odd engine. The two pistons are in one bore with a U connecting rod that drives the back piston, while the front piston is driven with a single connecting rod on the same crankshaft. Also the exhaust is a port exhaust, which drops out of the front of the back piston. The intake has one suction intake valve and one idling valve. The engine runs as a four cycling engine. The ignition is make and brake. It has a diaphragm feed pump on it. It has 5 glass oilers on this engine. If I haven't made it clear, about this engine, write me. If you know of another engine like this, I would like to hear from you'.

GERALD FAGERLUND, Rolla, North Dakota 58367 writes: 'Last fall a man gave my son, David, who is 13 years old, a gas engine that I think is rare. It is in working order but needs paint. It is all aluminum, horizontal, air-cooled. It is a 'Busy Bee' made by_ Gladden Products Corp. of Glendale, 'California. Model No. AB 316641, 5 HP, 2600 rpm, bore 2?', stroke 3'. I've never seen one like it before. Is this company still in existence? Does anyone else have one? I have no idea how old it is. ' (There you are Fellows, get to work and help answer Gerand's questions).

'I have a Standard Twin Garden manufactured by the Standard Engine Co.-No. 401C6024. I would like to know when these were made, how many were made and the color scheme, as I am restoring it. I also would like to know of anyone who would sell steel wheels for these'. (If you have answers --please send them along to Rick Huscher, Waukee, Iowa 50263).

LOREN E. LIPPOLDT, Route 1, Box 58, Kinsley, Kansas 67547 types us this note: 'As mentioned in the Jan-Feb. 72 Gas Engine Magazine, page 30--1 wrote to Double Seal Ring Co. to try to get new rings for my 3 HP Model Z Fairbanks-Morse engine. Here is their reply--(Sorry, but we are not able to furnish these rings. Thank you for interest.) I have written to another outfit in Los Angeles. Will let you know about this one, too.' (Gee, that's too bad Loren, but maybe they would have some ideas for some of the other fellows. Hope you find what you are seeking).

Now, we recently had another letter from LOREN and I'll just continue as it is on the same subject.--'In my last letter I promised you that I would let you know where I was able to get a new set of rings for my 3hp model Z Fairbanks-Morse gas engine.

The new rings arrived in the mail yesterday.

I got them from:

J. C. (Jim) Lewis Power Tite Ring Co.

1953 South Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA 90011

Model of a Standard Drilling Rig used in oil fields. Run by a Briggs and Stratton Engine. Owned by D. C. Sage, Bradford, Penna.

They cost $12.32 for 3 compression rings, including postage.

These rings fit in my engine perfectly.

I ordered a new' copper and asbestos' head gasket from another outfit and it hasn't arrived as yet.

Will give you their name and address if they come up with the gasket.

I bought a 4? hp Sandwich engine yesterday for $10.00. It needs restoring, badly.

I now have 7 engines.'.

I think I've rambled on long enough and it's time to sign off and get this to press. Hope you do have a wonderful summer and remember--An upright man can never be a downright failure