Scale-Model Engines Designed by Dick Upshur

Scale progression

Model Engine
A model engine that leaves no doubt men have been scaling down farm engines for a long time. The history of this model is unknown, but its features and construction speak strongly of sometime about 1925 to 1930. 1 bought it from a 90-year-old man who had it in his attic for 15 years, and it came with model locomotive parts he acquired. It had been run a great deal and was worn some, but the real headache in its restoration was the fabricated sheet steel base, soft soldered together inside with brass angles. The gun-blued headless cylinder was cast in iron, and a cast brass bearing plate was soldered atop the sheet steel. The flywheels may have been steam engine castings but were nickel-plated with gold-striped red spokes. The whole frame was nickel-plated and the two-piece hex brass spark plug (l/2-by-20-inch thread) had a cast ceramic insulator.
Photo by Dick Upshur