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My good friends, I have so many letters this time I will not spout off with any of my gabbing. There are many questions to be answered so get ready and here goes--

KENNETH C. DUDLEY, 9930 E. 36th Street, Independence, Missouri 64052 writes: 'I would appreciate any information on Delco-Remy Power Plant made at Rochester, New York- Model No. 10ES, 31.5 amps, 1000 watt, 1800 rpm and serial number is 393110. Thanks in advance.' Get your pens poised for the answers Boys--we have a lot of folks who are seeking information.

LaVERNE F. SCHROEDER, 8260 Orchard Drive, Denver, Colorado 80221 would appreciate knowing where you can get parts for a Witte 2 HP engine.

PAUL E. JONES of Box 53, Leslieville, Alberta, Canada tells us: 'I enjoy your magazine very much and it has caused me to become a gas engine hobbyist. I have 18 stationary engines and a 1926 Fordson. I have a nice Stover engine which was sold at one time by the T. Eaton Company. The serial number is TB 209835. 3? inch bore and 5 inch stroke. This engine uses a spark plug but the mag and actuating parts are gone. I hope someone will send me a picture of this engine or a drawing of the magneto side so I can get this engine running again & This engine is completely enclosed and is oil bath lubricated.

So Guys, there is another happy member of our GEM family but he needs some help from his brothers.

W. A. (BILL) CLEGG JR., 523 S. Roberts Street, Lima, Ohio 45804 has a question for us: 'Around the first of November, this year, my son 'Duane', age 19 and I found a gas engine that we would like to have some information on. The engine is an Ellis Engine, built in Detroit, Michigan, No. 2319-size 6 HP. This engine is a vertical 2 cycle, water-cooled by an external cooling tank. Bore 4?' x 5' stroke. This engine will run either direction. It just depends on which way you turn the flywheels (double flywheels) when starting it. I may add that it runs just as well one direction as the other. Can anyone tell me about how old this engine is and what was its primary use?

One more thing about this engine. Right above the needle valve on the mixer is a handle that can be rotated to set the power output for 3-4-5 or 6 HP. What this handle does when rotated is, that it moves a valve like thing that covers the intake ports.

When we found this engine it had not been used for over ten years. It was in a sort of a machine shop that is owned by a man 76 years young who used it on a small well drilling rig. Before we started home with this ole girl, this 76 year old young man asked us, 'Don't you want to see it run?' He took an air hose, blew the dust off, put some gas in the tank, hooked up a battery to the buzz box, gave the flywheels a few turns and away she went.'

Don't forget, any information on the Ellis engine will be appreciated by Mr. Clegg and his son, Duane.

JAMES R. SHOWERS, Harmans P.O., Harmans, Maryland 21077 says: 'I have yet to find any fault with G.E.M. and look forward to each issue (Thanks Jim, but 1 know we're not perfect-but we aim thataway). I would be greatly indebted if you would ask in your column for me if anyone knows where I could get replacement coils for a Wico E.K. magneto or if anyone knows the coil specifications so that I may have a set wound locally. Keep up the work on the pair of good magazines.'

Again, I'm not much of a one to answer the questions but I can have them printed so the ones that do know the answers can get them to the interested persons.

'Can anybody supply information about a McConnick-Deering, IHC, 1? HP, No. W51910?' is the question W.J. RUNDLE wants answered. Bill lives at 2565 East Kleindale Road, Tucson, Arizona 85716. Make him feel wanted fellows in our family--we don't have many in our family from Arizona.

BASIL AMOS, Russellville, Missouri 65074 wonders if our readers could give him some information. 'I have a 4 HP screen-cooled horizontal International Famous Engine, Number S.B. E1973 with Webster oscillator and make and break ignition. How old would it be and is it rare? I have never seen one before, nor any pictures or articles on it.'

Is it rare, Friends? Let Basil hear from you. You'll both be happy!

Pictured is a bean 'Tract-Pull' built in San Jose by Bean Spray Pump Company. This was on the letterhead and envelope of RICHARD 'SPARKY' HAMP, 1772 Conrad Avenue, San Jose, California 95124 who also sent us a nice letter to boost our ego as he stated: 'I enjoyed seeing my article 'Four Engines' on page 33 of the Sept-Oct. 1971 issue of G.E.M. Thanks very much for printing it, also my 'What Is It?' engine. Received three nice letters from G.E.M. readers about this engine and one of them was able to give me quite a bit of information on it. Keep up the good work. 1 am looking forward to another year of enjoyable reading. Still hope some day you might be able to publish it every month.'-Thanks for the nice comments Sparky and thanks to our members of G.E.M. who respond to these letters--makes us feel as though we are all one family working together.

OMER EARLS, Box 47, Tipton, Michigan 49287 asks, 'Could you tell me if there is anyone that sells hit and miss gasoline engine model castings?'

If there is 1 don't know the answer right off hand--could you fellows help Omer?

BASIL AMOS of Russellville, Missouri 65074 relates: 'I have a 2 HP Vertical 'Famous', also a 4 HP 'Famous' that have set out in the timber for 30 years. I wonder if anyone knows the original color and also any other information or material on them that could be passed on to me.'--get your pens and pencils busy Fellows and let Basil hear from you.

More information should go speeding to KENNETH PLETAN, Wendell, Minnesota 56590 as he has an Associated Mfgrs. Company engine of Waterloo, Iowa, ? HP, Serial No. 4531. He would like to know the approximate age and what happened to the company.

