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The clock of life is wound but once.
 And no man has the power.
 To tell just when the hands will stop.
 At late or early an hour.
NOW is the only time you own;
Live, love, toil with a will-Place no faith in TOMORROW For the clock may then be still.

And I think that's a good bit of advice to start the New Year-I don't know what's in it for you and me, but here's wishing the best in'83! Hope you have been enjoying the Holidays and may we all look forward to a bright New Year! And enough of this and on to the many communications.

BOB ETMAN, P.O. Box 346, Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01262 sends this: 'I have an old engine that I hope someone can give me some information on it. It is a Fairbanks Morse Model Z, 3 HP at 475 RPM. It is complete and runs well on either gasoline or kerosene. I am presently using it to power a saw rig. The thing that is unique about this engine is that it was made in Canada. The brass plate on the head end of the water hopper reads-Made in Canada, by the Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co., Ltd., Toronto, Canada. Patents Dec. 25, 1917, Feb. 5, 1918 and April 2, 1918. I have been to four old engine shows this summer, talked to a lot of people, but no one has heard of this engine being made in Canada. The serial number is C-22776. I certainly would appreciate any data on this engine or company.

'I am also interested in information about a 'Mity Kat' Tractor Co., Medford, Massachusetts. I have one of their Mity Kat bulldozers made about 1948 and have never seen or heard of one before I got mine. It is quite small, 2300# and has a 4 cylinder, water-cooled Hercules engine of 18 HP. I would like to hear from anyone who has one of these crawlers, or has any knowledge of the company.

'I'd like to say you have a terrific magazine with a world of knowledge for the old engine fancier.'

Hoping for a lot of answers, we hear from MICHAEL BURDGE, 1229 Huntington Road, Stratford, Connecticut 06497: 'I enjoy your magazine very much and have recently become interested in gas engines and already have acquired three-a 3 HP Domestic, 4 HP Novo and a 2 HP Fairbanks which is mounted on a Paasche air compressor. I hope someone can give me information on this for I have never seen one like it.

'The compressor and motor are mounted on a 3-wheeled caret with the tank mounted underneath. It is long and narrow. The motor is a 2 HP dish-wheeled Fairbanks and it is belted to a Kellog compressor. On the cart it reads Paasche compressors and it develops 150 pounds of pressure. Would like to hear from anyone owning one of these so I can find out where they were made, how many and what was the original color?

'I would also like some help on my 3 HP Domestic, S.N. 8093. What year was it made and how many were manufactured? I would also like to know the best paint for the burgundy Domestics.

'My 4 HP Novo is S .N. 87303 and I would like to know the year and how many were made. I will appreciate any information.'

'First of all I would like to commend you on your GREAT magazines,' says BILLY HART, Box 319, Rugby, North Dakota 58368.

'But my problem is more complicated, as a few years ago I purchased a stationary water-cooled engine. I do not know the year it was made, the manufacturer, the color, pin stripes if any, nor not much other information. I would like to know if anyone knows what kind of engine this is. I copied the only identification tag I could find. It reads: ENGINE No. 76648 R.P.M. 550 H.P. 1 E. The tag was on the water hopper and looks to be brass. The color of engine seems to be a pink, orange or red. It does not appear to have any pin striping. I'll be happy to hear even some slight information on this engine.'

JOHN ZALABAK, 305 Ernst, O'Fallon, Missouri 63366 needs to hear from you about his engines: 'I have been collecting old engines a few years and have some questions! I have a 2 HP Famous S.N. 32085. This engine uses a water pump. I would like to know the year and what color to paint the engine.

'Next, I have a 1  HP and 3 HP FM Light Plant. Both engines are 1924 and both use a condensing unit. It looks like the head, mixer and several other parts were painted black on these engines-does anyone know? I also need some information on the dynamos on these two engines; one looks good, but the wiring on the other needs help.

'One last question-I recently bought a 1 HP FM (1925) dish flywheels. The engine is painted the normal FM green, except the ends of the crankshaft, which appear to be red. Does anyone know why or what color red? Any help appreciated and thanks, GEM, for a great magazine!'

