4 HP Waterloo Boy gas engine

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RICH HOWARD, Hysham, Montana 59038 encloses a picture of a Novo that he recently acquired. He would like help in identifying it as there is no nameplate. Also needs HP, RPM, possible date of mfg., original color, any and all help appreciated.

S.O.S. to anyone in Engine Land comes this signal from JOE W. MORRIS, 112 Irwin Road, Powell, Tennessee 37849 or phone collect 615-938-3743: 'I have acquired a vertical, water hopper-cooled engine, no name on it. Top mounted water hopper about 12'xl2'xl0' high and has had a bolted-on lid on hopper with a filler plug and low level water test plug on side. Bottom of hopper forms the cylinder head. Engine has roller bearings on mains. It has oil pan and filler pipe similar to air-cooled engines. It has a reduction gear box on side opposite flywheel with 1' pulley shaft. Flywheel is very heavy 3' face 13' diameter with S.U. 61B cast in flywheel. Governor controlled from enclosed governor weights. American Bosch magneto driven off enclosed gear-Zenith carburetor. H.F. 3 on Float Cover Plate. Bore 33/8'-stroke 4'. If anyone can help, please get in touch with me.'

EUGENE W. DYKE, 2711 Bach-man Road, Manchester, Maryland 21102 sends this picture of a 4 HP Waterloo Boy gas engine, saw rig, Pat. dates, Aug. 7, 1900; Dec. 3, 1901; Oct. 7, 1902 and Aug. 6, 1907. S/N 108871. Eugene is seeking the original paint color, decals, striping and year manufactured plus any more information.

'In your Mar-Apr. '83 magazine, W.L. Bailet wanted to know how to remove the crankshaft from two I.H.C. ball bearing engines. This is how I removed the bearings from an I.H.C. F 20 tractor,' says BOBBY EATON, Ethelsville, Alabama 35461.

'With the engine block lying on its camshaft side (or the water outlet side, depending on which hand you use a hammer with), hit the inner race of the front bearing with a long punch 10'-12'. Turn the shaft 180° each time the inner race is hit. It took 2 or 3 licks with the hammer for me to find out I needed to hold the punch with vice-grips. Don't forget to remove the bolts holding the bearing retainer. The bearing retainer will come out with bearing. When retainer is ' out from the block a 3-jaw gear puller should hook to it. Tighten puller up against shaft and hit puller with hammer. The bearing should come off. Block up end of shaft with 2'x4' or etc. Then with sledge hammer and 4'x4' or etc. wood block hit front of shaft. Don't forget to remove bolts holding back bearing retainer. The shaft will then come out. Have someone to hold shaft so it won't fall on floor. It takes a lot of time but it works. P.S.Oil ends of shaft and bearing will slide off better.'

'Enclosed find photo of a hot air fan. It is believed this fan was manufactured at Waukee, Iowa around 1912.I live 9 miles from this town and we folks around here are unable to gather any history of this item. It is thought that the building where this was manufactured burned down in 1912. There seem to be no records. Several of the fans still survive. Maybe someone has an old advertisement or something that will give us some historical information.' This letter came from ART DICKEY, Living History Farms, 2600 N. 111th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50322. Art will be waiting for your reply.

'Can someone please identify what type ignition system my 2 HP Economy takes? (see photo in Wanted, page 65 of May-June GEM). Also need help timing my Ottawa log saw. I can't find timing marks on gears and I don't know if the push rod adjustments are critical. This Ottawa has a strange extra note in the exhaust, possibly overlap. I've spent hours and can't make it run like a 4 cycle. Description of log saw in ad also.' If you have the answers, please write RICHARD FENLEY, 110 F Street, Port Town-send, Washington 98368.

A. L. McBANE, Route 1, Box 225, Snow Camp, North Carolina 27349 writes us: 'I have recently acquired a piece of iron that I haven't seen before and I need any information I can get. It is a Centaur 2-G made by the Central Tractor Company, Greenwich, Ohio USA, S/N 327288. This information is on gear box and also name is on radiator. Chain drive from gear box to differential unit built on left front drive wheel. Engine is a 2 cylinder Le-Roi S/N 61599,31/8' bore. No HP is listed. Picture shows the unit with engine and radiator removed. It is badly worn and I have a way to go to put it in operation but I'm working on it.' (He'll be waiting for your replies.)

'I'm looking for information about an old marine engine that I picked up a number of years ago. It is a Reid. It was built at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, about 1896. It is definitely a marine type engine. I have had discussions with several folks and know that Reid engines were used for the oilfield pumping in western Penna. and in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My question is really about Reid, of Hamilton...I'd love to receive information (copies of originals) about the Reid marine motors!' The above note comes from RIGGS A. SMITH, Marine Historian, 346 Janice Street, Endicott, New York 13760.

TERRY KING, R.R. 2, Box 229, Rising Sun, Indiana 47040 sends this: 'I have a Delco water pump that I hope somebody can give me information on. It has a Deming pump motor on it and was made in 1953, S/N 1-53, Model #A8170. There must be someone who has one about the same. Would appreciate hearing from you.'