JOHN A. HOWE, R. R. 5, Trenton, Ontario, Canada has an oil engine dating back to the 1900's, called The Black-stone, Carter's Patent 89256 24611-03 Oil Engine British Patent Nos. 19640-00. Sold in Canada under Blaekstone Oil Engine Agents, Canadian Foundry CO-LTD.

It has 5' bore, 9?-10' stroke, the two flywheels are 42' diameter, 4?' width, 4?' web with curved spokes with no base. Set on cement pier. Crankshaft is 42' in width with a counter balanced crank. He would like to know the horsepower of this engine and any other information. See if you can help him, please.

A nice letter from SAM VOGHT, R. R. 4, Box 287, Hartford, Indiana 47348 came along with his renewal 'I had subscribed to the magazine but my subscription ran out some time ago. It is a fine magazine.

I am sixteen years of age and own a Deering grain binder, McCormick Deering stationary hay press and a very old wooden Gearless hay loader. I also like to collect machinery manuals, parts books and literature.

I would like to add that the people that talk about the generation gap and so forth should see some of the engine shows and see the old and young people showing their old machines together and enjoying it alike.'

Thanks Sam, I agree, the generation gap isn't everywhere and it shouldn't be anywhere if each age group could just be considerate of the other. They could not only enjoy themselves, but they each might learn something too.

From WM. W. WILLOCK, JR, Rt 1, Box 196, Rolph's Wharf Road, Chestertown, Maryland 21620 comes this informative letter: 'Read Mr. M.R. Hammer's letter re piston rings for his engine. I wrote him to try Double Seal Piston Ring at Box 566, Fort Worth, Texas 76101. They can supply any size ring from 1 inch to 8 feet in diameter-- in any width and thickness, with several types of joint. Hope this information may help other restorers of gas or steam engines also'.--

We do thank you Bill for your kind interest and for furthering this information to our readers.

W. R. ELDER, 7700 El Manor Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90045 has been seeking help for over a year now on information or an overhaul manual for an old upright diesel engine. The company in Sweden has a record of the engine built in the late twenties but cannot furnish a manual. Maybe one of our readers could help W. R.--he is running an ad this issue to this effect.

JOHN W. DERBY, Peterborough, New Hampshire 03458 is looking for a copy of operating instructions for an Economy, 2 HP kerosene engine. He says the engine is hard to start without it. Perhaps some of you fellows familiar with this engine could write him and help him with his problem.

CLAUDE R. SMITH, 2453 Brooklyn Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507 asks: 'What was the last year they made the 15-27 cross mounted Case tractor?'--(I 'm sure our GEM family will come up with that one.)

E. HILLYER, Trenow Cottage, Relubbus Lane, St. Hilary, Penzance, Cornwall, England questions: 'What I would like to know please, is it possible to trace the year of manufacture of my Hercules? The number is 240696--petrol and kerosene engine and if the original type of transfers (/ think he means decals) can be obtained? Am I asking too much?'--Not as far as I'm concerned Mr. Hillyer, I have a feeling the gents will be able to answer you.

30-60 Rumely taken in August of 1964 at Bridgeport, Nebraska Show.

This is a hard to find engine, a twelve horse Saeger Olds Type A, Serial Number F2070, in running condition. There is only two of these engines known to be in the state of Kansas.

Here are a group of engines, left to right: 3 HP. Novo, 1? HP Sattley, 1?  HP. IHC M kerosene, 2 HP. IHC, 1? to 2 HP. LA IHC. To the right of the Novo with the battery box is a rare 4 HP. upright Emerson Brantingham. In the front is a 4 HP. Cushman, 1? HP. Sandwich, 1? HP. Neward and a 1?  HP. Fairbanks-Morse.

WINSLOW CURTIS, Box 12, Guilderland, New York 12084 tells us: 'The What Is It? in March-April 1971 issue is a Parsell & Weed, originally built in Schroon Lake, New York. We have been fortunate in obtaining a set of castings, detail and erecting drawings for this interesting machine. These castings are presently in the Pattern Shop and as soon as new patterns are completed, we will offer both casting sets and finished engines for sale.'-- There is something to look forward to, Friends.

L. H. ESTES, Box 218, Marble Hill, Missouri 63764 tells us his amateur radio call is WOBOE and he has been on the air over 20 years--work--75 20 10 meters--Collins gear single side band.

Moving tank at Spencer, Nebraska in 1910. Left to right: in cab is Evert Spicknel at left and J. Dewie McMath to the right. 20-40 Case tractor and 12 HP. Case steamer in rear.

This is in reference to the article in the Nov-Dec. issue of GEM entitled, 'Call Letters-GREAT'-fellows that are ham operators and are interested in gas engines are contacting each other via radio.

P. C. MEPHAM, 31, Lurkins Rise, Goudhurst, Cranbrook, Kent, England relates: 'I am restoring a spur gear water pump and I wonder if you could assist in finding any information through your magazine. The nameplate is as follows:--The Goulds Manufacturing Company, Seneca Falls, New York. Pump No. 1002.'-Keep writing fellows--he's waiting.

RON KRUGER, Box 1086, Stettler, Alberta, Canada would like to know if someone can give him information on the John Deere gasoline engines. He has a l? HP and a 3 HP and is interested in a 6 HP.

And now I must close and wish each of you a Blessed and Happy New Year-may you each come to know Jesus better as the days go by--and for resolutions I found this little paragraph by Oliver Wendell Holmes-- 'When a resolute young fellow steps up to that great bully, the World, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find that the beard comes off in his hand, that it was only tied on to scare away timid adventurers.' So if you are inclined to make resolutions, step up to them and remember this paragraph and maybe they won't be as hard to keep as you thought.