Waiting for an answer to his letter, BOB BRIGGS, 760122nd Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140 writes: 'I am continually surprised by the variety of engines made by Stover. About four years ago an old friend told me about a small engine he had in a barn in Northern Wisconsin. I had forgotten all about it until this summer when he stopped by and said he had the engine. From a distance it looked like a Briggs FH because of the two outside push rods. On closer look, it was entirely different. It has an overflow carburetor and many other unique features. It must have an internal fuel pump because there is nothing showing to get gas to the carburetor bowl. Maybe someone can shed some light on this one. The name tag reads Stover, Model 2VB, HP, Serial 5634? RPM1750.

'I also have a Rex Cement Mixer with a 1926 Model K Stover on it and an air-cooled Stover coupled to a water pump. I am also restoring another Model K. I will answer all letters.'

I want to go on record as stating that I am not for all, some but not all, this Women's Lib demands, but I do think it is great that we have the freedom to do and choose almost anything we desire. For example, our hobbies, and here comes a letter from one of the younger engine enthusiasts and the letter is self-explanatory. Welcome to the Smoke Rings column, Rhonda.

She writes: 'RHONDA CLAY, P.O. Box 277 New London, N.C., 28127. I am a 15 year old girl and a collector of old Maytag engines. I have just recently bought an Eshelman toy car frame from a trading post, and it is in very good condition. The motor goes on the front with a belt attached leading to a pulley in the back. There are two sprockets on the back wheels and one has a chain on it. The pedals and other parts were included with it. It has been painted red, but the color is rusting off, and I would like to know its original color. I would also like to know what kind of motor and H.P. went on it and decals if any. Thanks to the person who lets me know!!! Luv dis magazeen! Thanks a lot- Rhonda Clay.'

'P.S. The car also has solid rubber tires.'

EDW. G. HOOVER, 10040 State St., N.E., Louisville, Ohio 44641 needs a little help with his 1 HP Type M McCormick Deering with a Bosch mag., S.N. AA5222 built early in 1924. No. on mag is FX4-ED-1. 'The gear is shot on mag and cam gear is broken so I will have to retime the engine when I replace gears. Can anyone out there send me a good drawing on how to do this. It's not quite the same as 'M' engine with Wico EK mag.-You have a great magazine.'

'I believe we've found an old whatever,' says BILL OBERNOLTE, Box 569, Choteau, Montana 59422. His letter continues: 'Enclosing pictures of an old tractor my friend, Ove Larson and I found out of town on an abandoned homestead. The tractor rear wheels are 6' in diameter and about 9-12' wide. It has a 4-cylinder motor, about 4' bore. The head is missing and block cylinders are cast in pairs, has what looks like two clutches, but has chain and roll steering and flywheel start by crank and rachet. A lot of broken parts and some missing but somewhere out in GEM Land, there might be someone who can put a name on it.

'I would also like to thank the folks that have replied in connection to me when I've asked for serial numbers, etc.' (Bill also tells us that he and his friend are starting an old engine club-let's hear more of it as it progresses, Bill, and when you get it organized, don't forget to list it in our Directory).

'I would like to say Thank You for the sample copy of GEM. I am so pleased with it. The engines I have are Rock Island made by Rock Island Plow Co. 2 HP, Rock Island, Illinois. Then I have a Fairbanks Morse, Model Z, 3 HP and lastly an International LA, 1-2 HP.

I acquired these engines in about 1960. The Rock Island was stuck when I got it. I freed it in the fall of 1960 and acquired the F-M and Int. Neither of these engines were stuck. At that time there was very little interest shown by anyone in my area to engines. I tried to find out information, but no one knew anything or seemed to care. So, my engines were stored out back in one of our sheds. In the past 3 or 4 years, when we would attend a fair or homecoming, I would see engines running and think 'Some day I am going to dig mine out and try to get them running again'.

'This fall while we were going on Spoon River Drive, there was a display of some engines. I took the time to ask some questions. I was told, above the noise of the engines, that there was a publication on Gas Engines. I waited for over an hour for someone to dig up your address. I wish I had had this happen years ago!

'Just imagine! I have had these engines for over 20 years and I know nothing about operating them. After reading my sample of GEM, I was like my little boy on Christmas morning. The engines were just setting there, after 20 years, still covered up as I had left them. I hope you can feel the joy I am trying to put into words.'

This letter came from JAMES A HERRMAN, R.R. 2, Box 68, Manito, Illinois 61546. I thought you would like to hear from an excited engine enthusiast who just hasn't met up with the rest of the gas buffs yet. He did not ask for anything in particular, but as happy as he is, I believe he would be overjoyed to hear from you readers that might have the time to write him and help him get started with this dormant hobby that has been resting for far too long. You know he's going to love it!