'Have engine, need information!' says NORMAN B. MYCES, 1 Buckingham Drive, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201. 717-263-4298. 'Railroad section car engine-Sheffield, 2 cylinder, 2 cycle horizontal air-cooled. No name tag, only numbers other than casting numbers are stamped into front of engine 19073. Originally the wheels of the car acted as the flywheels of the engine. Since I was only able to acquire one wheel, I had to adapt a set of flywheels to the axle shaft in order to run the engine. Who built these engines? How old is it? And are there many in existence?'

A man with a lot of questions is MARLIN DAVIS, Box 72, Salem, South Dakota 57058: 'I enjoy your magazine very much. I've been collecting engines long enough to know the garage isn't as large as I thought.

'I have questions about three engines. 1) A Simplicity gasoline engine made by the Turner Mfg. Co., Port Washington, Wisconsin. It's a hopper-cooled 7 HP #C2534. Would like to know the color striping and year.

'2) The Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co., Waterloo, Iowa, 2 HP, #145952, last pat. date Aug. 6, 1907 sold by P. J. Downes Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. What happened to the Downes Co.? What year would this engine be? Would like to know the color and striping also. Is there any difference between this engine and the ones sold by Waterloo in Iowa of the same year?

'3) Same questions on a 1 HP hopper-cooled 1 cylinder Dempster made in Beatrice, Nebraska, Class 1K #9525. The name isn't cast on the side of the water hopper on this engine.'

KENNIS K. SCHLUCHTING, Rosalie, Nebraska 68055 writes: 'I have recently purchased an engine on which the plate reads The Rayner Field mfg. by The Field-Brundage Co. Jackson, Mich. USA HP 2 No. 3356 Speed 550 RPM. This engine is very unlike any Field-Brundage engine I've ever seen. It has a long undermount rocker arm for the exhaust valve like a New Holland. As this engine is incomplete, I need to correspond with someone who has one or literature so I know what I am looking for. Hope someone can help me.'

'I am the owner of a 6 HP Alamo horizontal, hit and miss engine and need the help of your Smoke Ring readers,' says MARVIN E. RUEBUSH, RR 5, Box 187C, Staunton, Virginia 24401. Phone 703-885-2539.

'I am missing the carb and fuel pump for this engine. I understand that the parts from a 3-7 HP Rock Island, Empire or Alamo will fit. I have advertised several times for these parts in the Want Ad section but so far have been unable to locate them. Now, as a last resort I am requesting that some engine man out there let me use his carb and fuel pump so that I can have parts recast. I am willing to pay any reasonable price for this service and hope that with your help I will be able to get this engine operating.'

Some short letters that need answers and a lot of help are coming up:

CHARLES FOLAND, RR3, Box 22, Grant City, Missouri 64456 needs information on a vertical Maytag like the one shown on Nov-Dec GEM page 29. He would also appreciate diagrams.-R. GEIKEN, 209 W. 9th Street, Hastings, Minnesota 55033 is currently working on an old spoked-wheel Sattley. S/N on each end of the crankshaft 10653 and would like to know what year it is.TED SHULTZ, 4125 Cleveland, Lincoln, Nebraska 68504 would like to get information on a water hopper type Root & Vandervoort engine. He would like any infor. including history, color, striping if any. He owns several but knows nothing about them.ROY WHITLEY, 3312 Ellis Road, Rockford, Illinois 61103 would like to know if someone has a red E power cultivator Model 9300 made by Pioneer Mfg. Co Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Also a red E Model 7953. Would like to know the year made and any other data.RAY GRAGE, Route 1, Remsen, Iowa 51050 is a collector of Massey-Harris tractors. He can't find anyone who makes decals for them and thought someone in GEM family might know where he could find them. Ray would appreciate hearing from other collectors of M-H tractors.JAMES A. HERRMAN, RR2, Box 68, Manito, Illinois 61546 wants to thank everyone who answered his letter. The response was overwhelming and offered encouragement and help. J. ROGER KILTON, SR., Kilton Road, West Canaan, New Hampshire 03741 wants to know if anyone knows of a Great Western gas engine mfg. by Smith Mfg. Co. It is a 5 HP upright. He would appreciate hearing from you.

JOHN H. BRICKER, 1354 Sollen-berger Road, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201, 717-263-5588, would like to hear from you with some help for his tractor: 'I have recently acquired the small tractor in this picture. It has an air cooled Nova engine, but I do not know what kind of tractor it is. If anyone knows what this tractor is please call or write.'

'I have recently found another old engine on a ranch in South Texas, near Kerrville. Enclosed find a rough draft of the engine. I'm hoping some GEM reader can identify this and information will be appreciated,' writes RANDY MacDOWELL, 9350 Valley Bend, San Antonio, Texas 78250.

And in closing I leave you with a few 'food for thought' teasers A tongue three inches long can ruin a man six feet tall. Honesty pays but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people. (Frank H. Hub-bard). Worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due. Manners carry the world for the moment; character for all times. Bye, have fun at the shows, be good to each other Love ya!