Sattley Engine Restored

Sattley engine sits on old angle iron sawhorses.

Sattley engine before restoration

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2120 Robins Lane SE #202, Salem, Oregon 97306

I have been going out to Brooks Steam-Up (Branch 15), for about 18 years. I enjoy all parts of the show. As a retired plant maintenance man and machinist, I really admire all the great work done on all these engines.

In 1995 I purchased a 1 HP Sattley engine, serial no. 66,804. (What year?) Everything was all there and seemed not damaged.

I started rebuilding in the summer of 1996. The first big problem, no spark from the Wico magneto.

The real fun of all this is all the people you run into. I joined Branch #15, got lots of knowledge from all these guys, also other people and shops you lead up to, as you gather your information.

I took the magneto apart, fixed the broken wires, sent for a new condenser and put it together and it worked just fine.

The reprints, catalogs, and vendors advertised in this magazine will give all the information you will need. I got the sandblasting and painting going and I started assembly. I had a new gas tank formed and I soldered it together. I used brass fittings, nuts, etc. on most of the engine.

If you read, check over, and fully understand linkage and timing, you can take any and all apart, make all changes and adjustments and it will run great.

The hour came to start the engine. You can see the engine sits on old angle iron sawhorses. I had a couple clamps under the base. I am up close to the work bench, not much room in my garage. My wife was standing there, as I got the needle valve adjusted and it started! The engine and sawhorses all started jumping. I guess it was a sight until I got it shut off. She was tickled that it ran.

With club interests, going to shows and swap meets in Oregon and Washington is great fun!

I also have an old centrifugal pump to rebuild and belt up to the engine.

Now I have a nice tag on the engine in memory of my son Don who we lost in December, 1996.

I hope more people and families will get into this great interesting hobby.