'I have been a subscriber to your magazine for two years and have just gotten my first engine to rebuild. I could use some help from the fellows out in Engine Land,' says BOB HART, 1520 N. Sycamore, Herman, California 93630.

'I have a Fuller & Johnson 8 HP S.N. 53036. Numbers on the castings 8N2. It has a Wizard magneto, Type 250, #186437 oscillating type. The numbers on the carburetor are 8N110A. It has 36' flywheels. I would like to know the color and when it was made. I need a drawing or help on knowing the way the magneto was driven. What type fuel did it use? The carburetor is one piece and has a reservoir like it may start on gasoline and run on something else. Would like to get in touch with anyone who knows Fuller & Johnson engines. Thanks for a swell magazine!'

'See picture of an old DRAG saw, short the wheels and drive pulley, no blade. Name is Culver, patented Jan. 4 and Nov. 22, 1870, no part numbers. Nearly all parts are hand-welded in a coal forge and homemade bolts, etc. The wheel is 23' diameter. The rule or the stick in photo is a yard stick for comparison size. I need lots of information on this saw, such as number of RPMs I should run. Will a 1 or 3 HP L.A. International be satisfactory? What was its original color and proper size of wheels and driver and drive pulleys? What was it powered with at time it was in use?

'Someone must have one of these or at least know about same. Thank you!', says THAIN WHITE, Misery Bluff, Dayton, Montana 59914. (Lots of questions for you to answer on this one).

ALLEN S. RORICK, Route 1, Box 524, Cleburne, Texas 76031, phone 817-645-3851 writes us for the first time: 'I need some help on three engines I now have, a Domestic 1 HP with pump jack, side shaft, plug fired, S.N. 28937, no model on tag. The next Associated, Hired Man, 2 HP, ignitor, S.N. 130364. The third is a Jumbo, Model T mfg. by Nelson Bros. Co., 1 HP, S.N. 18495, plug fired.

All three engines are now in excellent condition, but I don't know anything about them. I need to know the year made, colors and striping and any other information about them.

I need information on how to build a good simple magnet charger, and info on the care and repair of an American Bosch AB-33 ED-1 magneto. All calls will be appreciated and letters answered.'

BILL HAMILTON, Route 2, Quincy, Illinois 62301 has a couple of questions he would like answered: 'I have two Economy gasoline engines: Improved Model No. 21828 and No. 12919, 2 HP. I had been wondering for a long time what the water hopper ever looked like till I bought the 12919 s.n. engine at a sale recently. It is complete and running on the original truck which brings me to my first question. It appears that on the truck at the head end, that the skids have been cut off. Did the battery box go here? And what did it look like?

'My next question is that on the engine that has s.n. 21828 the pushrod is square and on my 12919 engine it is round with a guide rod attached at the governor bracket. What does the square pushrod governor and governor bracket look like? Could someone supply a detailed sketch? I also would like to know the original paint color. Anyone have the complete history of the Economy Company?

'One more thing-I have recently purchased a Delco Light Plant. The tag on the block reads Delco Light #299945.I would like to know how to hook up the batteries to get it to run.'

ROGER W. NELSON, Route 1, Box 160, Harrisburg, South Dakota 57032, has a problem he would like to discuss: 'One problem facing the collector of old tractors is what to do about oil and filter changes. One cannot really go by the owner's manual as it may recommend oil changes every 60 hours, with filter change every other oil change. If a man has several tractors and maybe occasionally enters a parade or just drives around the yard a little, it could take years to accumulate 60 hours on a tractor. To change oil every year on several tractors regardless of hours used, seems rather expensive with the price of oil today.

'If once a year a man drains about a pint of oil out of the crankcase of a cold engine, that should remove some of the moisture that has settled to the bottom. By doing this, it seems to me that a seldom used engine should be able to go 3 or 4 years without a complete oil change.

'I would like to hear from someone on this subject, whether they agree or disagree with me.' (Fellows, either write Roger or send me a short notice of how you feel on this subject.)

'Here is a picture of an engine that probably no one else has, and it runs nicely and is built from an old air compressor and has round profile flywheel rims off an old corn chopper and was built by Bert Waller of Mendota, Illinois in the Tower and Waller Repair Shop. Bert calls it the old Vander snort. No relation to Root & Vandervoort of East Moline, Illinois.

