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Unknown Single-Cylinder Gas Engine

single cylinder marine engine 

I recently purchased a headless single-cylinder gas engine that I am having trouble identifying. Enclosed are two photos. I have been looking online and in the gas engine encyclopedia to no avail. Can you help identify it?

John Matalis
Lombard, IL

Your engine looks like a marine engine of the type made from the early 1900s to the mid-1920s or so. While most of the small engines of this type were 2-stroke, with its half-speed timing gear yours is clearly a 4-stroke.

I looked through Stan Grayson’s excellent reference book American Marine Engines 1885-1950, but wasn’t able to identify it. Keep in mind there were hundreds (Grayson says close to 900) American and Canadian engine builders, so I could easily have missed it. I believe Grayson’s book is out of print, but copies show up regularly on Amazon at and are also available from – GEM

single cylinder marine engine 

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1/27/2016 8:12:42 PM

This is a Fuller and Johnson engine used by Coldwell and Fuller and Johnson on lawnmowers. These were made from around 1918 to 1928. The one pictured is missing the timing cover. And of course the mower.