Sharpies Gasoline Engines

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I recently acquired a catalog of 'Creamery, Dairy and Dairy Barn Equipment,' published by J. S. Biesecker, of New York City, in 1916.

This catalog had a full page featuring the Sharpies Gasoline Engines.

C. H. Wendel's book, American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 states that the Sharpies engines were introduced by the Sharpies Separator Company of West Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1916, but by 1919, production of gasoline engines had apparently ceased.

This company is credited with inventing the cream separator.

A complete line of separators is featured in this catalog, from small, hand-powered to steam turbine models.

A copy of the cover of the catalog and the page showing the engines is shown.


Gasoline Engines


The engine is made in four sizes. They are all exactly alike in construction except for the size of the parts.

Specifications are as follows:

Cylinder Head completely water jacketed. Water surrounds the chambers containing both valves.

Cylinder accurately ground on special cylinder-grinding machines.

Water Hopper extra large.

Double IgnitionTwo complete systems, each entirely independent of the other. One is a make-and-break-spark magneto, giving just as hot a spark at slow speed (i. e., for starting) as at full speed. Magneto will run immersed in water. It is operated by the movement of the exhaust valve leverno extra gears or cams necessary. Second system is jump-spark and is provided by dry battery in steel covered box. Both sparks can be used to make engine start easy in severe winter weather. Having duplicate independent sparking systems means that a delay due to spark trouble is unheard of. Batteries last indefinitely, as the magneto is used entirely for starting and running under all ordinary conditions.

PulleysEither standard shaft pulleys or engine pulleys can be mounted on both sides of engine, as main shaft and fly-wheel on each side is fitted for both kinds.

Governor Our engineers have given the governor a lot of special consideration. It is very sensitive and holds the engine speed constant, thus making the engine especially desirable for electric lighting outfits.

Change Speed Lever A simple lever controls the governor. Lever can be shifted instantly to any desired speed while engine is running.

Gasoline Tank Located at lowest point of engine, the suction feed drawing it up to mixing value as it is needed. Endorsed by fire underwriters. Very simple, as no gasoline pump is needed.

Steel Skids Engine is mounted on indestructible steel channel beams.

Crank Guard Heavy iron guard encases the revolving crank shaft, preventing the possibility of an accident, and making the engine neater and cleaner.

Finish Sharpies engines have the same smooth, perfect finish as Sharples separators.

Houre ShippingPulleyPulleyFloor Space 
PowerSpeedWeightDiam.FaceRequired by SkidsPrices
61/2250-45012001486' x 3'185.00