'He drilled a hole for a spark plug and made the camshaft, carburetor, rocker arm, push rods and everything else to make it run and it even runs backwards. You could almost classify this in What is It department. It is magneto fired for ignition.

This letter was sent by EVERETT ALTHAUS, 706 Pennsylvania Avenue, Mendota, Illinois 61342. He sent it in for Mr. Waller.

Comment on colors comes from ROBERT A. JOHNSON, Route 2, Box 358, Canyon, Texas 79015 as he states: 'I am writing this because there seems to be some confusion about the proper color for Monitor engines. I have some N.O.S. Parts and they are painted two different colors. Some are close to the I.H.C. red. The others are a dark grey, about the shade of Rustoleum's hotrod grey primer, except it is glossy.

'I own a 4 HP #6914 which was built in 1912 that is red. I also have a 1  HP #39092 which was built much later that is grey. I have no idea when the color change was made. I hope this will help some of the people.'

Here comes our paragraph of short letters which I'm sure will help those requesting information. First one comes from KEN G. LINNUM, W227N4027 LN TR LN, Pewaukee, Wisconsin 53072 who has two engines he has restored, but doesn't know the year of manufacture and would like some help. One is a 2 HP Witte, S.N. B20338. The other is a Lindsay Alamo Type A, 1 HP, S.N. 78260. CARL HATCH, R.D. #4, Box 277, Towanda, Pennsylvania 18848 wishes someone out in Engine Land would show him how to wire up a Model T coil to run an engine that has a Webster magneto and igniter as magneto is dead. He would appreciate a diagram. JACK L. ALEXANDER, 92 North White Road, San Jose, California 95127 has a 1920 Aermotor pump engine and the Aermotor pump and he would like to know the original colors. Also would appreciate knowing if anyone is remanufacturing gas tanks for Model GP John Deere tractors. BILLY BRITT, Box 336, Beech Bluff, Tennessee 38313 is planning a vacation to Raymond, Washington next year and would like to correspond with individual collectors and clubs nearest to Raymond to find out show dates in that area. MARK C. PACK, 737 Stratford Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 has acquired an 8 HP Ingeco gas engine with hit and miss governor, ignitor with battery and coil, RPM 325, NO. 4024 Type AN. He would like to hear from someone that has one like it. BRUCE CROWN, 3333 Main Street, Chula Vista, California 92011 recently acquired a horizontal cyl. 2-cycle engine, bore 9', stroke 12', flywheel 54' O.D. fuel injection, make unknown (maybe F-M) has casting numbers preceded by the letters YG. Any information in identifying this engine will be appreciated. JIM OSNES, 16420 Fillmore, Brighton, Colorado, R.R. 2,80601 needs to find information on a 20 HP Cushman 2 cylinder vertical headless Model 77, S.N. 520. Would like year of mfg., color and how to set it up as it is a basket case, but complete. It has a magneto and a pair of coils and would like to know if they are used together or separately. He also thanks those who helped identify his Stewart Little Wonder Sheep Shearing Engine. EARL LOAR, 308 E. Harvard, Fresno, California 93794, 209-222-4668 would like to know if someone could help him with data on the Bates and Edmonds Motor Co. of Lansing, Michigan and when they built the Bull Dog and Bull Pup engines., When were the different models built? H. ROSSOW, Box 15, Weston, Idaho 83286 would like to hear from someone who has an F-M Model 1B-1, 2 HP engine and anyone who has a Wisconsin, Model AN4. EUGENE THOMPSON, 105 Hawbrook, Jerseyville, Illinois 62052 would like to correspond with other Rock Island owners. He recently purchased one of these engines and needs help. The identification tag is missing from the engine and he desires to know the HP, original color, striping, etc. S.N. is stamped on water jacket and is 89362. The bore is 41/8' and stroke is 5'. BURTON E. ALDRICH, Box 129, Farnham, New York 14061 needs information on the New Way Motor Company, Lansing, Michigan, especially on their water-cooled vertical engine. JAMES C. BEAUCHAMP, 27855 West California, Lathrup Village, Michigan 48076 has been attending shows for about 15 years but just recently purchased his first engine. He needs help as to color, striping, age, etc. and also tank information. The engine is a Witte with the magneto in the flywheel, throttling governor, S.N. 92744X Special. VICTOR TAYLOR, Route 2, Box 323, Faison, North Carolina 28341 has just purchased a Freeport engine mfg. by Stover Engine Works, Freeport, Illinois-2 HP, speed 375, YA600, S.N. VA 15622. He would like to know how old the engine is and any other data. PAT JENNINGS, Box 45, Murrieta, California 92362 recently acquired a Wallis tractor of 4-wheel design, 15 HP, S.N. 23344 and would like to know the original color, approximate year of mfg., type of carburetion and any other tidbits. THOMAS E. STRANKO, 2478 Stephanie Lane, Binghamton, New York 13903 collects inboard marine engines and would be happy to swap, free of charge, catalog and manual information or pictures with anyone out in GEM Land.

'Over the years I have answered many of the Smoke Rings articles offering help to the restorers out in Engine Land. It is now my turn to ask for help,' says JAMES P. RILEY, 294 New Bridge Road, Rising Sun, Maryland 21911.

'I plan on restoring two engines, one a two cycle single vertical cylinder inboard boat engine with one flywheel on which is cast in raised letters-Detroit Caille Liberty Drive. The other is a 1 HP Gray hit and miss single horizontal cylinder flat head water-cooled engine. Both engines have parts missing which I will have to make and any information on them particularly the original paint color will be greatly appreciated. I will answer all letters and return postage.'

'HELP! I have recently acquired this tractor and I am hoping you or one of your readers can tell me what it is. The only markings on it are Vaughn Flex Tractor,' says LEWIS BREEDEN, 15044 Howellhurst Drive, Bladwin Park, California 91706, phone 213-962-0016.

W. B. DAVIS, 1601 Millers Ferry Road, Lat 229, Wilmer, Texas 75172 has a John Deere engine, 1 HP hit and miss, #359277, Type E, 600 RPM. It has ignitor and gear-driven magneto. He has been running it with 6V battery and coil but has been unable to operate on magneto. When running, the magneto will light up a small 6V bulb a little.

He goes on to say: 'I took the permanent magnet off the magneto and had it recharged. The timing marks on the magneto gear and the gear that drives it are lined up O.K. Now, I am wondering if the crankshaft gear and the gear that it drives, or middle gear, must be in time also. Sure would appreciate anyone who can tell me what to do. I'm new to your world of engines and I am certainly having fun. I'll do my best to answer all.'

'Pictured is our 2 cycle IHC 3 HP Booster engine, but we know very little about it, except it was used on a railroad hand car in the era 1914-1917. The only literature we have found on it is in a book 150 Years of IHC by Wendell. I would like to learn more about this engine and how many are in the hands of other collectors. Will be looking forward to hearing from you fellow IHC collectors,' writes DALE PETLY, Route 1, Box 25, Pasco, Wisconsin 99301, phone 509-547-9914.

KEVIN BEHNKE, 1106 Prospect Avenue, Wausau, Wisconsin 54401 says: 'Perhaps some people out in Engine Land can help me with some information. I would like the year of manufacture, paint number, and striping, if any, for the following engines: Hercules 3 HP EK Engine No. 119413; this is a kerosene engine with Webster ignition. Monitor upright made by Baker Mfg. Co., Evansville, Wisconsin, 1 HP Type VJ, Engine No. 13508; this is a pumpjack engine with hit-and-miss battery ignition. Galloway 2 HP Engine No. 02817 with Webster ignitor.

'I will gladly answer all letters. Also, I would like to know if any of these companies still exist under same or different names.'

The following letter and picture comes from WRIGHT L. TOWERS, 1800 East Graves Avenue, Lot 168, Orange City, Florida 32763: 'I have a one HP Mogul Jr. (1915) that is well restored and running with the combined efforts of my brother, Perry Towers of Deland, Florida, Paul Whittemore of Rutland, Vermont and myself. In the process of restoration we found a faded decal on the side of the hopper that read as follows: 'Awarded Grand Prize, Highest Possible award, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco-1915'. My question is: Did this particular engine get this award or was it given to include all Mogul Jr. engines?

'I have been a subscriber of the GEM for about ten years and look forward to each issue.'

GILBERT IRPS, 3156 Waldron Road, Kankakee, Illinois 60901 has some information to give the readers and would like a few more questions answered as he tells us: 'In the March-April issue of GEM you published an article on An Experimental I.H.C. Engine, written by me. In the article I requested that I would like to know of any others that still existed. I thought that your readers would like to know that two others do exist. They are owned by Boyd Beach of Rockford, Ill. who has engine #558, and by Don Landis, also of Rockford, who has engine #568. My engine is #563. The three of us have become friends since the article appeared in your magazine, and we have had the three engines on display at the same shows several times this summer. Quite a few people comment on seeing three experimental at the same show!

'Can anyone tell me the difference, if any, between a 1 HP I.H.C. TITAN and FAMOUS? I have been told that the Famous was the earlier one, and that I.H.C. changed the name to Titan in 1913, but have no verification of this. Can anyone date my engine, which is Ser. # VC 34373? In the book 150 Years of International Harvester the serial numbers are not given for the 1 HP Titans or Famous. My engine has an Accurate Engineering magneto on it, which seems to be rather scarce, as most of the other Titans are battery and coil jobs.

'If other owners of 1 HP Titans will write to me, and list their serial numbers, and type of ignition, I will compile a list of serial numbers, and owners, which will be available to them free, if they enclose a SSAE with their information. I can also furnish information as to correct paint color and striping, and how to time a magneto engine, if anyone is having a problem with their Titan timing.'

'Enclosed please find a picture of my Kinkade gas engine tractor made in Minneapolis, Minnesota,' says E. WM. TIMMERMAN, R.F.D. #1, Box Ill, Oakley, Illinois 62552.

He continues: 'It has a large spiked wheel that does the pulling with an engine mounted inside the wheel called a one-wheel tractor. It is a rare kind of tractor and I only know of one other one. A friend in Minnesota has one. I wonder if there are any more out there?'

I must comment on the fact again that I cannot list parts manuals or etc.-any items that should be bought, as this column is a medium for information, story telling, anything pertaining to our hobby. But if you are looking for parts or items, please try our classified ad section. We have many good results from the ads. I'm sure you understand-it would not be fair to the advertisers and truthfully, we do not handle any parts here and we do not have the volume of information that our readers do-so if you need help with questions or want to know something about your engine-the column does give a lot of satisfaction. Keep writing!

C. GEORGE LYNN, 806 Briar-wood Ct., Lake Saint Louis, Missouri 63367 asks for your assistance: 'I sure need help! I recently acquired a 6 HP Dayton Gas and Gasoline Engine manufactured by the Dayton Globe Iron Works, Dayton, Ohio. It is a horizontal engine with separate tank-cooling and push rods for each of the valves and ignitor. I need to know any information about how the engine operated and what was the original color?'

Perhaps the John Deere lovers could help WARREN J. JONTZ, 629 Hilliard Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035 as he is restoring a 1926 J.E. 'E' Type 1 HP Spark Plug engine. He would be happy if someone could help him with sketches, drawings or information to enable him to build an original type truck to mount this engine. He would also be interested in knowing how many of these engine originally had spark plug ignition, how many were built and what years.

Our next writer is anticipating a lot of answers as FRANCIS W. KELLEY, 39 Charlton Street, Lunenburg, Massachusetts 01462 says: 'I am another new member of the antique engine crew and also a new subscriber to your magazine. I must agree with all the others that your magazine is outstanding as a source of information, especially to a real novice. I have completed two small engines and have made the move up to a much bigger engine but I need help.

'I have just acquired an engine manufactured by the G.D. Thorndike Machine Company, Gasolene and Oil Engines, Portland, Maine. It is a 7 HP engine, Number 600531, for Water Supply, Spraying, Hoisting, Wood Sawing. The engine has an igniter and it has a carburetor made by Marvel Schebler. The engine also has a compression release valve in the cylinder wall. The assembly that holds the cam gear and push rod on the governor side is machined and drilled and appears to have had a magneto mounted on it.

'I am asking for any info on the engine, year, company colors and markings, electrical system, carburetor, gas tank and supply system, starting procedure and anything else anyone might know. Thanks much in advance.'

LOUIS G. SHAFER, 7125 Old Clinton Highway, Knoxville, Tennessee 37921 has a few questions he would like answered. His letter follows: 'I recently purchased a PFAU air compressor, manufactured in Milwaukee, Wis., with no serial numbers. (Picture enclosed.) The original owner said that it was used to put air into a large tank to force water to their home. The water was very bubbly, he said. It was powered with a 4 HP Reeves engine. The compressor has vertical cylinders and the pistons are made like engine pistons. The valves are in the bottom of the cylinder. I cannot determine just how the pistons and pins were oiled. Can anyone on your staff tell me?

'The Reeves engine was manufactured by Reeves Pulley Co., Columbus, Indiana, serial #5552, speed 400 R.P.M., 4 HP. It has a 1/8' exit from the gas tank and ' going into the carburetor (Brass Lukenheimer carb). Can anyone tell me why this should be? Could there be something missing from the carb where the gas line enters? The original owner said the unit was installed in 1915. I would very much appreciate any information you might give me about the engine and compressor.'

A few issues require your attention as GARY KAPPEDAL, Route 1, Box 163, Lengby, Minnesota 56651 writes: 'I have a couple of items that I hope some of your readers can give me more information on. I'll make a couple of drawings to help describe these items.

On the side of the transmission it's cast in ROCKY MOUNTAIN, it's not too clear but it looks like it says 3 SPEED TRANSMISSION, possibly 2 SPEED TRANSMISSION. Under that it says, LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Also under that, Serial No. 7-40909. Is it possible this is a transmission which could be placed behind the other one, on a Model T car or truck, or some other vehicle?

'The other item is a generator, in fact 2 generators of the same. There are a few differences in the two, but very little. Here's a drawing of it.

'On the tag it says this: North East Electric Co., Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A., Serial No. 226, Model GA, Type 3804A, Volts 12. It's a 3 brush generator, and on the back of it, it has a lock screw, and an adjust screw for setting the 3rd brush. It has some patent dates, and I think 1919 and 1920. I'm sure they are old generators, but what piece of equipment years back would use a big 12 volt one such as these?

'I'll appreciate any and all information I can receive on these two items, as I'd sure like to know their purpose.'

We hear from the HICKOKS, Box 360, Amboy, Minnesota 56010 as the letter states: 'Well, the season for showing engines is over, unless we have visitors or an interested party. We have only bought two additional engines this summer. One of these has the name of Flour City, but it's not really all Flour City. Mr. Henecker at Mankato put this engine together and we think it was quite an accomplishment. Now, Mr. Henecker can do just about anything that's possible with a gas engine or anything that runs.

'He used the base, the 42' flywheels, the crankshaft and rod from the Flour City and he mounted the block and water hopper from a Fuller & Johnson to make it into an engine. He made up a timer from a Model T Ford. There had to be an extra inch of casting put in between the block and head to create enough piston travel. He made several other adjustments to come up with an engine that isn't exactly like the original Flour City or Fuller & Johnson but we think it's one sweet running engine and one of our best show engines. It's mounted on a Flour City truck which is a must with engines that are moved a lot.

'Now, what should we name it? Can we call it The Henecker or the Fuller-City; or Johnson-City? How would Flour-Johnson sound? Or perhaps the Henecker-Hickok or maybe Henecker-Half Breed-maybe just plain The Half-Breed? (Have fun deciding on the name-sounds like you're really enjoying it.)

'We've been to a couple of sales and price of engines seems to be holding pretty steady, but price has come down a bit on old tractors. We came home with only five more engines, but we had a wonderful time. Met lots of old friends and made a few new ones and really that's what it's all about.

'Well, fall is here and winter and snow aren't too far off so it's time to change oil in the pick-up, check it over, inspect the travel trailer wheels, borrow some money from the local bank, and head south and west.' Signed, NATE, TOM, and LITTLE BILL.

'Just a short note to say how much we enjoy GEM,' says HEC POMEROY, 175 Morenz Cres., Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 1J9. He continues: 'Your staff must also be commended on the super job they do on putting this magazine together.

'Could you put out a word for 'help' for me on my Witte Drag Saw Serial No. 53643, 2 HP? I have completely restored this saw and brought it back to its original condition as close as I can, from pictures and the original brochures I have collected. I would like to know the year this Saw was manufactured. I have been told anywhere from 1913 to 1920. This would complete my history of the saw.

'Again, many thanks for your magazine and the information it provides to the 'Antique Buffs' of the country. Keep up the great work!'

Sometimes this column gets to be quite lengthy, but we're glad you keep the letters coming. I try and use them all and look forward to hearing from you. I'll just leave you with a few thoughts to start the new year-If you want the world to heed, put your creed in your deed.-The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention.-Bye, bye-love you all-do a lot of good deeds in 1983-big or little!